Wrappings for weight loss

обертывания для похудения
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Wrappings for weight loss are, undoubtedly, one of the most effective methods of correction of figure, with their help for short period vanishes cellulitis, centimeters in volumes of legs, hips and tummy gradually thaw and ideal forms begin to be shown. And unless not each woman wishing to look always smartly and attractively in the opinion of opposite sex dreams of it.

Wrappings for weight loss are effective not only when carrying out in beauty shops, it is possible to do them and in house conditions as very pleasant procedure given, by the way, does not require the dug-up resources, there is quite enough chocolate bar or cocoa powder. Yes, yes, nothing surprising, even the favourite delicacy can work wonders, turning excess centimeters of cellulitis into gladenky, equal skin, thereby lightening mood. Well, all of you still think that chocolate will harmful affect your figure?

To indulge itself with "sweet" procedures absolutely you should not visit beauty shops and to spend a great lot of money. Wrappings in house conditions are first of all work on themselves, the body which demands a little free time. Are ready? Then forward to pleasures!

In fight against cellulitis as they say, all methods are good, even chocolate. No, especially chocolate! We will apply it on body as basis for wrapping, but before it is necessary to prepare skin for this so pleasant process.

Places which have undergone cellulitis misfortune should be kneaded properly using chocolate oil. Then to peel the keratosic parts of skin standing, hips, tummy and waist. Best of all to do it by coffee srub.

It prepares so:

To mix 2 tbsps of coffee thick with small amount of liquid soap (shower gel)
and to add 2 drops of lemon oil

If to prepare srub laziness, and houses are already carefully prepared by manufacturers of cosmetics – take it. On completion of preparatory procedures we pass to the main, what gradually approached – to chocolate wrapping.

It is necessary for preparation of chocolate weight 200 gr. cocoa powder to dissolve in 500 ml. more hotly, but not boiling water, then add to it tea spoon of oil of olives and couple of drops of favourite essential oil. Cool the received fragrant mix and you apply on problem sites with layer 2-3 mm. When you are smeared that chocolate has not dried, wrap body food wrap and instant under warm blanket for 15-20 minutes to enjoy sweet aroma of chocolate.

It is necessary to wash away chocolate wrapping warm water, and then to moisten skin with any nutritious cream, and it is even better – anti-cellulite, the benefit such in any drugstore or beauty shop always is.

You remember, for chocolate wrappings you should not use magazinsky delicacy, at it there are fragrances and sugar, and they for procedure are the worst enemies nullifying all efforts. If already have also taken tile, then you watch that in it there were not less than 50% of cocoa beans. Kindle tile on steam bath or in microwave and by analogy add oil.

What do we see, having made chocolate wrapping? Skin becomes humidified, tightened, elastic, with gentle chocolate shade, cellulitis "is dissolved", and the mood rises. Even the one who does not love chocolate will not remain indifferent to such pleasant and fragrant procedure. Even it is possible to call it aromatherapy, the smell of chocolate gives great mood, calms, and sometimes and encourages.

It is known that chocolate is fine antioxidant and prevents aging of skin. And all because it contains caffeine. In addition to everything in chocolate there are a lot of vitamins and minerals. You remember, the advantage maximum will give you the real, dark and bitter chocolate, less it you receive from milk, well and only pleasant taste will open in white chocolate which "is rich" with chocolate oil and sugar.

Consider! If you have allergy to chocolate, or its any components, it is worth stopping its use as inside, and for wrappings and other procedures. It is impossible to carry out procedure of wrappings chocolate (and not only it) if you carry the baby or have problems with pressure. The hypertension, varicosity, injuries of skin, and also availability to organism of different tumors which are inclined to development also do chocolate wrappings unavailable to you. You do not want to do much harm consciously to the most expensive wealth – health?

And if everything is all right, then do not forget to indulge sometimes yourself not only wrappings, but also couple of slices of chocolate. It will not be reflected in figure, and here the mood will improve and memory will become longer.

You are not adherent of chocolate and wish to find alternative? Then house wrappings for weight loss from clay or seaweed will be very opportunely.

How to do wrapping by clay what result we will receive

That clay wrappings in house conditions have yielded smart result it is necessary to use blue or white clay which on counters of shops and pharmaceutical booths it is a lot of, it is necessary only to decide on manufacturing firm and to begin to attack hated cellulitis.

Pleasantly also the cheap price of the magician clay pleases.

To prepare skin for wrappings clay it is necessary to activate besides work of exchange processes by means of coffee or any other srub.
обертывание глиной

Now we pass directly to the procedure

For this purpose take 100 grams of powder of clay and dilute it with warm water to creamy consistence, and then you apply on problem parts of the body which were overcome by cellulitis. In end turn back in food wrap and put on more warmly or be wrapped up with couple of duvets to create effect of sauna. House wrappings for weight loss from blue or white clay last of half an hour to 45 minutes, and it is worth repeating them 2-3 times a week for month. In that case you receive fine result which will pleasantly surprise you.

That process of removal of cellulitis took place quicker, it is possible to add to wrapping clay seaweed or spirulina which strengthen exchange processes and provoke exit of slags and toxins from integuments. As a result of clay wrapping you lift the general tone of skin, it will become the gladenky, tightened and equal, not spoiled tsellyulitny film. Signs of aging of skin, feeling of fatigue, puffiness – you will get rid of all this if you regularly do wrapping by clay.

Wrappings do not have contraindications clay, it is simply impossible to receive overdose. It is worth refusing procedure to pregnant women and persons who have explicit damages of integument. Anti-cellulite cream which needs to be applied on skin at once after washing off of clay from body surface will help to consolidate result (to do by exclusively warm water).

We do not forget also about algal wrapping which will present to you:

водорослевое обертывание - memories of cellulitis as about bad dream, thanks to wrappings on the basis of seaweed "orange crust" gradually to be dissolved, having left smooth and velvety skin on the place;

- symmetry, regular carrying out algal wrapping can clean couple of centimeters which will leave for a long time from waist or hips;

- the gentle and tightened skin perfectly moistened that which will not be shelled without the reasons, powerful on that any more (consequence of receiving from seaweed of mass of nutrients and vitamins);

- removal of stagnant liquid from organism which provokes formation of salts of slags and toxins, which action, undoubtedly, very harmful;

- disposal of puffiness which makes the life miserable of many ladies in particular to those which lead active lifestyle and like to wear effective shoes on heel;

- antistress effect and general improvement of health.

How to be carried out algal wrappings in house conditions?

There are two types of procedures, this cold wrapping and hot wrapping seaweed, and which to choose – solve. But before it is worth understanding what properties seaweed possess and why it is worth paying attention at solution of the problem of cellulitis to them.

Seaweed is some kind of adsorbent which collects the most useful and qualitative substances of their depths of the sea to bring benefit maximum. As a part of plants is:

- acids of the class Omega-3 about which advantage many have heard a lot;

- such elements as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, and also many others;

- the mass of vitamins - A, C, D, all groups of V-vitamins, E, K and PP;

- iodine and sea salt.

All components of seaweed as well are perfectly absorbed in skin in the course of procedure of wrapping in house conditions. Activation of work of fatty cages is result owing to what splitting of subcutaneous fat begins; removal of excess liquid from organism; updating of cover of skin.

Before doing anti-cellulite wrappings by seaweed it is worth preparing skin. On problem site there should be no earlier put remains of cream or other cosmetics at all. Carefully wash out stomach, buttocks or hips warm water and peel the keratosic cells of skin srub. Now skin is fully ready to algal wrappings. The maximum effect can be reached after reception of hot bathtub or visit of sauna (bath), skin pores will be expanded, blood on veins will actively flow, than process of unhooking of fat and "orange crust" is activated.

It should be noted that anti-cellulite wrappings seaweed do not bear any medical action, the most important purpose is elimination of cosmetic defects of skin which arise over the years. If your purpose not just to eliminate cellulitis, but also still to get healthier that this problem did not concern you, then address the specialist.

When to prefer hot wrapping?

If excess centimeters and cellulitis became intolerable, then give preference to hot wrapping from seaweed which will be more effective thanks to the increased temperature which speeds up work of metabolism. Also hot wrapping will allow useful substances and minerals it is better to be acquired in integument. Volumes on waist, tummy and hips will leave quickly if you complete full course of anti-cellulite wrappings which consists of 10-12 procedures.

To prepare wrapping as follows:

seaweed (laminaria or fucus) presoak within 20-30 minutes in warm water which temperature makes 40-60 degrees and it is better not to cross this threshold as at more high temperatures useful properties of seaweed disappear, and procedure will not be effective.

When weight is ready, begin to do the wrapping is hotter. Be smeared with laminaria not thick layer and turn back food wrap. If weight seems very viscous and unpleasant to body, use the gauze put in 1-2 layers as barrier. Procedure duration about half an hour, time can be increased, but no more than for 15-20 minutes. On end wash away seaweed and smear skin with the moisturizing cream.

Specialists in the field of wrappings advise to carry out given in the evening, it is desirable after 18:00, but not later than 22:00. In this interval exchange processes are in organism at peak, skin is ready to absorb in itself useful components that will give the most positive effect from procedure.

It should be taken into account that the hot wrapping has contraindications: you should not carry out procedure at heart troubles and to those people who have varicosity.

The cold wrapping is applied to treatment of cellulitis, puffiness, fatigue in legs, removes slags and toxins, perfectly tightens skin, adds it elasticity and elasticity. It can be seen off even at venous expansion of veins, the temperature threshold does not exceed 22 degrees.

To prepare mix under cold wrapping similarly hot, but water should be taken with the temperature no more than 22 degrees. For strengthening of cooling effect it is possible to add menthol or mint to weight.

холодное обертывание Anti-cellulite wrappings of 30-40 minutes, and result last to become visible after the first 2-3 times: skin is tightened and becomes elastic. Course – 12-15 procedures, it is possible to repeat it each 3 months, then the effect will be long and very attractive.

To become clear that wrappings for weight loss on the basis of chocolate, seaweed and clay are very effective in fight against cellulitis and excess centimeters on body. The main thing – that persistent fight for smart body which lasts long not, but the begun way needs to be passed up to the end.

The healthy nutrition and exception of greasy, sweet and fried food which harms figure and can have pernicious effect on the general state of health will be excellent addition to anti-cellulite wrappings.

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