Advantage or harm of fashionable diets

модные диеты
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Today different modern diets are very popular. The main line of modern fashionable diets is the low caloric content of food. Many try, using these diets, to recover from different chronic pathology and, in general, to restore health. It is quite sad that the most not physiologic, unbalanced and just silly ways of low-calorie food are in our country not only the most widely advertized, but also the most popular.

The chic is not only food according to the fashionable scheme, but also its combination to "cleaning" of organism. Means of consecutive cleaning of organism of "slags" most popular today are:

  • use of enemas for the purpose of clarification of intestines
  • treatment of intestinal dysbiosis garlic
  • use of broth of lavrushka for cleaning of joints
  • cleaning of lymphatic system laxatives and juice

Well and, of course, all these fashionable diets against separate food. Nutritionists (doctors, but not modern propagandists of doubtful diets) have conducted number of researches and have proved that only the food balanced on proteins, fats and carbohydrates provides the due level of health. Sometimes doctors appoint specific food, but only to certain term. Invented different diets advise to eat on their way all life, moreover, to people of all age and without associated diseases. Such diets are unbalanced and lead to deep violations of exchange processes.

Let's address specific examples of fashionable diets, from the point of view of common sense.

Food according to Shatalova G. S.

This diet excludes any products of animal origin (butter, meat) and even bread. Daily power value makes at most 1200 kcal, and proteinaceous part of food of only 20-30 g. As usual, the diet has no age and sexual restrictions.

This diet is the most harmful to teenagers and people of working-age. Low caloric content of food causes sharp decrease in body weight, the organism spends all the reserves of nutrients, there are dystrophic changes of many bodies.

белковые диеты

Treatment by juice

One of handymen to treat cancer juice and starvation within 42 days is Rudolf Broys. Per day it is possible to use no more than 500 ml of juice. The author considers that such diet can lead to reduction of the sizes, or even to disappearance of tumors.

Doctors somehow observed 4 patients with cancer tumors of the different localizations which have refused usual treatment and decided to be treated on Broysa. The first has died in 35 days since the beginning of diet from gastrointestinal bleeding (she had stomach cancer). Metastasises have been found in the others in month. Such diet is very dangerous, patients waste precious time.

белковые диеты

Food according to G. Shelton

белковые диеты Shelton is adherent of separate food, i.e., in his opinion, some products should not be combined in one dish. It is better to eat separately meat products, separately fish, vegetable, etc. Shelton considers that so the food is digested better, in intestines processes of fermentation and rotting do not develop.

Actually, throughout centuries of people eats the mixed food, and mixed food causes allocation of the greatest number of enzymes in system of digestion. Macaroni with meat, buckwheat with milk, milk with white bread is full on proteinaceous structure. The amino acids received by organism as a result of splitting of these products go for creation of protein necessary to organism at once.

It is noted that in certain cases patients positively speak of food according to Shelton. It can be connected with the fact that vegetable fibers slow down digestion of food in intestines that leads to development of processes of fermentation and rotting, meteorizm.


It is known that this exception of diet of products of animal origin. In less strict directions of vegetarianism milk and its derivatives, egg are permitted in food. Such food sharply limits receipt in human body of vitamins, fats and proteins.

Especially dangerously to it at children's and teenage age since with food the insufficient amount of protein and energy arrives. Vegetarianism can be applied as temporary diet, but not constant.

белковые диеты

P. S. Bragg's diet

белковые диеты One more fashionable diet, means the use about 60% of vegetables among the general diet, generally in the raw. The food is cooked with addition of minimum of sugar and salt, products have to be grown up without chemicals. Receptions of meat, fish, dairy products and other fats of animal origin are limited, and in general, it is better to exclude them from diet in general. Meat eaters can eat favourite product 3-4 times within week, eating of 2-3 eggs is allowed.

This type of food includes the periods of complete starvation. It is carried out according to the following scheme: every week starvation within a day and 10-day starvation every quarter. During these periods it is possible to drink water, it is necessary to make physical trainings.

Bragg recommends to apply its method under medical supervision. In general, there are in its power supply system many reasonable moments. Decrease in amount of the consumed salt, eggs, meat products, increase in consumption of greens, fresh vegetables and fruit is useful, especially at advanced age. And here two times food is absolutely improper from the point of view of physiology of the healthy person. Increase in contents in diet of vegetable cellulose leads to deterioration in absorption of animal protein and development of fermentation.

Now as for starvation. The principle of full refusal of food during treatment of some diseases is known long ago. The organism at the same time uses own power stocks. Removal of products of exchange can be stimulated cleaning enemas, the increased ventilation of lungs during walks. At complete starvation there are no dystrophic processes in bodies, unlike partial starvation. Bragg offers short (1-3 days) and long (about a week) starvation courses. It is very important to finish starvation correctly: at first the diluted fruit juice, then whole juice, then vegetable purees, fruit, and as a result milk and vegetable diet are entered into diet. Bragg suggests to eat a lot of vegetable cellulose at once that is absolutely inadmissible.

Treatment by hunger can be carried out only under the leadership of the experienced doctor, taking into account all contraindications and demands the correct psychological spirit.

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