Cholesterol: myths and facts

мифы и факты о холестерине

As it is paradoxical, but interest in own health often brings to such jungle that without specialist not to understand where the facts and where the most real inventions. Such rich harvest of multi-colored fictions and myths was brought by cholesteric subject, popular in the people.

Myth No. 1: cholesterol is unambiguously harmful.

Having heard that the high level of cholesterol in blood is considered one of the reasons of development of atherosclerosis, the people have decided in every possible way it to avoid. However, to make it not so simply as can seem from outside, but about it a bit later.

Cholesterol is structural predecessor of bile acids and sex hormones, component of cellular membranes, takes part in vitamin D biosynthesis, is necessary for normal functioning of nervous cages. Not to do without cholesterol in any way.

Myth No. 2: it is possible to get rid of cholesterol if not to use it with food.

Unfortunately or fortunately, but also it is only fiction. Cholesterol does not make of irreplaceable factors of food, it light is synthesized in the organism, and only about 20% of all its total quantity arrive with food.

By the way, synthesis of endogenous cholesterol is regulated by its receipt, that is, the less cholesterol is received by us with food, the more it is synthesized. From all this it is possible to draw unambiguous conclusion: the diet without cholesterol is senseless.

Myth No. 3: high cholesterol – the only reason of atherosclerosis.

Really, the role of high level of cholesterol in blood as risk factor of development of heart attack or stroke is proved, but except lipidic composition of blood has value and set of other components, for example, the high arterial pressure, smoking, diabetes, violation of rheological properties of blood and others, not rather studied here today.

Myth No. 4: animal fats reduce cholesterol level.

There is in the people opinion that fat helps to reduce cholesterol level. This is true if daily consumption of lard is possible to limit to quantity in 20 grams, no more.

Myth No. 5: cholesterol level – the main indicator of lipidic composition of blood.

Level of cholesterol is considered not the most important, and the most easily defined in practice indicator of lipidic exchange allowing to carry out screening. Having revealed increase of the general cholesterol, therapists appoint research to lipidic range which allows to draw more exact conclusions.

Myth No. 6: high cholesterol reduces life expectancy.

The valid scientific data demonstrate only that patients with low cholesterol die of warmly vascular accidents less often. But the low level of cholesterol increases risk of development of oncological diseases and immunodeficiencies which can become the reason of high mortality too. But there is no such statistics just.

Myth No. 7: drugs are necessary for normalization of cholesterol.

For normalization of level of cholesterol in medical practice statines are often used, but these medicines have the contraindications and side effects. But it is possible to manage also without the aid of pharmacology, it is enough to saturate food allowance with deep-water sea fish, not refined vegetable oils, crude vegetables, fruit and the crude cereals.

Besides, any procedures helping to reduce psychoemotional pressure since the weakening music contribute to normalization of cholesterol and finishing with meditation practice.