Lipoic acid for weight loss

липоевая кислота
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It is possible to get rid of excess weight in several ways. Physical exercises and strict diet remain the most effective remedies traditionally. You play sports, you eat properly, and weight all the same does not leave?

Perhaps, the problem is covered in the slowed-down metabolism which lipoic acid will help to improve.

Lipoic (thioctic or alpha and lipoic) acid belongs to group of vitamins and natural antioxidants.

In what advantage of lipoic acid

Lipoic acid is natural product which is simply necessary for our organism. It is used for treatment of many diseases and weight reduction by several decades. It possesses the following properties:

  • accelerates metabolism;
  • protects organism from toxic agents;
  • ensures functioning of pancreas;
  • promotes sight improvement;
  • positively affects heart and vessels;
  • reduces sugar in blood.

Besides this substance serves as prevention of diabetes, protecting cells of pancreas which, as we know, produces insulin. And the death of these cages leads to diabetes of the first type. It is also useful to apply lipoic acid sick diabetes, to decrease in symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.

And that is important, it is strong antioxidant which is capable to protect our organism from mercury salts and other heavy metals. Especially, it is actual for residents of the large cities.

It is proved that lipoic acid can even slow down aging processes. Therefore doctors advise to use this substance - as means for extension of youth.

Besides, it well affects condition of our skin, refreshing it, and giving it the blossoming and healthy look.

Natural sources of lipoic acid

источники липоевой кислоты The LX can be found easily in some foodstuff, and also it naturally to be developed in human body. But concentration which contain in food in tens and hundreds of times it is less, than the volumes used in researches.

1. Eat products rich with protein, for example, meat as they contain high levels of lipoic acid. In these products its availability is connected with L-lysine amino acid. But choose low-fat sources of protein to avoid excess calories.

2. From time to time eat meat offal, such as heart, liver and kidneys. They contain large amount of lipoic acid, but also and high content of cholesterol, therefore it should not be abused.

3. Add to your diet green vegetables, such as broccoli and spinach. They contain the considerable level of L-lysine, though at lower level, than meat.

How to apply lipoic acid to weight loss

We already mentioned that lipoic acid serves as prevention of excess weight, turning carbohydrates into energy, but you should not think that accepting it, fats just will thaw in the eyes. This preparation is capable to improve exchange processes only. For productive result the complex - healthy nutrition and physical activities is necessary.

If you after all have decided to accept alpha lipoic acid for weight loss, give preference to capsules. They can be accepted as together with food, and independently. In day the approximate dose of 80-100 mg, at the same time course of reception can proceed till two years.

The complex of alpha lipoic acid quite difficult works. Having got to organism, it turns in lipoamid which is valuable as the product influencing power exchange. Its derivative, having reacted with products, splits amino acids, thereby increasing power exchange. Speaking in other words, the additive helps us to receive better food and saturation of cages of organism at the expense of the reduced portion.

Alpha lipoic acid is on sale as separate additive, and in complex of antioxidants where will be designated also as thioctic acid.

Advantages of alpha lipoic acid

Advantage it is uniqueness of the mechanism of action on the organism which is not breaking its state and contributing to its normalization.

☀ Promotes exchange processes.

☀ Represents the natural substance necessary for organism and developed by it in insufficient quantity.

☀ Has the low level of contraindications.

☀ Helps to avoid unnecessary diets.

☀ Will transform fats to energy, but not just burns them.

☀ Not only it is not prohibited at diabetes, but it is even recommended.

☀ Has reasonable price.


Choosing this way of weight loss, it is necessary to consider also contraindications for use of lipoic acid:

☀ period of pregnancy and lactation;

☀ allergic reaction to preparation;

☀ at diabetes, gastritis and stomach ulcer preparations with lipoic acid can be accepted strictly after consultation of the doctor.

In the period of "lipoic diet" it is not recommended to eat ferriferous products and to take alcohol which considerably lowers efficiency of influence of preparation.

липоевая кислота Well, and now about sad (

Alas, without active movements to get rid from superfluous kilograms not only lipoic acid, but even the wizard will not be able. If you transport body excess weight in the elevator and in the car, to rest in bed on sofa and to wander in grocery store with cockleshell speed, fat will not get to anywhere. It as if the invader, will become the owner of your body.

Therefore do not hope for lipoic acid, as for panacea from unnecessary kilograms. Do in the morning exercises and register in good sports club. Learn pleasure of the movement, only in this case you will be able to present to yourself, taking lipoic pill, fast happiness of real-life weight loss.

Remember - lipoic acid only your assistant, and here the hostess of the body after all you.

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