Properties of sea-buckthorn

свойства облепихи
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The sea-buckthorn brings invaluable benefit to our organism. It contains tannins, lycopene, Retinolum, tocopherol, Riboflavinum, serotin, ascorbic, linolic, nicotinic and oleic acid. The sea-buckthorn possesses excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to it your wounds, burns and frostbites will heal much quicker.

The sea-buckthorn is often recommended to people with ulcer of duodenum and stomach. The advantage of sea-buckthorn will be shown also at fight against different pain as it has the anesthetizing effect.

The sea-buckthorn is also effective remedy of prevention and fight the against diseases connected with lack of vitamins B organism. It is applied and to treatment of gynecologic diseases.

Sea-buckthorn oil is especially useful. And for its preparation it is necessary to squeeze out juice of sea-buckthorn, and the pulp which remained after that needs to be promelchit on grater, to dry and add one and a half times more sunflower oil. Further leave this medley for 3 weeks. When the term of insisting expires, merge liquid from above and you will see sea-buckthorn oil.

Also sea-buckthorn berries well give in to freezing therefore you will be able to eat them all year.