Folk remedies for weight loss

народные средства для похудения
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The considerable number of people has excess weight. This problem not only esthetic, obesity is the reason or risk factor for diseases of cardiovascular system. People dissatisfied with the appearance have many complexes, they are irritable, aggressive. These and other psychological problems lead to irritation of nervous system and, as a result, strengthen the existing chronic diseases and promote acquisition of new.

Feeling acute sense of hunger, people begin to consume uncontrolledly caloric products which only aggravate their unenviable position. How after all to get rid of this vicious circle? How quickly and safely for health to grow thin?

It is necessary to apply different folk remedies to weight loss, both internal, and outside. For a start, choose simple diet which can be applied together with drugs to weight reduction.

1. To mix boiled water liter floor with tablespoon of honey and ordinary apple cider vinegar. In the morning on hungry stomach to drink half-glass of this mix. To drink the rest during the day, washing down with small portions high-calorific products. Also use of this mix can be alternated to the use of segments of pineapple (pineapple has to be fresh, but not preserved).

2. To prepare herbal tea according to the following recipe: 1 part of root of mallow ordinary, 1 part of seeds of anise, 3 parts of leaves of nettle, 1 part of horsetail (for men) or ninety-knot (for women), 2 parts of camomile, and also leaves of currant, raspberry and strawberry, hips. All ingredients need to be mixed carefully. On liter of boiled water to take four tablespoons of mix, to wrap up and allow to be drawn within several hours. To drink about three times a day before food on 1 glass.

3. Green tea with cherry leaf or leaf of currant is useful to removal of harmful substances and excesses of liquid from organism. This tea can be drunk daily in unlimited number, at least, three cups a day.

народные средства для похудения 4. For bathtubs it is possible to use broth of pine needles. Still it is possible to take bath in which it is necessary to dissolve previously salt pack, milk tablespoon, fifteen drops of essential oil of lemon and ten drops of iodine. Reception time – half an hour. Temperature – 36-38 degrees. After acceptance of such bathtubs to take cold shower and to grease skin with low-fat cream.

5. For massage it is possible to use essential oils of lime, adding them to special massage oils. After procedure, pro-massive parts of body need to be wrapped polyethylene film (or foil) and to wrap up for 8 hours. And after that to take cold shower.

6. Here one more, a little unusual, but very effective method of traditional medicine for weight loss.

To prepare the following structure:

To mix 6 parts of honey with ten parts of salt and before each visit of steam room, to cover with thin layer of this mix problem parts of body, and after exit from steam room mix needs to be washed away.

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