Monastic tea for weight loss

монастырский чай для похудения
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Excess weight is problem which the huge number of people as adults (men and women), and children faces. It is important to know that this illness lies in subsoil of your organism, it has origins, and it means that fight with obesity will not give necessary effect. It is necessary to remove the initial causes what this drink helps with.

The conducted researches have shown that this means is unique and reliable, unlike medicines (pills) which promise magic healing, and upon, give problems with health.

Monastic tea for weight loss - the best means from the mother of the nature.

History of creation of monastic collecting for weight loss

Medicinal herbs were used many centuries for fight against excess weight. Most often in the people made tea from vegetable raw materials which had bitterish smack. Such drink reduces appetite. It leads to reduction of portions of food and less frequent meals. However not always excess weight is caused only by the use of excessively greasy food or large number of the food capable "to present" us many calories.

история создания монастырского сбора

The metabolic disorder, chronic diseases, slow-moving way of life have led to the fact that the recipes helping for years became ineffective. Folk healers have collected several herbs which remove the cause leading to development of obesity in uniform complex. There was so monastic collecting from medicative herbs for weight loss which is created by monks of the Belarusian monastery.

Composition of monastic tea for weight loss

состав монастырского чая

Linden flowers

This plant is good diuretic. It possesses diuretic property and brings excess water out of organism. Also the linden contributes to normalization of hormonal balance.



Many people know that Senna - depletive. This grass solves problem with lock, brings toxins out of organism. Also Senna interferes with digestion of fats.

плоды фенхеля

Fennel fruits

This plant has property to reduce appetite. Also it interferes with accumulation of fats and stimulates metabolism. Fennel is very useful to sweet teeth as it relieves of thirst for sweet.

цветы черной бузины

Flowers of black elder

It has been revealed that elder strengthens effect of all herbs with which it is used in complex. It normalizes digestion and functioning of endocrine system.



Puts work of digestion in order and delivers to organism potassium which is quickly removed at weight loss. It is allocated with easy diuretic action.



Normalizes digestion and promotes good comprehensibility of food. It brings harmful substances out of organism. After the camomile infusion use weight is gradually lost.

перечная мята


Is part mainly for taste, but has the whole mass of useful properties. It adjusts functioning of digestive tract, promotes good comprehensibility and reduces appetite.

It is important to know that monastic tea has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance of one of components.

As monastic tea for weight loss works

If you really want to grow thin, try Monastic collecting from herbs for weight loss which in short terms gives striking progress. It not only helps to lose weight, but also:

࿋ Fills body with energy, improves health, increases working capacity.

࿋ Strengthens immune system.

࿋ Delivers to organism microelements and vitamins.

࿋ Strengthens nervous and cardiovascular system of the person.

࿋ Gives to hair and skin healthy look.

The advantage of broth from herbs is obvious. Tea for weight loss has passed clinical tests in which 200 people having excess weight have taken part. Testing of drink took place in 2013. Everyone has taken part in experiment, among them there were people with different degree of obesity, different age, the man and woman. Results have pleased and have surprised all:

Tea has had positive effect on all who drank it.

Month of the use of drink has allowed the majority to reduce the weight by 3 kg. Some patients have dumped 7 kg.

There are weight loss cases from tea in month on 11 kg.

How to prepare tea from herbs to grow thin

To leave extra kilos for a long time, it is necessary to follow the recipe of preparation of infusion strictly: чай из трав

☀ to bring 500 ml of water to boiling;

☀ to Fill in with the prepared boiled water 2 tablespoons of collecting;

☀ to Cook grass on water bath within 10 minutes;

☀ to Cool, filter;

☀ to Drink during the day.

Thanks to this recipe you will be able to lose from 3 to 10 kilograms a month. The longer you will drink this tea, the effect will be better.

In combination with restrictions in calories, together with increase in physical activity it is possible to make great progress. Will power for this purpose will practically not be required.

Indications and contraindications of monastic collecting

It is shown to people with obesity, puffiness, problems of kidneys. It is useful at hypertension and diabetes, prostatitis. It is rich with useful substances.

The period of pregnancy and lactation can become contraindication. In other cases it is permitted and it is recommended by doctors and specialists.

монастырский чай для похудения

About results of weight loss

The first results will become noticeable after week. You will be pleased not only by the left kilograms, but also noticeable improvement of the general condition of complexion, skin and hair, and the fine health and excellent mood will become litmus piece of paper on effect of phytotea.

In 2013 clinical testing of product was held. Then tens of volunteers of both sexes and different age drank "Monastic tea". One and all examinees noted positive action, and decrease in body weight has made from two to five kilograms only in one month. And all this thanks to careful and delicate impact on organism of collecting from the herbs growing in the areas which are far from highways and industrial zones.

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