Diet Favourite for 7 days

любимая диета




The favourite diet is regulated and efficient power supply system. She proved more than once that she is effective and that is more important, effective means for weight loss and improvement of figure. The diet proceeds not for long (only seven days), and its diet which is rather sparing.

The favourite diet of 7 days does not belong to the category of monodiets. If to pay attention to finance, then it slightly will strike your purse. The favourite diet has received very positive comments. Possibly, it thanks to results of diet. You will lose from five to ten kilograms of everything in one week!

Darling means the best?

As enthusiasts try to ennoble this method, the diet is not panacea and only right rescue from excess weight. It is effective as one-time and fast way to grow thin, and you should not abuse it. Besides, it is necessary to be prepared for it seriously: if you have gastritis, colitis and diseases of kidneys, in general it is worth waiting a little with weight loss.

Favourite is diet for 7 days in which every day it is devoted to any product. Depending on the caloric content of diet it is necessary to observe strictly the mode of exercises and walks that process of natural combustion of fat matched the general physical activity. In general this diet is very simple, the menu any hostess can find all in the refrigerator. The diet is calculated in such a way that in it there is both breakfast, and lunch, and dinner – every time different. Therefore it will not bother, and week will pass unnoticed.

Diet of the "Favourite" diet

1 питьевой день

Day 1. Drinking

2 овощной день

Day 2. Vegetable

It is allowed to drink only liquid. Especially soups, teas, and the most important – water, only not ice, cool, cold, hot, and warm. Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrot, pepper, white cabbage (natural means of combustion of fat), salad — diet of the second day of diet.

3 питьевой день

Day 3. Drinking

4 фруктовый день

Day 4. Fruit

We do that, as in the first day. This day it is possible to eat any fruit: apples, oranges, bananas, it is especially desirable to include grapefruit and kiwi which are also natural zhiroszhigatel.

5 белковый день

Day 5. Proteinaceous

6 питьевой день

Day 6. Drinking

There will be saturation of organism proteins. Surely we include fish boiled, eggs, yogurts, chicken breast. However despite abundance of the choice, at once you should not gorge on. There is enough 4-5 small portions a day. We indulge the organism enough liquid (see den1, den3)

7 сбалансированное питание

Day 7. Balanced food

Transition from dietary food to normal. But the menu remains at the same time individual. During the whole day it is possible to consume couple of hard boiled eggs, vegetable and fruit salads in the small portions, soup and broth, adding the minimum quantity of salt for fast removal of liquid.

Rigid option of favourite diet of 7 days

The first two days – drinking

Kefir and water – in large numbers.

The third day – apple

Classical unloading menu. If you do not feed big love to apples, then replace them with oranges. Also drink liquid to neutralize acid.

The fourth, fifth and sixth days - chicken

Boiled chicken meat without thin skin more liquid.

Day of the seventh – alcoholic (wine)

During the day dry wine and cheese. On glass of wine thirty grams of cheese.

Together with the resolved products nutritionists advise to use vitamins and minerals (in dragee, tablets, capsules).

The approximate menu for 7 days of diet of darling

First day: Breakfast - cup of unsweetened tea from 200 ml of kefir.
Lunch - chicken broth without salt of 200 ml.
Afternoon snack - yogurt 150 gr.
Dinner - 200 ml of milk.

Only unsweetened tea is during the day used.

Second day: Breakfast - 2 average tomatoes.
Lunch - the salad made from fresh cabbage, cucumbers and greens. It is possible to season with vegetable oil.
Afternoon snack - 2 average cucumbers.
Dinner - cucumbers, sweet pepper and greens salad.
Third day: Breakfast - cup of unsweetened tea from 200 ml of milkshake.
The second breakfast - 200 ml of milk.
Lunch - chicken broth without salt of 200 ml.
Afternoon snack - 200 ml of kefir.
Dinner - 200 ml of milk.

Only unsweetened tea is during the day used.

Fourth day: Breakfast - 2 pieces of orange.
The second breakfast - one grapefruit.
Lunch - allsorts fruit of oranges, kiwi and apples.
Afternoon snack - apple and pear.
Dinner - 200 ml of milk.
Fifth day: Breakfast - 2 eggs.
The second breakfast - boiled fish, 200 gr.
Lunch - 150 gr boiled chicken meat and 100 boiled peas.
Afternoon snack - 100 gr low-fat cottage cheese.
Dinner - 100 gr cheese.
Sixth day: Breakfast - cup of unsweetened tea from 200 ml of kefir.
The second breakfast - 200 ml of juice from grapefruit.
Lunch - chicken broth without salt of 200 ml.
Afternoon snack - 200 ml of milkshake.
Dinner - 200 ml of milk.

Only unsweetened tea is during the day used.

Seventh day: Breakfast - cup of green tea and 2 eggs.
The second breakfast - any fruit.
Lunch - easy soup with rice or buckwheat.
Afternoon snack - any fruit.
Dinner - filled vegetable small and prisolenny vegetables salad.

It is not obligatory to adhere to this menu, products can be changed, being guided by the following recommendations of diet of darling.

Useful tips and responses

любимая диета Judging by responses of people who have tried on themselves this diet, it is quite effective and in most cases really helps to get rid of excess weight.

As well as in any other diet, the most difficult in it is the first day. Therefore for it big restrictions on diet caloric content are not provided. However, it will be all the same difficult for some to sustain refusal of firm food. Therefore in reviews of diet of "Darling" of 7 days it is often possible to meet council to limit physical activity and to refuse trainings if those are present at your vital schedule as for diet are characteristic of the first dizziness, nausea, breakdown.

Also it is recommended to use surely in drinking days broth not to break and to break diet. One more council for drinking days - refuse artificial juice and sweet drinks.

Food in fruit day has to be frequent, each 2-3 hours that there was no painful feeling of hunger.

In proteinaceous days it is better to make diet of chicken meat, fish, shrimps, egg whites as the use of cottage cheese or yogurt can reduce efficiency of diet (it happens because of ability of lactose to detain liquid). During all diet it is recommended to drink not less than 2 pure l a day.

And, at last, it is very important to leave diet correctly. After the termination of diet of "Darling" of 7 days it is impossible to snatch on food at all. The breakfast of the first day after diet can consist of couple of boiled eggs, it is necessary to have dinner easy soup on vegetable or chicken broth, and to have supper - lung salatiky. During the day it is possible to have a bite fruit.

As a result of diet of "Darling" of 7 days the general loss of fatty tissue makes up to 2%, but to consolidate the received result and to develop it, it is necessary to limit a little within the next month the caloric content of the usual diet.

How to keep result

любимая диета When the diet Darling in 7 days is used 10 kg leave. However, as well as many techniques of weight loss, this has the restrictions after week of limited food. Within month it is desirable to limit the caloric content of the diet, avoiding farinaceous food and sweet. By method of careful tests and mistakes it is necessary to calculate products which add "additional weight" and to refuse them. However you should not scoff at organism to achieve this ideal result.

About that what the diet receives comments what shows results - talk much. But in general makes impression good - it excellent way is balanced to eat and at the same time to dump kilograms. However the main thing is moderation, and then the organism will please you not only fine figure, but also good health.

Pluses of diet of darling

Shake-up and result. It will be prepared for important meeting, to shape up, punch "plateau" when the last kilograms persistently do not wish to leave.

Will power hardening – week only small milestone, but you have already understood that the brain directs body, and not vice versa. This knowledge is useful on the way of creation of body of the dream still more than once.

Minuses of diet of darling

To minuses of diet it is loved the fact that during it there is big load of human body belongs first of all, besides there can be problem with gastrointestinal tract, different anemias and other scarce states – that is to enough parts the phenomenon after such experiments.

Besides the metabolism begins to be slowed down during such food starvations — then you will need to spend many forces to recover it.

The body of the person is not expected diets therefore starvation adjusts bodies on specific mode of existence by means of which there is burning of small amount of calories, than in usual time.

Therefore it is peculiar risks and before making the decision, to go on diet well before it think.


любимая диета противопоказания Before diet consultation at the doctor is obligatory.

The diet Darling is contraindicated:

  1. at pregnancy and at chest feeding;
  2. at hypertension;
  3. at diabetes;
  4. at digestive tract diseases;
  5. at physical activities;
  6. during depressions;
  7. at renal and heart failure;
  8. after surgeries on abdominal organs.

Recommendations of nutritionists

First, some nutritionists categorically treat inclusion in this power supply system of broth, advising to exclude this product from diet of drinking day, explaining it with the increased content in it of salt and fats.

Secondly, nutritionists recommend to rearrange in favourite diet of 7 days in places vegetable and fruit day as, in their opinion, it is slightly easier to enter diet on fruit.

Thirdly, nutritionists advise traditional white cabbage to replace the broccoli having the maximum fat-burning effect.

Fourthly, in order that the result of favourite diet was maximum, it is necessary to use proteinaceous products (eggs, yogurt, chicken) in different meals, separately from each other.

About this fashionable diet set of responses. At the same time it is interesting to note what most of women not up to the end realize that everything, all diets are expected people with excess weight. If your weight practically within norm, you during diet lose these superfluous to steam of kilograms and at all more, exactly so much how many it is necessary for your organism.

But at the same time you remember also diet effects "darling". At you the head can be turned during diet, and after its termination weight can return. Also It should be noted that the metabolism decreases a little.

At the same time It is necessary to tell that the "Favourite" diet also very well clears organism. But we will note that if you have tendency to locks, then before going on this diet you need additional clarification of intestines. On the eve of the first day you can accept laxative for the night. And the first day (drinking) organism will bring the remains of slags out of intestines.

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