What is monodiet

эффективные монодиеты
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Monodiets - quite effective, fast and convenient way to lose several extra kilos for those who do not suffer from very big excess weight. They are good and when after long holidays you have suddenly found out that the clothes "have unexpectedly sat down".

The classical monodiet is the use of one product during certain time (usually - not longer than three days).

But also carry diets which last long enough and at which this only product changes every other day, through two or three days to them. Some specialists consider as monodiets and such in which the main product is allocated (for example, daily you have to eat some amount of strawberry, cucumbers).

Monodiets - very rigid. Weight loss happens because you sharply limit consumption of calories, and the organism as reserve power source uses fatty deposits. As well as all diets, at them have pluses and minuses. It is possible to carry to pluses that weight is lost quickly enough and therefore psychologically such diet is transferred easily: the result is visible. To minuses - that the left kilograms quickly return if you possess excellent appetite and you like to eat. In this case it is recommended to observe fasting days at least.

How to choose monodiet

Also the right choice of monodiet is very important. Often, choosing monodiet, girls are guided by responses of others, to be exact on their result and on what at the same time they used monodiet - it is wrong. The main principle of the choice of monodiet - your personal preferences. It is wrong to be guided by results of others as each organism is individual, so and from monodiet everyone will have results the. Having chosen the most preferable to itself product, you with ease will pass the diyetny period, and will not experience at the same time difficulties.

Useful tips

Any monodiet means consumption of liquid in any quantities. But it is necessary to understand that it is necessary to drink clear water without gas, it is also allowed to drink green or herbal tea.

With coffee it is better to be more careful.

If you plan rather long monodiet, it is necessary to remember that products need to be alternated not to allow breakdown and violation of exchange processes.

For example, one day proteinaceous (cottage cheese, meat, fish),

second day carbohydrate (different porridges),

third day fruit (apples, oranges, etc.) and so on.

Prior to the beginning of diet it is desirable to try to reduce fat and sweet dishes in the diet slightly to prepare the organism.

Besides after monodiet it is impossible to pass at once to former diet, to eat sweets and fried potato in the huge portions and to drink alcohol as the dumped kilograms will return, and it will be even more difficult to get rid of them.

The most popular and most effective monodiets

Kefiric Rice Buckwheat эффективные монодиеты
Cucumber pblochny Cottage cheese

Kefiric monodiet

In day in five receptions it is necessary to drink one liter of kefir (without sugar addition). At the same time it has to be obligatory for fresh. If hunger just overcomes, it is possible to add still liter floor (all 1,5l).

More "facilitated" option - to add to kefir still fresh vegetables or fruit (500 g).

Rice monodiet

Thanks to the fact that rice is nutritious and possesses ability of conclusion of salts and slags from organism, it very often is present at different diets. At rigid option of rice monodiet it is possible to eat only rice without salt and spices (to weld 1 glass of rice per day), and to wash down it with apple juice.

The sparing rice monodiet to allow to add stewed vegetables or a little boiled meat. Rees is better to choose crude

Buckwheat monodiet

Buckwheat gives satiety and at the same time clears organism. On diet with buckwheat it is possible to dump 4-10 kg in week or two. We take grain as for usual cooking, we fill in with abrupt boiled water and we leave to be drawn for the night; it is necessary to cook nothing. Buckwheat should be consumed without salt and spices. It can be added with kefir in 1% of fat content, but no more than 1 liter a day.

In any quantities it is possible to drink water: simple or mineral without gas. In 4-6 hours prior to dream - any food! If it is hungry - in 40-60 minutes prior to sending to bed it is possible to afford at most 1 glass of the kefir diluted in half with water.

Cucumber diet

The cucumber diet will help you not only to get rid of excess kilograms, but also to cope with puffiness problem. If you the beginner in the field of monodiets, it is possible to use the cucumber salad consisting of cucumbers, greens and olive oil as diet.

If such experience is not new to you, it is better to be limited to only one cucumbers which can be eaten in the quantity which is not exceeding 1,5 kilograms a day.

pblochny monodiet

During the day on apple monodiet it is possible to eat 1-1,5kg apples, it is possible to drink green tea without sugar.

If there is strong feeling of hunger, it is possible to eat several pieces of black bread, or croutons.

Cottage cheese monodiet

Preparation for cottage cheese monodiet

Before passing to cottage cheese diet, it is recommended to be prepared. For day it is worth drinking large amount of water and rather weak tea (it is possible to add milk and honey to drink), and here it is impossible to eat absolutely. "Weak in spirit" are able to afford full-fledged breakfast, but then they nevertheless should pass to liquid diet.

Diet of cottage cheese monodiet

The diet of cottage cheese monodiet is very simple - for day it is necessary to eat 400 g of fresh low-fat cottage cheese (the product needs to be divided into 4 parts on 100 g). In addition to cottage cheese it is necessary to enter bran (2 teaspoons) into diet - they can be mixed with cottage cheese or to use separately, washing down with large amount of clear water. The liquid diet includes water without gas and dogrose broth (unsweetened).

Exit from monodiet

So correctly to finish monodiet, will enough conform to you to three simple rules which will help you to fix the achieved results.

The first rule - it is impossible to relax. You should not let in the thought head that tomorrow the diet will come to an end, and then you at full scale will unburden the heart. You have to adjust yourself and organism on the fact that after diet you should hold some more days horses.

The second rule - everything needs to be done gradually and smoothly. As during diet you try to consume less caloric food, right after its termination you should not jump on food, too rich with calories. New products you enter everything in one day not at once, and on one or two new products a day that your stomach gradually got used to other food. It is the best of all to eat the same products that you ate on diet, but increasing their quantity.

The third rule - be optimist and be self-assured. If you have sustained these unlucky days of diet, then and several days after it you sustain too, do not doubt it.

Minuses of monodiets

The kefiric diet can break digestion. The long use of kefir can lead to locks or to liquid chair. In addition the organism does not receive enough carbohydrates throughout all diet.

The rice diet leads to lowering of the level of hemoglobin in blood, can influence formation of stones in gall bladder. Such diet can be followed by locks throughout.

the pblochny diet saturates organism with carbohydrates, but does not deliver the vital proteins. Short-reception of proteins can affect processes of nervous system and brain, to break menstrual cycle, to lead to changes in endocrine system.

The banana diet negatively influences work of intestines, causing chair delay. In addition, consumption of large number of bananas causes increase of level of sugar in blood and leads to hyperglycemia.

The water-melon diet helps to bring quickly out of organism not only excessive liquid, but also interferes with absorption of vitamins. Water-melons do not contain fats, and lack of fats in diet of the person has an adverse effect on process of cell renewal.

The Syroyedchesky diet has an adverse effect on work of pancreas, liver, and slows down production of enzymes.

It is constant to sit on monodiets harmfully, it is also best of all not to use them too often. Ideally you will resort to such diets only from time to time, adjusting the weight.

To grow thin for a long time and without any negative effects for organism, it is better to adhere to individual diet.

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