Include carrot juice in the diet

морковный сок
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There are many advantages which the person can receive, having included in the diet carrot juice as carrots are the real well of necessary nutrients for organism. Carrot juice exerts beneficial influence on heart, improves sight and reduces probability of infection with chronic diseases. In glass of carrot juice there is day norm of potassium, cellulose, thiamin, and vitamins C, To, B 6, A.

Why this vegetable is so useful to maintenance of good sight? Just because when the carotene which is contained in carrots is processed by organism liver, it resupplies vitamin A. Its shortcoming can lead to deterioration in sight. Carrot juice can help you as well with sight recovery. Availability of enough vitamin A in eye retina, will help you to see better at night. Carrots also contain the antioxidant protecting eyes from cataract, and also interfering deterioration in sight.

Researches of the British scientists have shown that people who regularly drink juice have chronic diseases less and have big life expectancy. The tremendous fact became known, the daily use of carrot juice reduces probability of heart attack by 60%. Also at National institute of fight against cancer of the USA influence of carrot juice at cancer therapy as a result of which high performance at fight against lung cancer has been noted it has been investigated. Thanks to it, the big percent of patients could win against cancer and recover the health.

Carrot juice is also effective remedy from sugar dependence as its sweet taste, dulls thirst for sugar that in turn helps to regulate sugar level in blood of the person.

As carrots are root crop, it absorbs various useful elements. For example, in it the content of vitamin B and folic acid is high. Carrot juice acts as also natural sunblock cream as it contains elements which protect skin from excessive influence of ultraviolet rays, and also helps to recover from the damage caused by the sun.

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