Personal experience of weight loss

личный опыт похудения
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Many girls keep to various diets and torment themselves with hunger to have beautiful figure and to hold in favourite jeans. But whether it is necessary to exhaust itself with hunger strikes and constant loadings in the gym? I have thought of this question 5 years ago, and here in 5 years I can will share the councils, methods and all secrets of ideal figure.

p I will dispel many myths and fairy tales about miracle tablets and usefulness of diets. At me it has turned out to grow thin for 20 kilograms for a short time having changed understanding about food.

And so we will begin...

For a start it is necessary to define motivation of the desire. Let's tell: "p I want to have slender body because I do not accept my appearance". If you have no motivation, then and there will be few aspiration to the desire.

The first that needs to be made - to buy the daily log. What for? we Will write down each step. Measure the weight, volume of each problem part of body, write down them in notebook.

Each girl understands that if is as elephant, never you will grow thin to the necessary size - it is the truth. Therefore everything that we eat in day: candy, salad etc., it is necessary to write down in this notebook. Only not to use cunning! We write down everything! After several days you will see how much you eat unnecessary and useless. Learn to count calories, but do not go to extremes! Eat not less than 1000 a day, or you will be able to do harm to health.

It is a little about physiology... the human body is arranged very not simply. If you reduce caloric content and eat less put organism begins to think that it is necessary to stock up fat as much as possible, and begins to digest everything in fats. That is we will assume you have eaten macaroni - it is carbohydrate product, but in organism it will begin to break up as the product containing fats and will be postponed at you in body by dead load. Therefore you should not abuse reduction of calories.

One more main making component of weight loss is of course sport. Without it your success will be short, both will grow thin, and will gather. Therefore two times a week play any sports.

Recommendations about my darlings and the most efficient programs


Swimming - very well helps for hands and legs. Swim both on stomach and on spin without helping hands. The effect will not keep waiting long, but it is necessary to be engaged constantly, floating on several kilometers a week.

Aerobics - it is very interesting to be engaged in big group. Do not hesitate, there are a lot of people with similar problem. Occupations tighten, there are a wish to be engaged again and again. The effect is very impressive, but besides if you do not awake to be lazy, and to be engaged at full scale.

Run - it is very good for girls with tummy and "ears" standing. On 5 kilometers a week and results you will see after 2 weeks.

But the most interesting in my opinion - bodifleks. It is system of breathing exercises on fight against extra kilos for which people have no time to visit trainings. It is possible to be engaged in Bodifleks independently at home. I was engaged month, never passed and did 2 times a day. I can tell effect very much me have impressed. For ten minutes in the morning and in the evening and 5 kilograms as did not happen!

Information can be found on the website HERE, but it is better to descend on the first lesson to the trainer, will teach to breathe correctly. All focus in breath therefore if you awake not correctly to breathe kilograms will not leave.

Now we will talk in detail about food...

Food plays very important role, it is possible to be engaged as much as necessary, but not to achieve the necessary results from - for wrong ideas of food. In 5 years of fight I have bypassed the mass of doctors also have learned by the experience that really works, and that only the myth and pure invention.

We destroy myths

1) After 18:00 the refrigerator is closed on the lock.

The oldest myth. It is absolutely wrong. The last meal needs to be accepted in 3 hours prior to dream. Here also count the norm of dinner.

2) Vegetarianism prima way to weight loss and health.

Never take in head to refuse meat and fish. It is life-threatening. Protein is simply necessary for organism. Without it many processes will not be able to function. But there are nuances. p I recommend to use more fish, than meat. In fish it is much bigger useful, and besides she is less caloric. As soon as I have included in the diet more fish at me there was elastic skin, it is much more than energy and good mood. Fishes it is possible to eat though the whole piece, and here meat no more than 60 grams for time, the rest will rot in stomach. Therefore in fight fish against meat wins - fish!

3) Massage helps weight loss.

Partly it is the truth, but only from part. Massage is necessary for the general tone of skin, by means of it of course it is possible to clean 2-3 centimeters on waist, but if you need to clean more, then massage will not rescue you. p I recommend honey, perfectly removes slags and does skin of more elastic.

4) Salt is harmful.

As it is not sick, but it is the truth. Salt detains superfluous liquid in organism therefore it is worth refusing or lowering from it to minimum. If fresh dishes to you not to liking are small cunnings: salt perfectly replaces lemon juice, and here oil can be replaced with apple cider vinegar.

It is a little about apple cider vinegar...

5) pblochny vinegar helps at weight loss.

It not absolutely so. pblochny vinegar normalizes metabolism (as well as lemon juice), but vinegar will not help to lose weight.

6) At weight loss it is necessary to drink vitamins. Surely! The organism needs many vitamins, and having lowered the diet, vitamins the organism receives a little.

7) Green tea is useful.

It is true too. Both green, and black tea do not contain calories and they can be drunk in large number, but green tea on the structure is more useful though besides will not lose weight.

8) At weight loss it is necessary to drink more.

Do not perceive literally, but often instead of feeling of thirst we feel feelings of hunger. They are very similar therefore if having drunk glass of water all of you still feel hungry, to have a bite that time. It is better to drink water room temperature, or is slightly lower, then the organism will spend more energy, so to burn hated calories. And here if you want to satisfy feeling of hunger better to drink warm water with honey spoon.

9) Pineapples burn fats.

This is true, but it is necessary to live only on pineapples to throw off at least 1-2 kilograms. Still the kiwi and apples own the same function.

10) Semolina for breakfast the excellent beginning of day.

Why semolina? Who has told such nonsense? Semolina the most useless porridge from all existing. If you prefer porridge for breakfast that better the old and checked porridge. Many nutritionists of the world for breakfast prefer porridge.

11) Juice is useful to body tone.

Full lie. Juice direct way to diabetes. It is scientifically proved that if to drink every day glass of juice, then in 3 years you will have diabetes. Therefore I do not advise to indulge myself juice as it is done in the same America.

главное захотеть 12) Belts for weight loss.

It not that other as thermobath. Effect one - you awake to sweat and just lose moisture. Having equally well transuded and having drunk glass of water you will return everything that was transuded. Vicious circle there is nothing not bringing. You can tie yourself woolen scarf - here and thermobelt.

13) Take medicine and grow thin. Do not resort to tablets at all! They besides that all are useless, can do much harm to your health so that then it is necessary to be long time in hospital. Too you should not drink laxative and diuretic preparations, they wash away the necessary bacteria from organism, so also are useless as well as tablets for weight loss.

14) It is worth eating 5 times a day.

Yes. It is possible even 6-7, but in the small portions. Then the feeling of hunger will not overtake you. Besides I will repeat, we eat 1000 calories a day, it is no more and not less. It is worth reducing carbohydrates, but you should not exclude in general them, they are surely necessary.

In pursuit of figure we make the mass of mistakes, and we pay off with the health. If you observe diet, to listen to doctors and to play sports, then every day approaching mirror you awake to rejoice to the reflection.

Remember - the main thing to want! Successful results on acquisition of figure of your dream!

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