How to grow thin, manipulating the food behavior

пищевое поведение

Scientists constantly look for all new and new ways for weight reduction. Methods of change of food behavior of the person are considered as the most effective now.

One of the directions is studying of condition of satiety, saturation and its dependence on such subjective reasons as serving size or stereotypic understanding of food as nourishing here and vice versa.

So, following the second way, all food proclaimed as dietary belongs the person in group with "unnutritious" food. Already that yogurt easy we think of weight loss, and appetite in this case will wake up from one mentioning much earlier, than if we have regaled on fat cottage cheese. Whether but the truth that it depends on the real number of calories which contains in both products? It is, of course, the truth, but not always.

True the fact that the center of saturation lies not in stomach, and in the head.

All who, ever used calculation of calories, know how to choose food which gives feeling of satiety at the moderate caloric content. It is no secret that it will be, first of all, proteinaceous products: meat, fish, eggs, dairy products.

Here has value also speed of digestion of food. For example, meat is long acquired and leaves feeling of satiety. It is associated with satiety. Therefore the taste and smell of meat proceeding from food is capable of longer period to satisfy hunger and even to moderate appetite. It is behavior stereotype. We will even think so if we actually do not eat meat, and we will eat product on it the similar and having characteristic smell. Similar substitutions are made by modern sausage production. But same it is possible to use in the personal program of weight reduction. But, certainly, it is necessary not to replace meat, and to use it "the saturation force". That is to replace with meat, for example, pastries, bread. From this point of view to eat piece of meat much more favourably, than roll. The feeling of saturation will remain for a long time, and calories you use less.

Fish in this sense looks even more preferably. It will also saturate for a long time and caloric content at it less, than at meat. Matter besides in our attitude towards fish as to the main real food. What you will not tell, for example, about pastries to which we obviously treat as having a snack. And rather unique product is the egg not without reason included in set of diets.

One more component operating on our appetite is the size of portions. Scientists conducted researches during which it has become clear that appetite and duration of feeling of satiety are influenced by reminiscence of quantity of the eaten food. When we look at portion of food, the saturation mechanism turns on. And, if fraudulently, us force to eat less, all of us will equally gorge on, without knowing that the portion was reduced. At the same time the same reduced food volume but stipulated in advance will not give such saturation.

How it can be used in the personal program? Change the relation to food.

There are people who what they fir-trees cannot gorge on without soup. At someone too most with vegetable salad. Salad it is possible to eat much, and calories at the same time are consumed a little. It is that case when the serving size influences feeling of saturation. Even the piece of cake will not be compared in this sense to big portion of salad from vegetables even of the bread eaten with piece. Though the piece of the real cake is much more caloric. And vegetables besides contain a lot of cellulose which will go as transit goods on organism, also something superfluous with itself will take.

Conclusions are that that it is necessary to change the diet from benefit positions for figure, relying at the same time on subjective feelings.

So, manipulating own relation to separate food and to food in general, it is possible to reach much in change of the food behavior, and after it and normalization of weight.

To choose useful products, without bothering especially on their "diyetichnost" and at the same time to grow thin it reality of which many dream, but reach only those who have begun with the head, but not with stomach.