Low-calorie salads

низкокалорийные салаты
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To count how many in the world exists options of salads, perhaps, it is impossible. Any hostess in the kitchen can create all new and new combinations from disposed products.

Salads often act not only as snack, but also full-fledged independent dish with which it is possible to be saturated, and at the same time to fill needs of organism for vitamins and other useful substances. Your task – it is only correct to group ingredients.

Low-calorie salads – important component of any menu. Once you master their preparation, and you will not think of what to have breakfast, a bite, to have supper easily. And to table festive, rich with entertainments low-calorie salads will have very opportunely.

To cut and fill light salad – business of several minutes: in low-calorie salads the products demanding the difficult preliminary processing exterminating all vitamins and useful microelements are not used. You lay the table beautiful plates, whenever possible and to the abilities you decorate all with greens and vegetables – and... voila! Such dishes very appetizingly and beautifully, for organism – continuous advantage, and calories and expenses of time for preparation – minimum look.

We hope that this section of our website will help to be inspired on transition to low-calorie salads to you. Having taken as basis the caloric contents specified with the exact instruction recipes, you learn to be guided easily in the course of preparation of similar dishes, and will cease to supply the organism with excess calories.

5 basic rules of preparation of low-calorie salads

It is more than greens

Green vegetables and herbs, for example, onions, salad, spinach, leaves of mustard contain very few calories (no more than 20 kcal on glass of the crushed product), at the same time are sources of valuable substances – folic acid, lyutein, antioxidants. Therefore be not afraid to use generously these products for preparation of salads.

It is more than fresh vegetables

Choose vegetables which have caloric content not higher than 25 kcal / portion. Safely combine vegetables at preparation of salads. That different nutrients came to organism, do not forget to switch from one vegetables to others. In that case your organism will receive optimum portions of vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, antioxidants and cellulose. But here it is better to avoid some fried and marinated vegetables. Also be careful with addition of sauces and mayonnaise.

The most popular products for salads:

  • pepper (yellow, green, red)
  • cucumber
  • carrots
  • onions
  • mushrooms
  • garden radish
  • broccoli
  • headed cabbage

Add a little fast meat

It is quite enough 1-2 slices of low-fat boiled meat for preparation of salad. Protein-bearing products are very important for organism therefore you should not refuse them. You can use the chicken meat made on grill, boiled egg, shrimps, salmon, tuna, low-calorie cottage cheese, black haricot, hummus. Avoid everything that crackles, demands frying or moves in heavy sauce.

Use no more than one high-calorific product

Actually, even one product can add to your dish more than 600 kcal. And though many of high-calorific products are rich with nutrients (sunflower seeds, nuts, raisin), all of them significantly increase the caloric content of dishes. Intelligently distribute the volume of the added high-calorific products. Also you remember: no more than one such product on salad.

At the choice you can be guided by the following data:

  • the Chinese noodles – 150 kcal in ½ glasses
  • toasts – 100 kcal in ½ glasses
  • grated cheddar cheese – 225 kcal in ½ glasses
  • cheese Feta – 190 kcal in ½ glasses
  • the crushed nuts – about 180 kcal in ¼ glasses
  • sunflower seeds – 180 kcal in ¼ glasses
  • granola – 115 kcal in ¼ glasses
  • raisin – 120 kcal in ¼ glass
  • olives – 40 kcal in 8 pieces
  • avocado – 150 kcal in half of fruit

Choose easy gas stations

For many people the most favourite in salads is gas station. Unfortunately, she often is too caloric. For informational purposes: 1 tbsp of seasoning from vinegar and olive oil contains 50 kcal, and 1 tbsp of creamy sauce can contain 90 kcal! But who will stop on one spoon!? Think that it is better for you and yours for figure: to satisfy hunger with good portion of salad with seasoning from vinegar and olive oil or to eat couple of spoons of favourite sauce with the same number of calories.

The best options of gas stations – simple olive oil, juice of lemon or vinegar. To fill salad, it is enough to add to it of everything to steam of spoons of the mentioned products – and the dish will find unique taste.

Basic principles of preparation of low-calorie salads

By and large, everything that will be listed below, belongs to any dish by the principles of healthy nutrition. About what weight loss can there be a speech if to add the chicken fried in maslitsa with golden thin skin rubbed with mayonnaise to low-calorie salad, and then to jam everything French fries? Will not rescue any grapefruit or vinegar – too many harmful fats and incorrectly prepared carbohydrates.

As for salads, here everything is limited only to the imagination of the culinary specialist. The uncountable quantity of combinations is capable to provide the various menu for all year that will allow dishes not to become boring, so, to turn each meal into small holiday. Vegetables are practically suitable for low-calorie salads everything unless it is necessary to try to use potatoes not too often.

It is better to choose fruit for low-calorie salads unsweetened, but there will be no accident that in salad there will be, for example, honey apple instead of acid green. The steamed or cooked low-fat meat, white fish, seafood have to occupy no more than a third of salad. Any nutlets can become the addition giving highlight – in small amount they will not do harm to figure. And also greens: parsley, fennel, mint, anise is the four of the best zhiroszhigatel, but on it the list does not come to an end.

As gas stations vinegar, soy sauce, lemon juice is ideal, we will allow low-calorie mayonnaise which can be made independently. On what end, so it is absolutely precisely put to various canned food (especially it concerns some sprats in oil), smoked products, store mayonnaise and fat cheese. If it is necessary to add cheese to low-calorie salad, then it is better to take tofu, sheep cheese or firm grades with small percent of fat content.

Principles of drawing up tasty low-calorie salads

There is set of recipes of low-calorie salads among which first place is won by fresh greens and vegetables salads, sheet salads. What is sheet salads? These are low-calorie salads in which as basis sheet greens are used: lettuce, arugula, chicory, garden cress, salad Korn, spinach, cabbage of all grades, green onions and herbs. Lettuce caloric content, the most widespread among us salad, – only 15 Kcal on hundred grams.

There is recipe of tasty low-calorie salad with lettuce where only lettuce, greens, onions and marinade enters. Marinade consists of sugar, salt, vinegar and vegetable oil. Caloric content of this salad makes 35-40 Kcal on hundred grams. One tablespoon of oil which is parted (up to the capacity of 70-100 grams) with water, vinegar is the share of 500 grams of salad and I will merge (pinch) with sugar (teaspoon). Fill with it largely cut leaves of salad lettuce with greens (parsley, green onions and fennel). Main feature of such salads: they need to be used right there, they are not stored in the refrigerator.

It is possible to add fresh greens of sheet salads with such juicy vegetables as cucumbers, tomatoes, garden radish, carrot, girasol, fennel, turnip, vegetable marrows.

Also tasty low-calorie salads turn out if to add to greens and cellulose of squirrel: low-fat meat and fish, eggs, shrimps and other seafood. Caloric content of shrimps and mussels – only 98 Kcal and 70 Kcal on hundred grams, caloric content of chicken breast cut – 107 Kcal on hundred grams, is excellent sources of low-calorie protein and useful vitamins and microelements.

Basic rule of tasty low-calorie salads: if you add one high-calorific product, the others, including sauce (first of all), have to be low-calorie. Biggest "suppliers" of calories in salad is mayonnaise, butter and heavy cream, unlimited expense of gas station on total quantity of salad. The second important rule – not to subject to additional culinary processing what does not need it and not to cut too small. So you keep more than nutritious useful properties of product.

Also low-fat young cheeses will be useful: sheep cheese, sheep, tofu (soy cheese), mozzarella and other low-fat molokoprodukta.

As gas station as the alternative to mayonnaise, is recommended low-fat yogurt, natural vinegar and acid juice, small amount of qualitative vegetable oil. Vegetable oil better not refined, it is possible to choose among variety of unusual types of oil: pumpkin, walnut, germs of wheat, rape, olive, almond, mustard. If nevertheless to choose between mayonnaise and sour cream, we recommend low-fat acid store sour cream. Or fermented milk products of own preparation. Salads are big scope for creativity.

Preparation of products and ware

Most often for preparation of low-calorie salads crude vegetables which need to be washed up carefully are used. After that products are cut in cubes, slices, straws. If thermal treatment is necessary, it is recommended to cook, extinguish or steam vegetables as such ways of preparation keep vitamins and microelements. Frying on oil is not recommended as from it dish caloric content increases. Light chicken meat or meat of turkey are carefully washed, then boiled or prepared in double boiler. Shrimps usually cook in the added some salt water about three minutes. After all products will be prepared, it is possible to start their direct cutting in salad.

From ware the standard set will be required: salad bowl, pan, chopping board, grater, knives, chesnokodavka. Also the small bowl can be necessary for preparation of gas station for low-calorie salad.

Nourishing low-calorie products

What contain full-fledged pure protein are considered as the most nourishing. For meal you can choose to yourself from nourishing, but low-calorie products.

The list of products with caloric content 60–120 on 100 grams:

  • Indyushachya or chicken breast
  • Low-fat white fish
  • Cottage cheese with fat content no more than 2%
  • Seafood
  • pyets
  • Tofu
  • Kefir of 1% of fat content
  • Yogurt without fillers and additives

They perfectly stabilize sugar level in blood, and also accelerate metabolism. For this reason after their use, you still will feel long enough satiety.

The most low-calorie products

In what less than 40 kilocalories are the share of 100 grams are considered as the most low-calorie. Have entered this list:

  • Cucumbers
  • Celery
  • Champignons
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Salad sheet greens
  • Garden radish
  • Cabbage

Tasty low-calorie products

Besides just to satisfy hunger, quite often we just want that the food was also tasty. Carry in what 40–100 kilocalories are the share of 100 grams to tasty low-calorie.

Have entered their list:

  • Pears, apples
  • Mango, bananas, grapes, persimmon
  • Paprika
  • Carrot
  • White and red dry wine
  • Melons and water-melons
  • Cowberry, raspberry, bilberry
  • Papaya, pineapples, guava

Recipes of low-calorie salads

Cauliflower with eggs

To make this salad you need half a kilogram of cauliflower, 4 boiled eggs, green onions (to taste), it is a little sour cream with low fat content (if there is irresistible desire, it can be replaced with low-calorie mayonnaise).

The cauliflower needs to be sorted on inflorescences to boil thoroughly and cool. Then sprinkle it with lemon juice. Boiled eggs need to be cut, too most to do with green onions.

Ingredients to mix, salt and add some black ground pepper (if there is desire), to fill with sour cream. Salad turns out low-calorie, but at the same time nourishing.

Cabbage with orange

For this salad you need white cabbage (about 300 g), one quite large orange, carrot and greens.

Chop cabbage with carrot and mix them. Peel orange (as grapefruit, that is, it is necessary to clean all peregorodochka) and break on small pieces. Add greens, salt and fill with oil of grape seeds.

Salad from cabbage


  • Cabbage – one head of cabbage of the small size;
  • Carrots – one piece of the big size;
  • Vegetable oil – two tablespoons;


Small chop cabbage by means of sharp knife. Grate the carrots washed and peeled on average grater. Knead cabbage hands what it would start up juice. Mix in bowl cabbage with carrots and, having added vegetable oil, mix.

Low-calorie chicken salad

Necessary ingredients for salad:

  • chicken – 190 g
  • sour cream low-fat – 70 g
  • mayonnaise – 60 g
  • egg – 5 pieces
  • ham – 140 g
  • green peas tinned – 80 g
  • fennel
  • spices

Vitamin salad


  • Carrots – one piece of the average size;
  • pbloko – half of fruit;
  • Lemon – half of fruit;
  • Olive oil – for seasoning of salad;


On large grater grate apple and carrots, cut pulp of lemon on small pieces. Fill salad with olive oil.

Garlic salad


  • Carrots – two pieces;
  • Potatoes – two pieces;
  • Garlic – two cloves;
  • Olive oil – two tablespoons;


Boil to readiness in peel carrots and potatoes. Without cooling, clear them of skin and cut in small cubes. Cut garlic very small and add to warm potatoes and carrots, pepper salad and salt, add olive oil and mix. At the room temperature give to salad the chance ten minutes will be drawn.

For Waist salad

Thinly chop 300 g of cabbage and one carrots. Lay out mix of vegetables in salad bowl. Cut orange, remove white plenochka, add pulp to vegetables. It is necessary to make it over salad bowl that orange juice also got to dish. Crush fennel bunch, add to salad, mix. It is possible to place for half an hour dish in the refrigerator. Then add some salt "For waist" to taste, fill with oil of grape seeds and mix. As ornament use cranberry berries.

Inspiration salad


  • The shrimps cleared – small handful;
  • Lettuce leaves – ten pieces;
  • Onions sweet violet – half of head;
  • Mint leaves – two branches;
  • Basil violet – two branches;
  • Orange sweet pepper – the fourth part of fruit;

For sauce:

  • Soy sauce – one dessertspoon;
  • Light balsam vinegar – one dessertspoon;
  • Olive oil – one tablespoon;


You will boil water, remove from fire and salt. Put for two minutes in this water of shrimp, then cast away them on colander and cool. In soup plate connect ingredients for sauce and mix. Dig lettuce leaves small pieces in bowl, add basil and mint, thinly chop onions. Add half of sauce to salad and mix. Lay out the received salad on dish, on it from above spread out shrimps, then water the pepper cut on strip tonic with the second half of sauce.

Green salads for health and for weight reduction

All know well that green salads are excellent source of vitamins, minerals and celluloses. But the majority of us after all eats greens, crude fruit and vegetables insufficiently. Let's look once again at that benefit which it is possible to derive using green salads!

Salads which main ingredient are fresh salad greens - lettuce leaves, spinach, arugula, etc. are called green. Caesar Salad is considered green salad too.

Than the green salad is useful

1. Almost all ingredients of salad are useful to health. The exception makes only sauces with the high content of fat.

2. Crude salads provide us with cellulose. Though, of course you should not eat exclusively crude vegetables.

3. Crude vegetables and greens contain natural enzymes which help us to digest food and interfere with emergence of putrefactive processes in intestines.

4. Crude salads contain large number of minerals necessary for us, such as: iron, potassium, magnesium, molybdenum and phosphorus. And many others.

5. The green salad contains many vitamins, With, folic acid, vitamin K. The green salad is fine source of B1, B2, B6 Vitamin.

6. Salad contains beta pictures which increase to us immunity and help to struggle with many dangerous diseases. In order that they could be acquired small amount of gas station nevertheless it is necessary.

7. Green salads not only add to dishes taste and aroma, but also help to be acquired to other useful substances from main course.

The salad eaten before main course already facilitates feeling of hunger and fills stomach with cellulose. If you eat salad before the main meal, then it will help with fight against excess weight. Thus, we have many reasons to eat as much as possible green salad, and other useful vegetables which we can add to salad to increase its useful properties.

On it ideas for tasty low-calorie salads do not come to an end. Trying different combinations and opening up to this point unfamiliar tastes, it is possible to create all new and new masterpieces. And practically all above-mentioned recipes of low-calorie desserts and salads can be considered as fine basis for set of easy, useful and at the same time tasty dishes.

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