The menu for drying of body

меню для сушки тела
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We have made for you the approximate menu which consists of all products necessary for you. Once again we will tell, it is only approximate diet on glycoprival diet. It is not necessary to drive itself into framework, is precisely at 16:25 or to eat only boiled chicken breast. It is only enough to follow all advice from this article and to think the head.


Breakfast: porridge, banana, green tea

Lunch: cream - soup from any vegetables, 200 grams of meat

Dinner: 200 grams of meat or fish, are a little any vegetables


Breakfast: omelet from 5 egg whites, orange, green tea

Lunch: 250 grams of meat with buckwheat, low-fat yogurt

Dinner: fruit salad, 100 grams of cottage cheese, glass of kefir


Breakfast: porridge, two boiled eggs, honey sandwich, green tea

Lunch: 250 grams of meat with buckwheat, 100 grams of cottage cheese

Dinner: 200 grams of stewed fish with vegetables, glass of kefir

It can be eaten during any period of drying beyond all bounds

  • Protein of eggs in any kind. The yolk is it is impossible.
  • Chicken fillet (breast): boiled, on couple, baked.
  • Boiled fillet of squid.
  • Fillet of low-fat white fish: baked, boiled, on couple.
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Beef.
  • Seafood.
  • Kefir.
  • Cucumbers, tomatoes.
  • Cabbage, greens.

The approximate menu for week

Day the first

Breakfast: porridge from porridge, 2 protein, glass of tea.

Lunch: boiled breast, cucumbers salad.

Afternoon snack: small portion of buckwheat on water.

Dinner: fish with cabbage stewed.

Day of the second

Breakfast: omelet from protein, glass of skim milk.

Lunch: piece of boiled beef, pepper and parsley oil salad.

Afternoon snack: boiled fish with asparagus.

Dinner: cottage cheese with kefir.

Day the third

Breakfast: buckwheat on water, boiled egg.

Lunch: portion of fish soup without potato, cucumbers and tomatoes salad, piece of fish.

Afternoon snack: cottage cheese from 2 pieces of dried apricots.

Dinner: stewed fish and salad from cabbage.

Day the fourth

Breakfast: porridge, tea.

Lunch: stewed squids with sour cream spoon, paprika salad.

Afternoon snack: cauliflower soup.

Dinner: cottage cheese with kefir.

Day the fifth

Breakfast: omelet from 2 proteins, cucumber, tea.

Lunch: mushrooms soup, boiled chicken, greens.

Afternoon snack: cucumbers, paprika salad.

Dinner: steam fish, cabbage salad.

Day of the sixth

Breakfast: eggs with tomatoes, tea.

Lunch: haricot, stewed with chicken breast, greens.

Afternoon snack: cottage cheese with kefir.

Dinner: buckwheat with boiled breast.

Day of the seventh

Breakfast: plate of porridge with raisin handful, tea.

Lunch: fish with vegetables stewed.

Afternoon snack: vegetable salad.

Dinner: the squid baked portion of cottage cheese.

If the organism strongly "resists" lack of carbohydrates, it is allowed is on having a snack on 1 apple or half of grapefruit a day within the first week of drying.

Rules of drying of body

☀ Gradual reduction of amount of carbohydrates in diet.

☀ It is necessary to exclude completely from diet dairy products fat content higher than 15%.

☀ In the first week eat rice which needs to be cooked on water without salt addition.

☀ Till six in the evening it is necessary to eat 80% of the daily kalorazh (calculate it here).

☀ the Last meal has to pass in 3 hours prior to withdrawal to dream.

☀ Eat 5-6 times a day in the small portions.

☀ it is optimum during drying to carry out 4 cardiotrainings a week lasting 30-45 minutes and two power trainings by hour duration. Adhere to the following scheme: on 20 repetitions in approach, rest between approaches - 30 seconds, rest between exercises - till 5 minutes. It is the best of all to place emphasis on general exercises and fulbadi-trainings.

☀ Eat for one or one and a half hours before training and one or one and a half hours later after it.

☀ do not forget to drink water during training.

☀ the Harmless consumption of fat - to 1 kg a week.

☀ Be weighed each three days in the mornings.

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