Beginning occupations with yoga

начиная занятия йогой

p I want to register in group of yoga for beginners. That it is better: to begin to be engaged at home according to the book or to wait for occupations in group?

Thanks to books you gain rather complete idea of what can be expected from such occupations. And still you, most likely, will not be ready to be engaged without experienced instructor.

As well as in other types of gymnastics, in yoga there are injury-causing poses. The trained and experienced people are able to avoid them.

Prepare for the beginning of occupations, daily doing the simple weakening exercises. Exercise with which the majority of courses of yoga, so simple begins that you can master it at once.

Lay down back on floor, having extended legs or having bent them in knees. Put hands on floor near trunk. Within about 10 minutes concentrate on breathing exactly and slowly.

Practicing yoga


  • to consult with the doctor before starting occupations
  • to acquire free, convenient clothes
  • to change poses carefully
  • to relax and to breathe exactly
  • to be engaged regularly, at least 10 minutes a day

Does not follow:

  • to force itself to accept clumsy, inconvenient poses
  • to try to arrange competition to other members of group
  • to hold the breath when you accept one of yoga poses
занимаясь йогой

Advantage of yoga

польза йоги Whether the yoga as physical activity is useful or it is generally equipment of relaxation?

Both. And it is useful to some people also in spiritual sense.

Yoga - excellent means for development of coordination, balance, muscular force and flexibility. It is especially good for strengthening of backbone and muscles of back. The yoga as much as possible will increase the volume of lungs and, therefore, will allow to breathe correctly.

And still the yoga does not give to organism of the sufficient loading helping to improve work of heart and blood circulation. If you aim at physical harmony, you should add occupations with yoga some more vigorous exercises. It can be aerobics, swimming or even fast walking.

Most of people in some western countries are engaged in kind of yoga - Hatha yoga. In it are used equipment of relaxation and respiratory gymnastics which help to accept yoga poses, without being overstrained.

Some people appreciate in yoga its philosophical, or spiritual, the party. Having appeared in India about 1500 flyings ago, it is directed to helping people to control the feelings.

The word "yoga" in translation from Sanskrit means "consent". Poses of yoga allow the person to gain impression about rhythms of the body and through this knowledge to find feeling of pacification, and also more positive, though a little weakened, view of the world.


тайцзы On the TV I have seen how Chinese in park carry out graceful exercises. Whether all can be engaged in this sport?

The slow, reserved, similar exercises to dance which are carried out, as a rule, in the fresh air are taytszytsyuan, usually for brevity the called taytsza.

Though, strictly speaking, this and not martial art, some highly professional athletes can use unique equipment of taytsza for self-defense.

As taytsza very quiet type of gymnastics, can usually go in for it people at any age, even those who do not differ in good health or are weakened after illness. It excellently develops force, coordination, flexibility, balance, improves bearing and breath. Often resort to it also for removal of stress.

You can be engaged taytsza not only for the sake of benefit which it brings to health. Many people consider that it gives feeling of spiritual harmony. Closely connected with ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism, taytsza is based on doctrine according to which to remain tightened and healthy, the person has to keep internal balance between flows intellectual (or emotional) and physical energy.