Weight loss technique, safe for health

методика похудения
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This article about weight loss in which strict diets, tablets for weight loss, special belts are criticized. Other technique for weight loss, safe for health is given, it is based on personal experience (15 years of professional sport, big knowledge of dietology). Step-by-step description of process.


Lovely ladies! Have decided to make toilet and to go on diet?

It, certainly, is good that you aim to be ideal and take care of the own life. But, making the decision to go on diet, for a start "remove pink glasses!".

What do I mean under "pink glasses"? First of all - advertizing. Any, so-called, TV-shop will surely advertize to you miracle of belt or exercise machines which will clean all superfluous your figure. At the same time, they promise that your efforts will practically not be required. I want to disappoint you, you will not achieve effect. At most, what it is possible to expect, - problems with health. Too most concerns various tablets for weight loss.

Remember one simple thing: to grow thin, it is necessary to work much on itself, not only physically, but also emotionally. It is necessary to have huge will power, or, at least, to train it. Only this way, and differently, you will be able to achieve long results in any way.

Notice, I specially have not used the phrase "without harm for health". Even working on itself and training the will power, it is possible to do itself harm.

That not to allow it, I offer you technique by which I grew thin.

I speak at once, I am categorical opponent of strict diets. Why against? I explain. Yes, strict diets will yield the result. Besides in the mildest lines. But, first, you incredibly harm organism, and secondly, at such weight loss, you in week after the termination of diet, will gain weight moreover and 1.5 times more, than was. It concerns even the most strong-willed ladies who will correctly leave process. All the same, though adding products to the menu a little, you will bring organism to stressful state again, and he will try to lay in store fat. As result, - excess kg on scales.

That not to allow it, I suggest to return to my technique. It is very simple, but long. At once I warn, in week, you will not grow thin. Your main objective to pull together stomach. In other words, to accustom you to gorge on, using at the same time much less food, than usually.

Process of weight loss will take place in 4 stages.

Stage 1

этап 1 In principle, it is possible to do also without it. But for the best effect, I nevertheless recommend it to pass.

Everything is very simple. You get to yourself notebook. You line in it 7 days. For every day the page is necessary, approximately. Daily, write number, and at meal, specifying time, you write down everything that was eaten and in what quantity. Then in any calculator of calories you count how many you have eaten in day. Such pass the diary, you need to conduct throughout all 4 stages.

Stage 2

Study what you ate for last week. Pay special attention to sweet, flour. Your task for the next 2 weeks to reduce half sweet, farinaceous food and to force itself not to eat in 3 hours prior to dream. This your task for 2 weeks.

Stage 3

Again return to your records, only for last 2 weeks. Now you need to reduce consumption of sweet, flour still twice. And also it is necessary to reduce twice consumption fried and fat, and by one and a half times to reduce your portions. In other words, plate of fried potato for lunch, you change for plate of boiled potatoes, and 200 grams of meat and 200 grams of salad for dinner, change for 100 grams of meat and 100 grams of salad. In such mode you eat 2 more weeks. At the same time, remembering stage 1, you do not eat in 3 hours prior to dream.

Stage 4

Final. It lasts 2 weeks too.

Your task to completely exclude sweet for this period. Wash to you council: choose favourite fruit and when you strongly want some sweet, eat it. Let's say you love oranges. Here, when you want some sweet, eat to one orange. And it is unimportant, for the night it will be or not. Only, it is desirable that under favourite fruit there were no bananas or grapes. But even in this case, eat them, only half it is less (not 1 banana, but 0,5 bananas).

Also these 2 weeks you need to enter fasting days (on 2 in week). In fasting days you can only drink (kefir, fermented baked milk, juice, milk, etc.). It is possible to drink to 1 liter, + tea, coffee. But without sugar. One more council: do not put 2 fasting days in a row. Between them, there has to be break!

методика похудения безопасная для здоровья That's all, your main objective is carried out. In 7 weeks, you have pulled together to yourself stomach.

But, pay attention that it is impossible to return to former diet already. To you, frankly speaking, already especially it will also not be wanted. But the main thing not to break on junk food: the sweet fried, flour.

Now you can return to stage 3, including fasting days 2 times a week. Also pay attention that at your diet there shall be first courses.

For bigger effect, at the 3rd stage it is possible to include sport. 2-3 times a week, will be quite enough.

As you can see, there are no strict restrictions. If you want, then eat sweet, only in small quantities. You do not starve yourself, and, above all, you see effect! And it remains for a long time. p I guarantee to you, you not only will grow thin, but also improve condition of the health!

Finally: dear ladies, you love yourself and the body. Figure - not the most important in life! Do not forget about it.

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