Drawing up the individual menu for weight loss

меню для похудения

That the menu was comfortable and harmless, it is necessary to spend a little time and to make the individual menu for weight loss. It will ideally meet the requirements and will be able to satisfy completely organism, without resorting to hunger strike.

How to make diet: diet

During weight loss of the menu of the correct diet has to distribute the main components of food so:

  • proteins - calculation one and a half grams on kilogram of weight;
  • fats have to make no more than 20 percent of daily caloric content. At the same time it is necessary to give preference to vegetable fats;
  • carbohydrates make 50 percent of daily caloric content. But the most part complex carbohydrates, and simple - only make 10 percent of them.

That the nobility how to make diet, it is necessary to determine the food volume which is required in day. Here the scheme is simple: for breakfast we have to eat no more than 25 percent of day norm of calories, the second breakfast makes no more than 10 percent, during the lunchtime we use 35 percent, during afternoon snack - 10 percent, and for dinner there are 20 percent of all daily calories.

Instructions how to make the menu for weight loss

1. It is recommended to consume about 1240 kcal a day. Starvation as there is risk is not recommended to break, and dumped weight it will be recovered.

2. Natural and useful products have to enter food allowance. The menu has to be various and balanced, work of exchange processes in organism depends on it. For example, it can be: fruit, vegetables, dairy and fermented milk products, vegetable fats, low-fat grades of meat, chicken breast.

3. It is recommended drink enough water. For this purpose drinking water, juice without sugar, green tea is chosen. It is necessary to refuse the aerated and sweetened drinks.

4. It is necessary to exclude from the diet of sugar, the use of fat, smoked, salty dishes, pastries

5. It is necessary to refuse alcohol. Alcohol is very caloric and causes hunger.

6. It is desirable steam - fish, meat, chicken, vegetables. It is necessary to refuse frying as a lot of excess fat is consumed. 7. Products have to be combined

7. Products have to be combined

8. You should not torment organism and to use products which are not pleasant.

9. The approximate menu for weight loss necessary to make for every day. It needs to be diversified, so will easier adhere to the chosen diet.

10. Before everyone drink glass of water or green tea meal. It is desirable in ten minutes prior to food. After food it is better not to use liquid. In case of the use of fruit, it is recommended to eat them to, but not after the main food. It is obligatory to include fruit in diet. Five times a day on fruit are desirable. It is natural source of vitamins.

11. To avoid hunger in breaks of meals reception of fruit or vegetable salads is recommended, to drink kefir or to eat sandwich from grain bread with piece of cheese, it is possible to regale on yogurt

Useful and harmful products

The menu of food for weight loss has to be balanced and in order that weight loss was effective, it is necessary to follow simple rules of exceptions.

Harmful products

Exclude the following products from the daily menu:

  • Sugar, sweets, chocolate, fancy bread, cakes, cakes.
  • Sweet carbonated drinks, the packaged juice.
  • Limit consumption of potatoes and white polished rice as these dishes contain a lot of starch.
  • Bread, products from wheat flour, macaroni.
  • Junk foods, flakes, muesli, fast porridges.
  • Fat meat, sausages, sausages, sausages, factory meat semi-finished products.
  • Canned food, smoked products, butter.
  • Factory sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup).
  • Chips, croutons, sunflower seeds, salty nuts.
  • Alcoholic beverages.

Useful products

For every day it is necessary to include useful products and dishes which will help quickly in the balanced menu and with advantage for health to get rid of excess weight.

  • Fresh vegetables: celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, garden radish, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin, paprika.
  • Fresh fruit, except for sweet grades (grapes, persimmon, bananas).
  • Dried fruits: dried apricots, prunes, nuts in small amounts.
  • Olive oil of cold extraction.
  • Small loafs from whole-wheat flour.
  • Cereal porridges, buckwheat, brown rice.
  • Milk, cottage cheese, yogurts with small fat content.
  • Low-fat grades of meat, bird, fish.
  • Low-fat grades of firm cheese.
  • Medical.
  • Green tea, natural fruit drinks without sugar, herbal teas.

The scheme of suitable diet for weight loss

In order that it is correct to make diet, it is necessary to be guided by the following simple principles:

The amount of the consumed energy (fats) in day has to be much less amount of the spent energy. Only by creation of deficit of calories fatty deposits will leave organism at suitable diet;

It is necessary to control proper correlation of the consumed food and water - it will help to satisfy feeling of hunger and will interfere with overeating;

It is necessary to make diet so that for breakfast and dinner about 25% of total number of day calories were taken away, and during lunch it is recommended to use not less than 50%;

Too small number of daily consumed calories can lead to emergence of serious problems in organism, for example, to hair loss and fragility of nails;

That at which meal occurs not less than 3 times a day and in certain hours is considered suitable diet; It is necessary to try to eat as much as possible cellulose (for example, porridges), it will help to keep sense of fulness for long term;

Choosing products to make diet, the preference should be given to low calorie content in them;

It is necessary to learn to control portions, for this purpose ware from which you are going to eat, it is necessary to choose the small sizes;

At satiety emergence, you should not aim to eat up portion up to the end, the overeating inevitably leads to increase in volume of stomach and further loss of control over portions of food;

Important not only to make diet, but also to watch itself in the course of it in order that the nobility as organism reacts to different types of these or those products;

The more you will try to study specialized literature on weight loss, the more you will be able to open for yourself the new and interesting facts which will help you to choose suitable diet;

From time to time it is necessary to encourage itself with favourite types of products, continuous restrictions can lead to serious psychological failure.

Most likely, the methods used to make diet, at first sight can seem rather difficult, but you should not be afraid of difficulties, only this way it is possible to reach positive effect.