Man's obesity - "labor callosity"

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Such the stereotype has developed in our society that the figure is kept only by women supposedly excess weight avoids strong half of mankind. Here not, will pass to you for 25 and already not so lovely labor callosity in the form of roundish tummy increases.

And it is so amusing to look at you men becomes: big-bellied, with thin legs, and at times and with high temples. I admit honestly, show not from the most pleasant the world, besides and the female attention to you sharply decreases and it is heavy, excess load to carry. Disturbs usual things... And all this can be avoided if to pay itself not enough attention …

Reason 1

To the first reason of emergence, so-called beer stomach, I will carry, perhaps, the most widespread, but a little bit wrong - beer. Say that the product high-calorific and its excessive use which widely practices at the Russian men leads this to emergence of the drooped stomach. But the power value of liter bottle of beer fluctuates from only 400 to 550 kcal while the caloric content of the same amount of vodka is higher nearly three times.

Besides, at beer there are exclusively "easy" calories, that is those which are not postponed in organism. So why the legend that beer promotes obesity after all exists? All the matter is that grow stout more often not from beer, and from snack: nutlet, pistachios, croutons, chips. One more unpleasant news: beer contains yeast which at abuse of beer, increases in sizes and turn stomach into flabby bloated bag. Brr, even sounds is more frightening.

How to be:

First, the most useful, but put in action council: do not drink beer for the night. How to you such diagnosis how chronic hypostasis of soft fabrics? Here to avoid similar effects and it is necessary to be able to limit itself in favourite drink. And still, if well very big fan of beer also you cannot also day without it to live, take yourself for the rule simple formula: a day no more than one liter of beer!

Reason 2

It is good to eat loves everyone, and to overeating. What is interesting, women grow stout evenly though first of all fat is laid on bottom and hips. At men all stock for difficult day has property to be postponed in stomach. And if women carefully watch the weight, then men bethink when ten excess kilograms was already strongly proved in type of "labor callosity". By the way this most labor callosity gives not only inconvenience. But also considerable harm to health. Because load of organism accumulates in one place, the backbone and joints suffer.

How to be:

It is unlikely you the supporter of diets, "the real man will not eat boiled carrots"! And therefore remember that the standard daily rate of the consumed calories for the adult man who is not busy with big physical activities is equal to 2800-3000 kcal. So everything that you consume over this figure, is postponed on your stomach. Has to enter daily diet also: 40% of carbohydrates which are direct power source 30% of fats which satisfy feeling of hunger and control appetite and 25% of proteins which burn fats and strengthen muscles.

Reason 3

The modern man cannot almost be provided without car. And hardly, someone from them will be able to refuse "favourite swallow" in favor of foot walks. And here physiologists claim that position which the person holds driving the car promotes weakening of muscles of stomach. As a result, the stomach begins to hang down disgustingly. By the way, the stomach from beer looks a little bit more pleasant than "paunch of the motorist".

How to be:

Try not to be driving more than 2 hours if it is impossible to leave because of steering-wheel, then do small breaks in which make squats and inclinations. It will help to lower load of muscles of back and stomach. Well and of course, walks. Try to go, whenever possible, on foot. Physiologists advise, to pass not less than 3 km a day and then, the problem of excess weight will avoid you.

Reason 4

You moderately eat, almost do not use beer and often make foot walks, and in organism extra kilos suddenly begin to be postponed? Possibly, you have such disease as diabetes. And it is not jokes any more! Pay attention if at you legs swell, and the elastic band from socks leaves prints what earlier you did not notice, on skin irritations have begun to appear.

How to be:

Immediately to the doctor! To make blood test on sugar! The main thing without panic, diabetes at initial stage, for the present is not present defeat of vessels, is treated not only drugs, but also physical culture.

Reason 5

In this case malfunctions of endocrine system can become the reason of obesity. It is necessary to sound alarm in that case when you begin to notice that not only the stomach grows stout, but also hips, shoulders begin to be distributed, and on neck there is fatty nape, such type of completeness still call female.

How to be:

It is impossible to advise something specific here as necessary recommendations will be made by the doctor. However, often such obesity develops because of long abstention when in dissatisfied organism not those" begin to be developed "hormones. So … keep in mind …

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