Milk diet

молочная диета
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The milk diet can be very efficient for many people if their purpose - weight loss and improvement of organism. Never will prevent to return to body some natural functions lost by it together with the lived years. Especially by means of such familiar for a long time and favourite product.

As a rule, dairy products suit all, regardless of age, sex, weight etc. The exception makes some percent from the general population. There are people at whom the individual intolerance to milk has passed into the category of allergic diseases. For them, certainly, the milk diet is contraindicated.

The milk diet is not new to weight loss, it is checked by time and has great number of adherents.

For whom milk is useful

Milk - popular product which is known to each person since the early childhood. In process of growing we cease to drink milk and to use fermented milk products in such large numbers as it was in infancy. However for harmonious development dairy products are necessary to each person and in his "adult" life. Absolutely not accidentally newborn child eats the first several months only milk. Milk contains set of the useful substances necessary for growth.

As milk affects organism and that is part of milk

молочная диета Very few people consider milk as product rich with the most different substances. We have got used to hear since the childhood that milk - is useful for health. And as it is useful why - we do not penetrate into sense. Nevertheless, the structure of usual cow's milk includes not less than hundred different components. These are mineral substances, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids, milk sugar etc.

Thanks to milk proteins the human body is enriched with irreplaceable amino acids which are not synthesized independently, and can arrive only with food. Methionine - sulfur-containing amino acid which normalizes cholesteric process and is very important for work of liver belongs to such acids. Enough methionine guarantees prevention of such disease as atherosclerosis. The immune bodies and hormones which are contained in milk increase the organism resilience to different diseases and protect from bacteria.

The higher in products the content of fats, the more in them is dissolved vitamins. Milk contains fat-soluble vitamins E, And, To and D. Bogata dairy products and on vitamins which are dissolved in water. It is B1, B2, B6, B12, pantothenic and folic acids, biotin, etc. Besides, from milk the human body receives calcium necessary for it. Age changes in bone tissues happen in many respects because calcium is washed away from bones and they become brittle. Good digestion of calcium is provided by the lactose which is contained in fermented milk and dairy products.

For people who have gastritises the frequent use of milk, especially goat is very useful. It influences mucous membrane of stomach, recovering habitat and promoting digestion improvement. And to whom the popular recipe from sleeplessness - glass of warm milk with one spoon of honey is not known? Milk is recommended to drink in the evening at violations of night dream.

Milk as means for weight loss

Constantly exhausting own body frequent diets, fasting days, physical activities and restraining itself in many respects, we in passing with weight loss, exhaust organism, tiring ourselves out. The milk diet for weight loss cardinally differs from other diets in the fact that milk fills the substances lacking organism. The effect of milk diet is based on improvement of work of digestive bodies and consequently, on acceleration of metabolism. The stomach begins to work better and with higher quality.

To grow thin on milk, it is necessary to enter into diet as much as possible dairy and fermented milk products. It is the best of all to do it gradually, combining yogurts, skim cheese, low-fat milk etc., with other low-calorie products. In week or in 10 days of such food you, without special work, will be able to lose up to 6 kg of excess weight in weight. Depending on desire, you can choose for yourself the most comfortable diet. Milk diets differ on milk combination degree to other products.

Rigid milk diet for weight loss

Such diet is intended for persistent and purposeful people who are resolutely ready to go all the way. The rigid milk diet is monodiet which part only milk is. The monodiet for 7 days is provided. For the correct application of diet is calculated the special scheme, adhering to which it is possible to reach the maximum effect. Depending on requirements of organism the recommended milk use time from 8th in the morning till 8th in the evening.

Day norm counting upon every day:

  • in the first day about one glass of milk should have each two hours;
  • in the second day - on one glass everyone an hour and a half;
  • the third day assumes the use of milk on one glass each hour;
  • in the remained four days it is necessary to drink on one glass of milk everyone half an hour.

It is necessary to leave rigid milk diet gradually. In the first and second day after the termination of diet (respectively it is the 8th and 9th days after the beginning), in the first half of day we drink on one glass of milk each two hours, and after lunch it is possible to eat easy vegetable salatik. Further it is possible to switch over to usual diet.

This way to get rid of extra kilos rather effectively cleans fatty deposits on stomach. And, as we know, it is one of the most problem zones. Combine monodiet with simple physical exercises and in week you do not learn the body.

If you doubt the forces, can try the shortened monodiet option. It is expected only three days, but limited to certain amount of milk. One liter of milk is the share of each of three days of milk diet. Four glasses need to be drunk for four receptions. Time of the use can be chosen independently. It is desirable with interval at three o'clock. In one day of such diet one kilogram of excess weight is lost.

Easy milk diet

Not all people will be able to sustain the seven-day use only of milk. For such people more sparing diet in which fresh milk is practically absent is offered. In this milk diet fresh milk is replaced with fermented milk products.

The approximate day diet can look as follows:

  • for breakfast we drink one glass of kefir, yogurt or rather weak tea with milk;
  • in two hours - the second breakfast consisting of skim cheese (200 grams);
  • for lunch it is possible to prepare the light salad filled with kefir or yogurt, cottage or cottage cheese and fruit casserole and other low-calorie milk dishes;
  • the dinner consists of one glass of tea with milk, fermented baked milk or kefir.

This diet is perceived much easier because of opportunity to alternate some dairy products. The facilitated milk diet for weight loss is expected week. During this time it is possible to grow thin for 5-6 kg.

Milk and vegetable diet for weight loss

Such diet is intended for those absolutely it is difficult to whom to do without usual set of products.

It is the mixed diet which structure, except milk, can include the following products: grain porridges, eggs, vegetable or milk soup, sheep cheese, fresh vegetables and fruit, otrubny bread. From drinks the use of mineral water, fruit or vegetable juice, compotes, kissels and tea is allowed (it is desirable with milk).

Dishes from these products can be prepared to the taste, combining with kefir, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk etc. Certainly, it is necessary to watch closely quantity of the consumed food. At one time the weight of dish should not exceed 200 gr. The interval between meals makes 2-3 hours.

Milk diet with addition of fruit

This diet is most easily perceived by organism and allows to grow thin in week for 4-5 kg. Except that fruit milk diet useful, it also tasty.

It is necessary to begin with neutral breakfast - unsweetened tea with milk addition. The second breakfast, in 2-3 hours, consists from 200 gr skim cheese. In the next 2-3 hours it is necessary to eat 200 gr any not acid fruit. It can be sweet apples, pears, peaches, bananas, prunes etc. In the following meal we drink one glass of fermented baked milk, kefir or yogurt. Day of fruit milk diet 200 gr fruit comes to an end with reception.

The choice of products for milk diet

For improvement of organism and disposal of excess weight it is desirable to choose milk and fermented milk products very carefully. It is the best of all if it is natural, but not powder milk.

Pay attention to the fat content specified on packaging. The most preferable fat content of milk for milk diet - 5%.

Milk should not be boiled. All most necessary and useful substances contain in fresh milk. It is possible to warm up milk to 60-70 degrees, without bringing to boiling and without destroying its structure.

As between meals the water use is allowed, choose not gassy mineral water.

Milk on guards of your beauty

молочная диета

In addition to opportunity to bring the figure to magnificent state, it is necessary to know that milk is successfully used also in cosmetology. In parallel with milk diet for weight loss you can put the hair, skin, nails, etc. in order.

For example, the overdried or splitting hair recover thus: for half an hour before washing of the head apply on hair, warmed up to room temperature, kefir. Wrap up the head with kefiric mask warm scarf or towel, and just before washing, rinse hair with clear water.

The cottage cheese wrapped in gauze if to take it within 20 minutes on tired centuries, removes puffiness and relieves of bags under eyes. And having mixed ground coffee, sour cream and honey, we will receive remarkable body scrub. Having applied such srub on skin and having left for several minutes, after washing off you will see that skin became elastic, pure and velvety. Absolutely not accidentally many SPA salons practice such procedure as "Vann of Cleopatra today".

The mankind knows of milk opportunities since ancient times. For giving to the figure of graceful forms and for maintenance of beauty, the woman use milk during many millennia.

The milk diet for weight loss yields the result checked for centuries.

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