It needs to be considered before the choice of diet

необходимо учитывать перед выбором диеты

The word diet was considered as food at different diseases until recently. That is as restriction of food at diseases of heart or, for example, digestive tract and other. But from the middle of the twentieth century the word the diet accepts other value. Now about diet, most often remember, so far as concerns the increased weight.

By today there is options of diets huge set. But, unfortunately, not everyone they is good and useful. All the matter is that very often people in the diet try to limit only caloric content, forgetting that our food consists not only of calories, but also of nutritious elements. These are fats and proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates, and also mineral elements and still set of all substances.

Feedstuffs carry out the mass of functions, at the same time very often one substance can carry out several functions at the same time. Therefore when we try to change our food, to reduce the number of calories, it, most likely, will lead also to considerable reduction of nutrients in organism.

As a result deficit of vitamins, or microelements can develop.

Perhaps as well insufficiency of fats, proteins. All this, of course, will be reflected on health negatively.

Unfortunately, corpulent people pursue always only one aim – to grow thin at any cost. For this purpose they apply is not justified rigid diets at all. As a result the organism often begins to signal about lack of nutrients. For example, there is dryness of skin, or peeling, fragility of hair or their tarnishing, problems with nails, bad dream, irritability and other troubles.

Very often it is attributed to effects of stress, bad ecology, forgetting that it can be effects of improper feeding. That is why, choosing itself any diet independently, it has to last not really long time. At most one or one and a half months.

If there is need for longer restrictions, then it is necessary to consult to the doctor who will pick up diet individual and the most suitable.

And still, what diet it is better to choose for himself? To follow the advice of the friends or stars of TV screens? But what has helped one people absolutely not necessarily will suit others. Therefore it is the best of all to choose diet on own reason, being guided by own feelings.

At the choice of diet, it is necessary to consider as far as products which are part, are loved or are not loved. It is very important. For example, those who hates grain will not suit buckwheat diet at all, and those who does not love meat also will not suit "The Kremlin diet". If it is necessary to torment itself, using unloved products that, most likely it will lead to stress, food failure and refusal of diet.

It is also necessary to calculate the cost of diet, especially long. It will be very a pity if the chosen diet is suitable, and the most important effective, but will painfully strike purse and it is necessary to refuse it. For example, if the buckwheat diet is chosen, then it, as a rule, does not cause difficulties. But if the diet from exotic fruit of pineapples or mango is chosen, then it is already considerable at cost. And especially it is actual for the Mediterranean diet which very expensive products enter.

Still it is necessary to consider how chosen diet will be convenient in life. Whether you will be able to ensure five times food. Whether you will be able to adhere to diet in the bosom of the family or it will be necessary to organize separate food. Whether you will be able to provide healthy nutrition at work. And at last, choosing itself diet, it is worth thinking – that you from it wait. If you need to dump two-three kilograms in order that by holiday to hold in favourite suit or dress, then you can choose to yourself quite rigid diet with considerable restrictions expected small period.

But if it is necessary to leave large number of kilograms, then it is better to choose the soft diet with small amount of restrictions but expected prolonged use.

Also you should not trust those propagandists of diets which promise weight loss on ten kilograms in two weeks, on twenty kilograms in month. Most often these figures are not true. And moreover, so fast weight loss can do harm to organism. The organism needs time to be reconstructed. To reconstruct all the exchange processes, to reconstruct work of warmly vascular system.

Also the fact that it is necessary to exercise in diet judgment is very important. Quite often the person who has decided to go on diet since Monday during week-end arranges himself the real holiday. The quantity and structure of products ceases to be controlled and as a result the real culinary orgy turns out. It can end is very deplorable for banal diarrhea, to heart attack.