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One of the most intimate desires of the woman – to feel that she is beautiful. "men are visual". The confidence in the attractiveness is always read in the opinion of the woman, heard in its voice, felt in gait. Compliments from lips of darlings, friends, colleagues and even passersby – the greatest proof for the woman that she is beautiful.

But it is very frequent to us just and these words – sincere expression of sympathy, admiration are not enough. Perhaps because men have forgot to do compliments or because we choose not those men …

Or perhaps simply we do not love ourselves, we doubt the beauty and therefore we are not able to show it fully? The ordinary girl can be incredibly beautiful thanks to the fact that she knows it. To the contrary, the beauty seems imperceptible only because considers himself as such.

If the person constantly thinks of the shortcomings, worries because of them, people around feel it. And vice versa – people who remember the advantages and try not to pay attention to shortcomings, are very charming. Many men even like women with small "shortcomings" (as women can think, men so do not think), for example, with different color of eyes, chip on teeth. Francois de La Rochefoucauld, the French writer and the philosopher, has told once: "To one people there are their shortcomings, and to others even their advantages not to the person".

How we treat ourselves, is of great importance in life. It is difficult for person to be open and cheerful if he is dissatisfied with himself. Especially it concerns women. Claims to the appearance for us – usual thing. What we only do not do to become better. Diets, gyms, wrappings, anti-cellulite massage – we are ready for everything to become closer to ideal which to themselves was thought up.

Weight loss – immemorial female subject. Not the most joyful, of course. Many diets even if yield good result, then at the price of difficult efforts: both physical, and psychological. Also there is no guarantee that all you have got rid of, soon will not return on the places. It is good if just returns, but will not bring with itself in addition extensions and spiritual wounds.

Standards of beauty are thought up not by us. But very often in pursuit of them we lose ourselves. There can be no rules and standards. There are no diets, safe for health. There is only the unique standard – what you are pleasant to yourself, peace of mind in that body which you have. And only it is rather important. It is necessary to work only on it.

Awareness of the imperfection is first step to perfection. And on the other hand, there has to be accurate side between healthy desire to become better and painful self-criticism. Beauty is, first of all, love to itself – what is born inside.

All women are very inventive therefore they always find in themselves something like that that needs urgently to be corrected. Someone needs very to pump up hands in 3 days, others dream of harmonous legs, and the third – of slender waist. And all of it in short terms and surely brought to faultlessness. Such examples it is possible to bring much. Healthy desire to change for the better – it is fine. Each person has to aim at it. The main thing – not to be overzealous that it did not become obsession, has not developed into dislike for itself, excessive criticality or aspiration to conform to some standards.

Now because of the improper feeding and stresses surrounding us everywhere and everywhere of sedentary work and set of other factors people have problems with health, including – excess weight. But any problem connected with health needs to be solved consciously and gradually, to establish the reason and to liquidate it. Anyway, any problem is result only of our wrong actions.

There is such joke that each woman dreams to grow thin, but as soon as tries to obtain desirable weight, for example, of 50 kg, other problem appears at once – there is a wish to distribute these remained kilograms in a different way. Because of discontent with the figure many girls wear strange dresses to hide what in itself is not pleasant to exhaustion are engaged in the gym, are upset, suffer, starve. Very often it develops into serious psychological problem. For example, the girlfriend has harmonous legs, figure beautiful though she does not keep to diets and sports does not play. Such injustice … And it is quite possible that this person is dissatisfied with the big nose or something another. If to reflect, everyone in itself(himself) is not happy with something. Such human nature. Many people have got used to compare themselves to others because of what feel ugly, defective, and thoughts of injustice of world around haunt them.

Because of what you are upset, can seem to your relatives the complete absurdity. "Everyone to his own taste". Everyone sees with own eyes and in the flowers. But as do not twist, it is important not that others think of you, it is important that you think of yourself.

If it is possible to change what is not pleasant to you in itself - it is, it appears, huge happiness. Many people cannot go, speak, do not see, do not hear. And they above all want to become full: to see this world with own eyes, to learn to go, speak, hear. Also happens so that they are able to enjoy life even more, than those who have no physical defects.

If you have huge desire and opportunity something to change in the life even if it is difficult, you, undoubtedly – the happy person. It is very important to be grateful for it.

стройные ноги Laziness or fear prevents to take any actions to us often that nothing will turn out. Changes or fear can frighten to be left without support. And it is normal. The question is in whether there will be enough courage to get down to business and to pass that way which will lead to the desirable purpose? It is possible to spend time for empty offenses, illusive dreams, unfulfilled hopes. But only the made attempts will be crowned with success. The one who remains to right dreams wins, falls and rises, going towards the aim, towards to the fear, and the most important – believes in himself.

But we will return to question, the answer to which we have to find: thick legs, it is very difficult to grow thin in legs and hips how to make it? On this question we will try to find irrefragable answer which will help each woman who has this problem, to solve it.

When you begin to grow thin, for some reason grow thin "not there". Volumes decrease, kilograms leave, and legs remain such as were. What to do? About it the speech will go further.

To make legs harmonous and tightened, it is not necessary to go on rigid diet and to run in the mornings on 5 km. For this purpose it is necessary to follow several simple rules and to carry out every day simple, but very effective exercises. What you do for improvement of the figure should not bring you to faint.

If you do everything correctly, the result will please you: minus several centimeters in volume, legs harmonous, tightened and beautiful. Pleasant news is that it is possible to forget about the word "diet". That those simple exercises which will take you half an hour in day became the most effective, it is necessary to review the food only. It is necessary to learn to eat properly though in our fine time to make it difficultly. Because to find qualitative natural food without dyes, preservatives, amplifiers of taste and other harmful additives very hardly. Such times have come. And still we will try to eat properly. Of course, nobody says that it will be easy. But health will increase. And excess centimeters in problem places will leave.

do not eat the most important in 4 hours prior to dream, and it is even better after 18.00-19.00. The food is digested by means of energy of the sun, and everything that you will eat in the evening, will be only load of organism. It is possible to drink water, green tea, and it is even better – cow's milk. It is product which is well acquired in the evening. Therefore glass of warm milk – only on advantage.

Is not before going to bed – already half of success. It is difficult for the person who has got used not to refuse to himself food in the evenings. And at the same time is not after 6 - it is not only minus several kilogram in month, and and rest for gastrointestinal tract during dream and fine health in the mornings. It is very good habit. You wake up with feeling of ease in body, feel that you have slept, also energy is full of strength. Of course, if there is a strong wish, it is possible to eat something, but not to overeat at all. Better day after day, gradually to disaccustom itself to it. It is possible just to replace usual dinner with boiled vegetables, kefir, fermented baked milk, apples or other fruit – what is pleasant to you more. And then at all to refuse supper.

eat the second rule in the small portions. Many so grow thin very quickly and lose flesh quite a lot, and at the same time eat everything that there is a wish.

If you miss breakfast, and then during the lunchtime eat double portion, then the stomach will not like the fact that you have ignored in the morning his desire to eat, and during the lunchtime have overloaded with food. And after tasty lunch there will be the unique desire – to have a sleep. Try to have dinner fully and normal food. If your lunch is fast food, sandwich, pizza and Coca-Cola – there is nothing good in it, anything at all. It is not simply harmful, but also is hazardous to health.

Replace aerated water, coffee, tea with clear unboiled water. Drink it on an empty stomach, warm, in intervals between meals. Water helps to grow thin. You never reflected what we overeat a little? All because we confuse thirst to hunger, we drink not enough water of which for 70% we consist.

It is better to have dinner from 11 to 14 o'clock. What you would not eat at this time – everything will perfectly be acquired. Besides, it is possible to eat everything, even the piece of favourite cake will only lighten mood, and without harm for figure. "The person is what he eats" – simple wisdom about which it is impossible to forget.

The obligatory breakfast, full-fledged lunch, easy dinner, is more than water, fruit, vegetables, natural juice – everything is very simple. Such food is guarantee of health and good health.

Buy in drugstore oil from extensions or take usual olive oil. Anyway, it will not prevent. Apply oil on hips and buttocks and several minutes massage. This procedure is necessary to avoid emergence of extensions. It is possible to repeat several times during the day.

And now exercises. Allocate only half an hour in day for their performance. No matter, when you will do it: in the morning, in the afternoon or after work. There are 2 rules: is not in the evenings and to do exercises. And the result will not keep itself waiting long. For a start carry out each exercise on 10 times in 2-3 approaches. If it is difficult – begin with one approach. Increase quantity as far as possible.

Turn on the favourite music, put somewhere on look the photo in which you are pleasant to yourself, in favourite jeans is one size less, than now, for example. Think of new dress which you will be able to buy when you grow thin. You have to remember for the sake of what you try.

First exercise very simple. Lay down on floor, hands along trunk, leg at shoulder length. Develop both legs, without tearing off heel from floor, at first inside, and then outside. It is better to do quickly. Repeat 10 times. Make 3 approaches.

The following exercise allows to strengthen hip inside. Lying on spin, hands in the parties, raise legs perpendicular to back and then bend in knees. Legs from knees to feet have to be parallel to floor. You part and cramp knees, holding heels together.

второе упражнение

The third exercise – "bicycle". Lying on floor, raise legs and carry out roundabouts the bent legs, imitating driving the bicycle.

третье упражнение

The following exercise – "scissors". Lying on floor, raise direct legs on 45º and cross them as scissors. Repeat 10 times. And they are make several approaches. If it is difficult, it is possible to carry out 5 times and to make more approaches.

четвертое упражнение

The fifth exercise – lying on floor, legs together, resting hands about floor, raise at the same time both legs, bending them as above to breast is possible, and straighten, without concerning floor.

пятое упражнение

The sixth exercise – attacks. Legs at shoulder length. Take step forward the right leg (the right leg ahead, left on site) and slowly squat, as low as possible, at the same time body weight leaves on the right leg. Sit down as low as possible, then slowly get up and repeat the same the left leg.

шестое упражнение

The seventh exercise – squats. Legs together, sit down 10 times. Then put legs at shoulder length, only now squat and rise more slowly. Execute 10 times. Make 3 approaches.

седьмое упражнение

– costing the eighth exercise on floor, raise legs in turn up as it is possible above, on 10 times everyone, then in the parties, alternating the left and right legs, on 10 times too.

восьмое упражнение

The following exercise – sitting on chair, facing back of chair, spin equal, raise direct legs as it is possible above up and lower on floor.

девятое упражнение

The tenth exercise – "ногоход". Sitting on floor, legs are extended, hands are crossed on breast, move forward on buttocks. Hands do not help yourself. It is one of the most important exercises. Both legs, and buttocks have to work. Pass forward, and then back. Repeat several times.

десятое упражнение

And the last exercise – jumps: 10 times on one leg, 10 on another and 20 times on two legs. It is possible to jump, parting legs in the parties. Anyway, 5 minutes of jumps – it are very healthy. Have coped? Good fellows!

одиннадцатое упражнение

It is useful to jump on jump rope, to run, float, simply to go on foot. The contrast shower and massage will help legs to grow thin too.

And if still to add walk to it on foot, when walking 200 Kcal an hour, refusal of addictions, such as smoking, use of the elevator and laziness are burned on average, then you by all means receive fine result. And soon. In week. And in month just you do not recognize yourself.

I wish you good luck, patience and harmonous beautiful legs!