The menu of the beginning syroyed

начинающим сыроедам

The beginning syroyed have quite natural question: how to make the daily menu that represent specifically three daily meals the recommended syroyedam.

The biggest authority on area of food is for syroyed Herbert Shelton in whose clinic under the name School of Health functioning since 1928 tens of thousands of "incurable" hronik have been cured by natural food and starvation. Teaching the rules of food, he emphasized that it is important to acquire the principles, and the menu everyone can make itself of disposed products at different times years and in different districts. Let's glance in its "Ortotrofiya" (this word is similar known to us - "spelling", spelling, and means "healthy nutrition").

The first breakfast - always modest by quantity and surely crude even if you will be polusyroyedy, eating part of food in boiled look, for example, two-three oranges or not sugared grapefruit, or 200 grams of grapes plus one apple, or two pears and 8-10 dried berries of fig, or apple (pear) and the wetted prunes, or saucer of dates. During season it is possible to have breakfast piece of melon or water-melon.

The second breakfast, at midday, consists at syroyed of vegetable salad (the planed carrots, beet with addition of greens of spinach, option - carrots the beet and cabbage rasped or small cut), many add a little vegetable oil, preferably olive or "Kuban salad". Vegetable salad can be with green peas. It is possible "to compose" acid fruit salad, having added 100 grams of the cleared nuts. Or to vegetable salad to add crude turnip and cottage cheese (instead of nuts approximately the same 100 grams). Nuts can be replaced with oily sunflower seeds, first of all sunflower, sesame and peanut. Those who wish to use meat, fish or eggs can replace in these menus with them nuts or cheese, except those cases when fruit salads are used. Strict vegetarians, of course, exclude from the menu even cheese.

The third reception of food (evening) represents - at choice - celery and garden radish, Brussels sprout (on couple), mustard tops of vegetable plus nuts (or piece of fried meat), or combination from green salad, green pepper, beet tops of vegetable, onions (on couple) and nuts. Option: vegetable salad, broccoli (on couple), green beans (on couple), 100 g of nuts. It is regular it is not recommended to use vegetables on couple, it is necessary to aim to eat more them in the raw, but for beginning the share of boiled vegetables can be more. Allowing occasionally the use in food of animal products, it is recommended to eat them with solid portion of greens.

Here, actually, and all principles by which the menu of syroyed taking into account the correct combination of foodstuff is under construction. Shelton advises morning meal if you can pass at all (as a last resort it has to be very easy). Day meal also has to be lung (it is necessary to work, but not to digest food). Evening reception has to be, according to Shelton, the basic and to occur only after small rest upon termination of work.

Some beginning syroyeda are asked how to be if they do not transfer separate vegetables or fruit. You should not torment yourself with those products which to you "do not go", in particular irritating food path. But, for example, from rashes on skin after the use of wild strawberry - to put the most right way of disposal itself into exclusively strawberry diet, and these phenomena quickly enough will pass forever.

Basic reasons which cause concern, weight in stomach, discomfort - either from overeating, or from the wrong combinations, and sometimes and from auto-suggestion. At first, yet will not return to normal digestion (if there are violations of its normal work), it is better not to use the products causing concern. Exclude them. You remember - the food from grain, including bread, even rough grinding is especially harmful. Have not accidentally escaped at Shelton such blasphemous for the convinced vegetarian of the word:

"Preachers of whole cereals, opposing the cereals denatured have too well executed the mission. Vegetarians usually eat many cereals. They would receive less harm from moderate consumption of meat..."

In the conditions of small set of vegetables and fruit food of syroyed looks not as in California. In the winter "three-colored salad" from the carrots planed on grater with additive of small amounts of beet is always possible, it is more - cabbage or other root crops what were available (green radish, turnip) plus green salad or other greens. One of such salads in the middle of the day can be eaten with nuts, and another, in the evening, for a change having a little changed its structure, with oily sunflower seeds or with boiled potatoes, the boiled haricot seasoned with creamy or vegetable oil (taking into account told about fats in the corresponding chapter).

Breakfast of syroyed in the winter - one-two crude apples or orange, grapefruit and handful of dried fruits which if necessary can be presoaked in small amount of water, having put for the night in the refrigerator that there was no fermentation. As option the dinner, especially can be same (fruit) also if it is very late meal of evening. After sweet fruit also other sweets, for example, honey water are pertinent. As a rule, tea habits at syroyed remain for a long time, and many "play about" herbal teas, dogrose broth, etc. though they, strictly speaking, consider as the only drink of syroyeda water.

In salads, mainly in the winter, it should be added for enrichment of their structure, various dried greens, especially in those regions where it is regularly difficult to receive in the winter - greens to table, and also the seeds and berries ground in powder. The small additive of ground berry of mountain ash or bilberry absolutely changes the salad consisting from same, but the rich on structure of vegetables (carrots, beet, cabbage). Since flying edible greens of such herbs can dry as all the known glague, nettle and garden plants - fennel, parsley. Additives of the leaves and seeds crushed in powder (caraway seeds, cilantro, etc.) diversify vegetable salads. It is only necessary to watch that it not too stimulated appetite and did not cause overeating.