Massage of stomach for weight loss

массаж для похудения живота
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It is no secret that stomach - the most problem part of body practically for any girl.

Fat accumulates in this place on command of the mother nature: in order that during pregnancy the kid could be in safety, stomach, back, buttocks which nearby are and hips diligently drag on fat which has to carry out functions of the shock-absorber. However our organism does not know when we decide to bring the child and therefore already since 20-21, and even that earlier, is diligently accumulated by fat in these strategic areas.

Features of massage of stomach

The essence of massage of stomach for weight loss consists in fight against fatty deposits. However this method has features which need to be considered.

So, for example, work in specific problem area is carried out not with muscles, as at sports activities, and with hypodermically fatty deposits. Also it is necessary to remember that efficiency of massage directly depends on temperature of the massaged site: the it is higher, the procedure is more efficient.

What is necessary for the correct performance of massage

☀ to achieve the necessary result massage it is necessary to carry out regularly from 5 to 10 minutes a day.

☀ Procedure of massage has to be carried out in two hours prior to or two hours later after meal.

☀ during course of massage of stomach it is necessary to refuse flour and sweet products, and also carbonated drinks and alcohol.

The main methods of massage for weight loss of stomach

Plucked massage for weight loss of stomach

This reception can be practiced in quality of the basic, and it is possible as preparatory stage to other types of massage for weight loss of stomach.

Purpose of plucked massage: to knead fatty deposits and muscles of stomach, to smooth skin, to prevent emergence of extensions and developments of stagnation in organism. Thanks to such simple procedure skin of stomach becomes more tightened, beautiful.

Attention: thanks to such simple technique the condition of all organism as it helps to bring slags out of intestines which availability negatively influences state and color of our skin improves!

How to do plucked massage

Lay down on back, relax.

Apply anti-cellulite cream or massage oil on stomach (it is desirable, but it is not obligatory).

Grasp fingers fatty folds and, touching them (pinching from time to time stomach), move on all stomach (remember, clockwise!).

Strengthen pressing. With each new circle pinches have to be stronger, more vigorous so that on the end of procedure skin was reddened.

On the end of procedure pound stomach terry towel (around, several times).

Carry out procedure within 10-15 minutes (for the first time more than enough), further time should be increased.

Such simple procedure will help you to clean quickly enough fat from stomach.

Massage of stomach shower

Water massage for weight loss of stomach is very simple. It can be done every time, taking shower. The stream of cool water is directed to area of stomach and moved clockwise.

It is good if there is opportunity to change intensity and force of pressure.

Such type of massage invigorates, tones up. Skin becomes more elastic and smooth, figure - harmonous. Digestion improves. But the result will be only at regular performance of procedure (15 minutes a day), it is better in 1-2 hours prior to or after food.

There are also contraindications: pregnancy, diseases of abdominal cavity and chronic diseases.

According to reviews, it is rather simple, but effective procedure for weight loss of stomach. However, using such method of weight loss independently, do not forget about healthy nutrition and physical activities.

Massage of stomach using honey

This technique concerns to one of the most effective and at the same time enough simple. Carrying out procedures requires natural flower honey, for example lime.

To make honey massage for weight loss of stomach, it is necessary to grease previously hands with honey, then the massage movements to make impact on area of stomach. It can be both tinglings and pats, and strokings with small pressure and otdergivaniye of densely pressed hand with layer of liquid honey. It is possible even to combine two technicians - honey and plucked self-massage of stomach for weight loss.

After a while after the beginning of honey massage it is possible to see the white substance which has acted on skin surface, the organism gets rid of slags and toxins. After fifteen-minute massage it is necessary to take the warm shower alternating with cool. It will help to get rid of the honey remains, to cheer up and be refreshed properly.

For receiving good result of procedure have to be daily and last not less than fifteen minutes. The course usually makes twenty sessions.

Sports massage of stomach for weight loss

This equipment allows to increase several times efficiency of simple twisting on press. Massage strengthens blood circulation, so, accelerates local metabolism and allows to be recovered with higher quality after physical activity. Carry out it at once as soon as finish the last repetition of your usual exercises on press.

Lay down on back, actively exhale and pull in stomach. Let the front belly wall will literally be involved under edges. Do 10 pushes stomach back and forth on breath delay.

Recover breath, place the left hand for the head and execute direct twisting. The press has to strain. The right hand actively pound stomach clockwise within 1 minute, hold reduction of press.

Without changing pose (direct muscle in tension) take away the left hand because of the head and carry out the sawing movements along stomach edges of both palms. Move from stomach bottom to the lower edges, the movement always ascending. Work within 1-2 minutes.

Have a rest, breathe stomach. Then again reduce press, and begin plucked massage of stomach - take big and forefinger of hand skin and fatty layer, slightly pinch, and move slightly aside, clockwise. The movements have to be untwisted as if from navel to sides.

In completion of massage, relax, lying on spin, and stroke stomach clockwise.

Contraindications to massage of stomach

Massage of stomach has some contraindications and it:

  • Pregnancy and critical days
  • Diseases of abdominal organs in the period of aggravation
  • Oncology
  • Blood diseases

Massage of stomach for weight loss - not radical, but very efficient technique of maintenance of ideal form. However you should not forget - it is possible not to wait for visible effect of massage procedures if not to supplement them with sport and rational diet.

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