Methods of removal of radionuclides from food

методы удаления радионуклидов с продуктов питания

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It is established that bones, marrow, cartilages, skin, blood and internals (heart, liver, kidneys, lungs) of animals and birds whose meat the person uses for food give in to the greatest radioactive infection. Important feature, in pork radioactivity is less, than in beef, besides, about a half passes it when cooking meat into broth.

For removal of radioactive isotopes from meat salty solutions are used. However degree of salinity of water and hold time of meat have to be such that as a result meat or broth were not put too much salt.


Fish in some reservoirs is contaminated by radionuclides. The most radioactive parts at fish are: internals, fins, head and tail. Meat is least of all infected with radionuclides. Therefore the head and fins of "radionuclide" fish never should be used in food. It is also not recommended to cook fish soup and the more so to give it to children. They can use only meat of fish.

The most effective method of removal of radionuclides - pickles of fish without scales, fins and the head. Before frying or cooking, it is carefully washed out in flowing water. At preparation of first courses the first broth, in 3-5 minutes of boiling, should be merged.


The dirtiest, in the radiation relation, in egg shell. It has a lot of radioactive strontium. And therefore it is not recommended to cook eggs in firm cover. It is reasonable to cook in the added some salt water, releasing egg contents from shell. But if it is necessary to cook egg in its natural cover, it is recommended to keep previously in salty solution, at the same time the part of radionuclides from shell will pass into water. The result will be more effective if in water to add a little citric acid.


At dairy products there can also be radionuclides. The most radioactive is fresh milk, and also serum. Goat milk purer concerning radioactivity, than cow. Oil is rather pure, then there are firm cheeses and cottage cheese. For example, contains in oil by 6-7 times, cottage cheese by 3 times, cream and sour cream (30-40% of fat content) is 4-5 times less than radionuclides, than in whole milk. Salty cheeses are also less contaminated as salt promote removal of radionuclides. Dry condensed milk and milk mixes have lower degree of radioactivity. Children are recommended to cook food, using ionite and vitalaktovy milk, and also cream and sour cream.

In house conditions to purify milk of radioactive elements, unfortunately, it is almost impossible because for this purpose necessary special filters and sorbents.


Least of all radioactive elements are soaked up by plants from the chernozem, and most of all - from sandy soils. The most infected parts in vegetables, fruit and berries are stalks, leaves and fruit stem, and also peel and seeds of fruits. Root crops are less infected.

The increased content of radionuclides is noted in aromatic greens (fennel, parsley). For clarification, they need to be washed out long in flowing water.

Before the use in food of fruits, berries and their root crops it is necessary to wash out carefully in flowing water, and it is especially scrupulous - vegetables and fruit which have the wrinkled surface.

The remains of the soil may contain many radionuclides. Therefore it is necessary to cut off top and root of vegetables. To clear fruits and root crops of peel and seeds since at the same time radioactivity is removed for 40%. Besides, the cleaned potatoes, beet and radish in small cut look, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes it is necessary to keep before preparation and the use 2-3 hours in the added some salt water. After cooking not to use water, 85% of strontium-90 and caesium-137 are well dissolved in water.