How to gain missing body weight

как набрать недостающую массу тела
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Many people possessing owing to the different reasons lack of body weight solve this problem in the different ways. But two processes are the cornerstone of these ways, as a rule: growth of body weight due to increase in muscular component and growth of body weight at the expense of fatty component. It is natural that final states in these two cases with identical weight will not only differ externally, but also functionally such organisms will lie at the different levels. And both quality of human life, and its duration, and in general success of the person in society will depend on these indicators. Not without reason say that a sound mind in a sound body.

The way of set of body weight at the expense of muscle bulk is much more difficult than weight set at the expense of fatty component. In the second case it is only necessary to eat more and to move less. It is natural that body weight will reach the necessary point, however even if it will be only two-three of kilograms, then no advantage of them will exist, and even, on the contrary, there will be only harm. The way of life which needs to be observed for set of such weight will lead to development of different pathologies in human body. For example, reception of large number of high-calorific food promotes formation of high level of cholesterol in blood that in turn will lead to atherosclerosis which is harbinger of such serious diseases as ischemia of vessels of heart and brain.

Besides, surplus of fatty component against the underestimated value of muscle bulk will provoke diseases of the musculoskeletal device. Insufficient muscle bulk is not capable to provide preservation of natural poses of backbone that will lead to its curvature, and it in turn will generate cascade number of the negative phenomena in organism. The small percent of active muscle bulk will lead to the underestimated metabolism that too leads to different pathologies in organism. Obesity which will be in this case the defining diagnosis even at norm of body weight will provoke the processes which are negatively influencing work of heart and lungs. Also excess of fatty tissue promotes the increased level of estrogen which is harbinger of oncological diseases.

So, apparently, the body weight set at the expense of fatty component is the deadlock way leading to development of the different diseases reducing life. Another matter, body weight set at the expense of muscle bulk. Process, of course, labor-consuming, but it is worth it. The person with normal muscle bulk possesses the raised metabolism, therefore, its organism is capable to utilize the arriving calories more effectively, than the person with the low maintenance of muscles. Such feature leads to the fact that such person is not subject to obesity. Muscles in human body carry out different vital functions from which it is possible to distinguish their such properties as protection of internals, the movement and support, thermal control, regulation of metabolism, energy storage, venous current of blood, etc.

Generally, availability of normal level of muscle bulk in human body defines its quality of life on which length of phase of active longevity and life in general depends. It is possible to recruit muscle bulk, only using specific technique. This technique is regular power training and the way of life corresponding to it. In general power trainings within fitness have to become part of the life of the modern person if it plans long and successful life. Besides, such person has to lead healthy lifestyle which concept he enters, in addition to fitness and active lifestyle, healthy nutrition and lack of addictions.

So, the main thing – to observe moderation both in food, and in power trainings. The basic rule of set of weight at the expense of muscular component is observance of medical norms of set of weight which define safe set of body weight from 0,5 to 0,7 kg a week. Everything that goes beyond this norm will be either fat, or water. Besides, the fast set of weight can cause development of different diseases of heart, the vessels, easy, the musculoskeletal device, etc. bodies and systems of organism.

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