Massage for weight loss

массаж для похудения
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Among procedures which are applied to weight reduction specific place is held by massage for weight loss.

It increases elasticity of muscles and endurance of the person, oxygenates cage and improves metabolism in organism. Also exchange processes in fatty deposits become more active. As a result fatty cages burn down absolutely independently, providing at the same time opportunity easily and quickly to grow thin.

It should be noted that massage for weight loss will be much more effective in combination with physical activities, healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

In practice of professional massage therapists there is mass of different techniques of massage, using which the weight of the patient is lost, and excess centimeters "flow away" from problem parts of the body. The most popular of them it:

  • massage of stomach
  • acupressure
  • anti-cellulite massage
  • vacuum or can massage

In what sense of massage for weight loss

For some reason many had had wrong opinion that at massage the specialist hands kneads fatty deposits and destroys cellulitis. It is incorrect, fat cannot be shattered and removed, it can only be burned. Massage is also intended for strengthening of fat-burning effect - at the strengthened blood circulation in zone of fatty deposits there is activation of metabolism, then fat is spent for the increased needs of fabrics.

However all fats by means of only one massage will not burn down - the full effect is reached by massage combination to sports activities, change of food and increase of the general activity. So quickly to grow thin, lying on massage table, it will not be possible.

If there is no opportunity or means to attend professional sessions of massage, it is possible to conduct independently massage of problem zones, applying for this purpose different technicians and types of massage movements.

Massages there are more than 200 types. From them at least a third anyway promotes weight loss and reduction of cellulitis as massage affects practically all organism even if becomes on only one zone.

In house conditions it is possible to carry out many of types of massage. You need massage oil or soft cream, masseurs of different form and the sizes, towels and bathtub (shower), and depending on type of special massages - still some devices or components.

Massage for weight loss - the main types

As impact on organism it is possible to allocate several main types of massage.

1. Manual massage is familiar almost to each of us. It is the main and most widespread type of influence directly the massage therapist's hands. The master can adapt to each client individually, the effect most often depends on degree of professionalism of the massage therapist, its ability to keep under control emotions and process of influence.

2. The Thai massage for weight loss, or "yoga-massage", takes the sources in the Ayurveda, and is known more than 2 millennia. Its philosophy - the improving practicians directed to recovery of power balance. Technology of impact on bodies and parts of human body differ from traditional manual massage a little. This pressing on power points, stretchings, twisting, reflexology, disclosure of joints.

Pressing is run not only hands, but also elbows, the palm back, knees, heels. In the course of influence all sense organs are involved, the pleasant music is turned on, essential oils are applied to aromatherapy. As a result of impact on power all sections of physical body receive powerful impulse. All this conducts to positive result.

3. Foot massage for weight loss most often is used by massage therapists in bath. It is the weakening way, lifts muscular tone. It is applied to the strengthened massage of the athletes who are systematically experiencing big strain.

4. Hardware massage for weight loss gains ground. In shops of iatrotechnics and on specialized the Internet resources is on sale large number of special devices. Acupressure, and also vibration, hydromassage, pneumomassage is generally applied. Other types of massage - vacuum, local, contactless, and so on.

5. The combined massage.

The combined technicians assume the combined application of manual or foot massage and hardware methods. At the correct selection of types of massage it is already possible to gain for several sessions the expressed pokhudatelny effect.

It is important to note that about massage for weight loss it is necessary to think as of quite serious procedure therefore the specialist having sufficient knowledge base and impressive practical experience has to appoint and see off it.

Course duration

Massage for weight loss is carried out always by the long courses consisting, at least, of 10-12 sessions. Between sessions breaks from 1 to 3 days have to be arranged.

To reach the best effect, it is possible to combine massage with wrappings.


  • the increased body temperature
  • hematomas
  • inflammatory processes
  • infectious skin diseases
  • dislocations and fractures
  • pregnancy (permission of the gynecologist as massage is capable to lead to pregnancy interruption is required)
  • different irritations and burns on skin
  • varicosity

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