Ten precepts of healthy nutrition

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1. Without violence

Is not if there is no wish and that there is no wish. Also do not force others. Do not impose - to either yourself, or another! To the child - by no means.

Freedom in food is sacred.

Specification for food medicinal:

Something obviously useful (lemon, acid berries, onions, garlic...) - it is desirable, let and tastelessly, and turned sour... Drugs are not obliged to be pleasant. But if sharp internal protest, then it is not necessary.

2. If there is a wish, - whether it is better to refrain?

Do not argue with the tastes, only with habits.

3. Is not before full saturation

насыщение It is better not to eat up, than to overeat.

But how to learn the measure?

The feeling of saturation, as well as feeling of hunger, happens superficial and deep. Tactical and strategic. Or, differently to tell, nervous, gastrooral - and the general. Ideally they have to make harmonious ensemble.

But our Nature is not ideal. The nature is only practical. It is excessive it is practical, for as pays off. Exact, true she has made only hunger and saturation deep. On surface - various doubtful reasons of type: "just in case", "and suddenly", "and can be, tasty?".

It was made by deficit, the immemorial satellite of live. "It is better to overeat, than not to sleep". Burst while gets, and suddenly it last time? Huge most of people (and animals too) is guided by outside saturation, that is eat while the food is and so far climbs. By such principle it is possible, for example, minutes for five to use kilogram of ice cream, and for half an hour - small bull-calf, as preliminary snack.

On the other hand, it is possible to deceive for about three-four hours himself "zamoreniye of worm", that is to muffle deep hunger by outside saturation, nothing, in essence, without having given to organism. Ability to such cap - the measure of nervous self-defense fulfilled by evolution in the conditions of deficit.

And when there is no deficit when there is a lot of food, appetite gains fair redundancy. We do not starve - we overeat.

Internal saturation comes later, strategy does not keep up with tactics. It also is clear: the absorbed food has to still manage to be digested, soaked up, enter blood, to be acquired.

Strongly has simplified everything, but the basic, I hope, clear.

How to learn how many it is necessary how many it is enough for saturation true?

It is quite simple if you have more or less as it should be nerves and metabolism (and it is very important in order that they remained as it should be).

If you are at odds with the appetite if are already sure or almost assured that you overeat, wage "control campaign". And more than once, and - test not two yourself and train. (Without falling into well-known nonsense of planned obligations.)

Try some time (weeks two-three, month) to stop any food BEFORE saturation - yes, to stop beforehand when it is possible still... To eat, let us assume, half-portions instead of whole and... To postpone, wait... To distract, be engaged in another.

During this time also internal saturation will appear in time. And clearly we will tell you: IN TOTAL! You will find out that you are quite quiet and full. Your moderation will be rewarded by excellent cheerfulness and the increased working capacity.

And be soon convinced, as outside saturation comes quicker, becomes more and more exact. Its voice will become delicate, but firm. Instead of "any more not I can" it will speak to you: "Will be enough, there is enough. Everything is all right".

So you establish the true norm.

If it does not occur also time, and another, both the third, and the fifth if appetite continues to wear out you, to increase irritability, weakness, - well, means, at such extent of self-restriction your norm does not reach or you too close relative ruminant and rodents. Longer chew as recommend yogas. As it is boring - as it is possible more slowly and more convincingly. (Specialists of this business recommend to beginners to represent themselves, let us assume, the vysokoudoyny cow diplomaed on ENEA.)

And it does not help?. Means, it is not hunger, not appetite at you, and something other. Other hunger.

4. Better often and gradually, than seldom and in large quantities

Specification: to reckon with specific features.

Besides, there is special seasonal food having to feasts, "zhor": the organism itself asks something in the maximum quantities, some important substances - for emergency.

Today there is wild strawberry or strawberry, tomorrow will not be any more. Raspberry, sweet cherry, water-melons, melons, tangerines not sin to gorge on for the future (and occasionally both meat, and fish). Feast - but not to satiation!

5. Any food yes will be paid by muscles

мускулы By the Nature any food has to be given by physical efforts, especially food animal. The civilization has deprived of us this elementary need, has broken natural justice of food award: to go to buy, eat gotovenky...

The food is paid not with muscles, but nerves now. And we pay for it in ozhireniye, scleroses and set of other slag delights. Try not to dare to eat, physically without having worked as any image.

Early big breakfasts when the stomach appears the first woken-up body, - the heavy breakfasts with porridges, sandwiches and cutlets motivated only by the fact that till lunch still far - these breakfasts essence no other than barbarous violence over the Nature, morning serenades of food suicide. (Old council: "Eat breakfast itself, the lunch is divided with the friend, and give dinner to the enemy" - meant that till breakfast people of hour three-four plowed the earth, hunted or cut firewood.) Even if ahead heavy physical activity, dense nayedaniye it is in good time not justified - only easy gas station makes sense. Only the food earned by muscles is acquired fully.

Practically, however, as if we wanted that, not to any food it is possible to move properly. Well, we will be calculated later though it and the worst option. Work calories! Burn surplus!

The abstemiousness in food is necessary, first of all, to people of brainwork.

Specification for pupils and scientists. At especially hard sedentary work (preparation for examination, work on the book, chess tournament) some people need more caloric food, than usually. But in such cases it is just especially necessary to increase at the same time and physical activity!

6. Fresh air

Fresh air - the most excellent of seasonings.

7. It is better warm, than cold

теплое, холодное, горячее It is better cold, than more hotly.

Hot suicide. Try to put for the sake of experience finger in hot tea which you to pieta. And now provide what every day and so to burn to language, the sky, gullet, stomach.

Keep in mind: your interiors have no exact and operational thermoreceptors, they are defenseless before temperature violence. Counting on our instinctive prudence the Nature has supplied with temperature guards only outside entrance to the food canal - bays, language, the sky and throat, but rape hot quickly brings also these watchmen to dullness state. Your cat or dog, even brutally hungry, will never begin to eat hot, they will wait until cools down. Your child too, some time.

In the Nature never was, is not present and will not be hotter than food, and only cool or warm, not hot bird's blood. Approximately at 39,5 °C enzymes of digestive cages begin to collapse, and it is above 40 °C - cages.

Having refused from hot, you will add to yourself a lot of health and, maybe, many years of life. Continuous temperature traumatizing increases probability of development of tumor. Why this excess risk? Only habit. Let's hurry to refuse - it is easy.

8. Variety - strategy, monotony - tactics

обжорство Natural food of our ancestors was extremely various: to food there was all edible, times and inedible. Variety it became requirement. We need to fill up ourselves with proteins, fats and carbohydrates; we need all amino acids, vitamins, ions and set of microelements - everything that the terrestrial surface with its plants and animals, and still before - the ocean once gave us. Variety?! - Variety! But...

Variety it never happened single-step. The greatest probability: one good luck - one food. One meal - one food. Never happened that bananas grew on one tree with herrings and potato, and near just killed antelope cakes rolled. The found or got homogeneous food was eaten, certain break, and only followed further then other livelihood was looked for and got. Happened, probably, and combination, but it is not frequent. During certain time it was necessary to concentrate on something one - on season, on the district.

And we continually randomly mix now everyone and everything, in bulk, as in supermarket. And then we are perplexed why at too many digestion and metabolism, as well as mood suffer.

Both nutritionists, and biochemists object to such cacophony more and more persistently. Only the few from products meet in us friendly, the others strive to fall out and poison the atmosphere.

Bread plus meat, egg plus potatoes, yeast dough plus sweet fruit, cucumbers plus milk. Loading in belly of similar mixes is equivalent to as though from you have demanded to play at the same time piano, to play soccer, to resolve housing problem, to speak in love, to take examination in philosophy and to pull out tooth.

People with strong digestion, however, at the very least cope with the majority of food mixtures, especially with usual, like sandwiches or meat with potato.

Weight-lifters of digestion can swallow and the crayfish salad watered with vinegar, mayonnaise and honey in Polish, oysters in Chinese, calves in Uruguayan, cabbage in Mozambiquean, char-grilled chicken and grapes, washing down all this with cocktail from cognac, milk, vodka, curdled milk, port - and nothing, survive. The poor of gargantyu does not realize that they with themselves create: everything that is eaten, interacts not in belly uniform.

For your health, your relatives and your children - I ask you: without falling into suspiciousness and diyetofanatizm, treat critically - in a natural way - traditions of your home cuisine, as well as the works of public catering offered you.

Here the forty-year-old poor fellow, for a long time without waist, with couple of ripening cobble-stones in gall bladder which are easily guessed on yellowish scleromas and to the drooping cheeks sits on small bench. My God, she eats heartily cheburek - cheburek! Yes for it it is blow under dy, struck by well trained heavyweight boxer. To call "ambulance?". Tomorrow will cause.

And creeps on rather sloping hillock, choking, the uncle, to it no more than fifty, but I would call it, no offense meant, to Castropoda mollusk. p saw how he devoured in snack bar belyashes, bricks with stuffing which will become in it mertvechinka soon. It has still young children, most time now to pomudret and be going to bring up grandsons.

And this intelligent granny, probably, considers that she has nothing to lose: and itself chews set of false teeth, and pushes the pies with meat of quarternary freshness fried on hours-long mix of oil with margarine, not sheetrock and for the most low-grade drying oil in the grandson.

About station pirozhkovy smertoubiystvo I was written by one indignant reader with the requirement that I through the press have immediately attracted guilty persons to the answer. It is good that we live not at stations.

By the way, I beg you: surely clean off shrill-yellow raid from butter, from above oxidized. It any more not oil. Regret yourself, regret the children.

Too, too automatically we live, too noncritical we chew everything. If so there are not enough hostesses, competent as regards food combinations, what to speak about eaters. And it is seemingly simple to dokumekat also to the most unsophisticated that in food as in music, not only correctness of single-step combinations is important - has value and sequence in longer intervals. Badly, for example, meat the very next day after eggs or cheese the very next day after meat: proteinaceous and slag overload, contamination of cleaning systems, we do not manage to counterbalance exchange. And melon or water-melon - it is good! Nasty everything, except fruit and curdled milk, the very next day after holiday.

So, if you want to reduce diseases and to add health and life, - strategically you aim to diversify whenever possible the diet and not to lose anything, except charming vrednost. Tactically try to follow the rule:

for once - one type of food or the minimum, laconic combinations (kefir with fresh tomato).
And also to arrange from time to time the "shock" periods of preferential uniformity - fruit and vegetable, milk, fish, meat. (With personal nuances, certainly.)

The periods vegetarian, the shortest - meat have to be the most long, on natural probability. However you do not peremudrit. Both character, and duration of such periods will prompt you organism if you have not absolutely forgot to listen to it yet.

9. Naturalness - first of all

The first personal precept, but some reservations have collected.

It is necessary to reckon also that, first, the person has already forgotten very long ago what is naturalness; and secondly, as the Nature does not do idol of the naturalness, and checks that, actually, this is it.

Syroyeda claim that it is possible to learn health only having refused food industrial, artificial, extracted which they consider simply dead - in favor of live, natural, raw. Handful of germinated wheat grain, they say, more advantage and energy, than tile of the most magnificent most harmful chocolate will give you incomparably.

p it is still close, very close to consent with them. In principle they, undoubtedly, are right, but...

"Dead" is after all already hyperbole. Why all animals eat "dead" human bread with such pleasure and many prefer it to simple live grain? It is visible, absolutely to destroy live not so easily. Good processing can reveal and just strengthen the live beginning.

And the relations with the most natural food at many, alas, not idyll, but cruel fight, difficulties sometimes invincible. Nature? INCLUDING it and the greatest factory of poisons. For example, eat not any mushroom crude. And processing of food, anyway, all the same happens - in us, enzymes and cages, or out of - on frying pan, at factory.

While we have no exhaustive, perfect knowledge of the Nature, it is possible to profess different systems and approaches, to have different biases and addictions, but there is tverdolobo resting against something one and to absolutely reject other, especially for others, differently the arranged beings.

Macrobiotic, for example, is based on difficult processing of almost all natural products. Her supporters do not recognize practically anything natural. Moreover salt godlessly. And this system seeming to "naturalnik" wildness top for believers in it both is tasty, and is useful, and cures many of heavy diseases.

Now personal point of view.

For any hostess, any food and any stomach: the processing and cooking, the better are simpler. But, of course, with many tasty exceptions, both for products, and for stomachs.

10. The food is sacred

Food cult? "When I eat, I am deaf and mute"? Well, why. Even habit of some teenagers to read, chewing and to chew, reading it is not obligatory to expel as criminal. If it was already formed, so one helps another, and everything is OK.

Motto of the glutton: "To live that is". Motto of the ascetic: "Is to live". Motto of the Nature: "Is to live, and to live that is including".

Including. Any animal, be able to speak he, to the list of the cults would add this here modest, but categorical formula of judiciousness. Anything, but only including.

To absolutely reject food as vital value as pleasure and pleasure of our short century - it is unnatural, silly, defective. (By the way, just ascetics on the internal relation to food - the biggest gourmets and gluttons, champions of mental gluttony. So the situation and on all other fronts of antagonism with the Nature is.)

Food cult? And why is also not present if including?

вкусная еда And why to despise those for whom it is good, to eat well or to feed greatly (in effect, it is one) - business vital, serious, svyashchennosluzhitelstvo sort? For whom it is reality, talent sort, how for others music or love? Frequent it, it is necessary to notice, people very nice, children's direct, cheerful.

Why not to become even the specialist, professor of this type of pleasure - if INCLUDING? Virtuoso, yes, actor, grand master, Master Pishchevareniya! And? Including! Everyone has the natural fatal arrangement, and unless you should not rejoice what appear among us and such people how all dear and favourite Pokhlebkin who has so remarkably disposed INCLUDING of the surname?

Not cult, but culture.

Without the educated, spiritual relation to food it is impossible and to think about health.

Appetite pleasant to you!