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Knows that honey is useful to our organism practically everyone. And this advantage is defined by the rich content of the different substances which are well influencing our health. Medical contains biotin, naphthoquinone, nickel, chrome, zinc, titanium, pine forest, chlorine, glucose, fructose, folic acid, pantothenic acid and many other things.

The most known medical use of honey - fight against cold. It is no secret that honey possesses high bactericidal properties. Thanks to availability in it of phytoncides, growth and formation of pathogenic microbes stops.

The advantage of honey affects also digestion work. Therefore it is often recommended to include in food allowance, to people, for prevention of emergence and fight against stomach ulcers of stomach.

Useful properties of honey affect also our lungs, clearing them of accumulations of phlegm. It is also used for prevention of diseases of bilious ways and liver.

Will estimate advantage of honey and people with pale skin as honey is capable to return you healthy, fresh skin color. Besides it slows down aging process, relieving you of wrinkles and possesses the fine healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition to everything honey is perfectly stored, keeping for a long time the useful properties. It is also possible to add honey to other products, for increase in their period of storage and improvement of flavoring and curative qualities.