Whether there are new power supply systems

лечебное питание

The majority of methods contains this or that rational grain, but in relation to one person it can bring benefit, and in relation to others - big harm.

Power supply systems differ from diets in the fact that they are more various, based on different techniques and in the majority have undergone testing. It is way of food for long term if not for the rest of life. They are different on structure of products, by the principle of food, but there is no accurately painted diet in them, than they also become more interesting. There are no strict restrictions and to live on system much more simply, than on diet. You just change way of life, for you other products become favourite and tasty... You just live and do not drop out of communication with friends.

The main difference of power supply systems from diets is their duration. If the majority of diets are expected quite short term - from one to two weeks, then when using power supply systems you should observe them not less than 3-4 months, and it is even better if you eat properly all life.

In difference from diets, power supply systems are well balanced on the main nutrients, contain necessary vitamins and microelements, and also enough calories. All this allows to transfer well their long time, without hungering painful and weakness.

Weight, when using power supply systems decreases much more slowly, than when using diets / on average by 1-2 kg a week / that allows organism to reconstruct the work gradually. Besides, when using power supply systems there is clarification of organism, normalization of metabolism, disappearance of number of chronic diseases.

Therefore if you want not just to grow thin, and also to keep symmetry, cheerfulness and health for long time choose for yourself suitable power supply system and adhere to it all life!

There are some of most popular power supply systems:


The rawism is power supply system in which the diet mainly consists of the products which have not undergone heat treatment. As a rule, the rawism is combined with vegetarianism, however sometimes syroyedam happen also fans of meat. For example, the northern people have national dish - stroganina (the frozen fish); some hunters eat crude meat; earlier on slaughterhouses was to suck blood of svezheubity animals in the nature of things; also crude oysters are considered as delicacy.

The official medicine registers both pluses, and minuses in rawism. The main minus (more treats syroyedam-not vegetarian) is the high probability of hit in organism of dangerous bacteria and parasitic animals (for example, helminths).

Today doctors, noting need of careful washing of fruit and vegetables before the use, at the same time recommend to use the least destructive methods of heat treatment for useful substances. Such approach allows to keep vitamins and other necessary substances in products, and at the same time, does not cause education in products of toxic connections (as it occurs, for example, when frying).

Advantages of rawism:

  • Preservation in integrity of vitamins and other necessary organic compounds.
  • Products do not get poisoned with the gas/wood burning remains.
  • Lack of the toxic connections which are formed at heat treatment.
  • According to syroyeda with experience, the rawism promotes the fortress of teeth and gums, and longer preservation of teeth in integrity up to extreme old age.

Negative sides of rawism:

  • High probability of penetration into organism of different pathogenic and parasitic organisms (bacteria, protozoa, eggs of helminths and even larva of helminths which are easily getting into digestive tract through thermally raw meat).
  • Some limitation of diet of syroyed (potatoes, grain and grain in thermally raw look as a rule does not use).
  • Preservation in products of harmful substances which can be removed by cooking and the subsequent discharge of water.
  • In more detail about versions, history and criticism of rawism it is possible to esteem here.

Atkins's diet

Atkins's diet limits the use of the processed carbohydrates (which make 50% in diet of most of people), such as sweets, flour, cereal products, starchy vegetables. From the moment of release of the first book "Dietary Revolution of Doctor Atkins" in the seventies about 20 million people around the world have successfully used this diet.

The diet has three main phases. On the first, stimulating phase which usually lasts 2-3 weeks it is necessary to limit carbohydrates to 14-20 g a day. During this time the organism gets used to new way of life, the metabolism is normalized, and also there is the most considerable loss of weight - on average from 2 to 6 kg, depending on the initial body weight and extent of normalization of metabolism. It is explained by the fact that in the absence of carbohydrates in organism ketonic bodies (so-called high-quality ketoses) are formed at which energy undertakes not from food, and from own fatty deposits. Thanks to food by proteinaceous and greasy food, and then and thanking ketose keeping to diet do not feel hungry, that is the diet passes quite easily (apart from weakness and dizzinesses in the first days which reason reorganization of organism is)

Then there comes the following phase at which it is possible to increase several amount of carbohydrates - but so that ketoses did not stop. Increase in carbohydrates is necessary. Someone is able to afford to use 100 g of carbohydrates a day, without ceasing to grow thin, at other ketoses stops already on 30 g. For definition of number of ketonic bodies in urine it is possible to order test strips. This phase can last long as is wished, desirable weight will not be established yet.

The last phase - supporting. It is recommended to add still carbohydrates, but not due to increase in weight and volumes. If weight begins to return, it is necessary to reduce urgently carbohydrates and if weight returns too quickly - to return to the stimulating phase.

Power supply system of Michel Montinyak

Montinyak's method the theory which is not simply invented by the author, and result of analytical processing of large number of the scientific works published since the beginning of the 80th years of last century. Besides, it is fruit of the considerable experimental activity which is carried out by Michel Montinyak in cooperation with many doctors and scientists. All this grants the right to claim that Montinyak's Method has solid scientific basis. The numerous publications which were published have paid tribute to the Method, for example, article of professor Jean Dumenil published in November, 2001 in "British Journal of Nutrition".

Montinyak's method is not diet in traditional understanding of this word. The diet is set of the rules most often limiting quantity of the consumed food and, therefore, she is possible only within certain period.

Montinyak's method, on the contrary, represents the diet which is quantitatively not limiting meals and at the same time completely balanced. As a matter of fact, it is based on the choice of preferable products in each group: fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Their selection is carried out proceeding from their specific properties (physical and chemical characteristics), and also their ability to cause the metabolic reactions providing prevention of excess weight, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Experience and scientific researches have shown that even if these pathologies were already present at patients, then the state them, in most cases, considerably improved upon transition to food by Montinyak's Method.

Unloading and dietary therapy (medical starvation)

Recently about medical starvation there are many disputes. It is possible to tell at once that if you have no serious diseases, then medical starvation (full abstention from food) within 1 - 3 days will not bring you anything except advantage. Such fasting days not only increase profitability of organism and increase life expectancy, but also allow to give rest to gastrointestinal tract, purify blood and intercellular liquid of slags a little.

There are also longer terms of medical starvation. The sense of long medical starvation consists in the following. Because of long shortage of nutrients, the organism tries to keep for itself all necessary, but it is possible to provide it only due to processing of all unnecessary. That is, to provide the life activity in the conditions of starvation the organism lets in processing and burns all superfluous. Thus, after long medical starvation the organism is significantly cleared. Difficulty of this method of cleaning is that our cages begin to throw out from themselves dirt only for 7 - 8 day of starvation. Therefore, at medical starvation, it is necessary to abstain from food till 10 days or more.

If you were interested in this information, then increase the number of days without food gradually. Important also before long hunger strikes to undergo the main cleaning procedures, and during medical starvation every day to accept salt laxative or to do enemas. Many harmful substances are emitted from organism with mucous membranes including mucous intestines. Laxative or enema will help to remove this garbage outside.

At long terms of medical starvation it is important to enter and leave correctly in hunger strike it. For several days it is necessary to pass to vegetable food. It is necessary to leave medical starvation approximately as much days how many hunger strike lasted. So, if you starved 8 - 10 days, then it is necessary to start the usual food approximately in 8 days after the first meal. In the first day after hunger strike it is possible to be limited only to juice (carrot, apple, tomato, - and even they can be diluted with water). Every other day another it is possible to start vegetables and fruit. Then porridges on water can follow. And, at last, dairy products. During medical starvation it is necessary to move moderately, and also easy thermal procedures will be useful. To drink - clear water. Long hunger strikes it is possible to do to two three in year.

So, all cycle for full clarification of organism will take you about 1-2 months. You do not hurry, do everything reasonably. From cleaning of one body you pass to another in several days. Let's organism have a rest. If after some cleaning procedures weakness is observed, then it is normal. Emergence of easy painful and other unpleasant feelings also should not frighten you.

Many recommendations of fashionable power supply systems let are also not original, but are not deprived of sense and work for advantage. For example, to give preference to natural products, not to overeat, eat more vegetables and fruit, it is good to chew food, to observe diet, to move more.

But, it is proved that 90% of the people keeping to different diets in hope to lose weight gain afterwards former kilograms. So can and you should not begin?

However, this personal record of each person.

Finally, I would like to advise everyone to have beautiful figure not to indulge in excesses and to move as much as possible. The movement is LIFE!!!