The list of products for growing thin

список в помощь

At stroyneyushchy always there has to be near at hand such list! Its time by heart can remember?

࿋ Low-calorie products ࿋

Tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, white low-fat fish, citrus.

࿋ Nourishing products

Oat flakes, macaroni from firm grades of wheat, haricot, wholly grain bread, apples.

࿋ the Products which are not provoking gallop of sugar in blood

Skim milk, lentil, mushrooms, berries, lettuce leaves.

࿋ Products with the lowered content of fat

Low-fat cottage cheese, chicken offal, seafood, perch, tuna.

࿋ Products which will maintain your appearance

Clear water, olive oil, almonds, linseed oil, avocado.

࿋ Products which it is pleasant to you to eat

So far you them eat vegetables and fruit which crackle - apples, carrot, paprika, celery, etc.;
the shaken-up dairy products without sugar, fruit purees, low-fat chicken paste, juicy berries.

࿋ Products which will not detain water in organism

Green tea; the orange juice diluted with water; cowberry; berry fruit drinks and lemonades without sugar; celery and juice from it.

࿋ Products which will be always with you

The fat-free dairy products in half-liter packagings, grain small loafs, nutlets, dried fruits.

࿋ Products which will help you to build new body

Low-fat cheese, dietary cottage cheese, white fish, bean, egg white.

࿋ Products which will support you

Dates, tomatoes, olive oil, nuts.