Personal experience of weight loss

опыт похудения
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I know what is possible, it is interesting to nobody, but I will tell about myself.

p weighed 52 kg. Tell what is normal, but I did not feel comfortable in this weight. Ate everything: fast food, Coca-Cola in large quantities, fried, flour and so on. My skin, constantly fat and with inflammations new suffered every day from such food also.

As it usually happens, in one day has decided that it will be enough so to live. I did not like my thick thighs in jeans and the falling-out sides.

Has begun just with food, at first without sport. p has completely excluded flour, sweet, fat. I do not salt food several years, long ago have disaccustomed myself to it. I drink tea without sugar years 6 too. And other I and already long did not eat before tinned any products, sausages.

So. What I ate. Everything is simple.

Vegetables olive oil and balsam vinegar salads, boiled breast of chicken (from it I and soups to myself have put), the cottage cheese which was completely fat-free, kefir sometimes (I cannot fall in love with it though kill), small loafs (I too have refused long ago bread), seafood which I just adore, eggplants and vegetable marrows baked in oven and in the blender did cocktails of fruit, occasionally it replaced to me breakfast (and it is tasty and nourishing).

Somewhere in week of healthy nutrition when I have already begun to feel ease (I am very seldom weighed), I have decided that it is time to go to the gym. Has bought the subscription in fitness and has begun to be engaged about 4 days a week. p I do not work so far so it is more than enough of free time.

In the hall did kardio loadings, at first small for 20-30 minutes, did not want to force organism. Has now increased them to hour for occupation. Did press and exercises on legs on exercise machines (took always very small weight).

Result. I have begun all this business in April (I do not remember precisely when) and till today (on July 22) I have thrown off about 6 kg. Weighed 52 46.5 now and it wash the normal weight in which to me it is comfortable.

p did not starve, was engaged at first on slightly. Has already passed to power trainings to tighten bottom and legs, but kardio I will do 1-2 times a week.

I feel perfectly. Could not drink waters much earlier, only recently has begun itself to accustom to drink 1,5 liters a day. The only thing what could not refuse - coffee with milk (without sugar). But, as you can see, it has not affected diet outcome in any way.

p I do not even consider it as diet, this healthy nutrition and sport. p has begun to feel better, apathy and constant fatigue (sometimes by the evening I wanted to do nothing any more) was gone, the condition of my skin has improved many times, sides have left, thighs have left, cellulitis which has been obviously expressed earlier, is shown only now if very strongly to squeeze skin (and I did not do any wrappings and other - has left with itself together with fat under the handle).

It I all to the fact that reading all these articles you can note something, but after all it is necessary to listen to the organism always. Also it is necessary to develop not diet, and to begin to eat and play properly sports. Not necessarily the gym, on the Internet heap of any video lessons. By the way, I recommend Cindi Crawford, result tremendous as that was engaged according to its program long ago (then has thrown). All this in total will bring you what you aim at. It is even not question of weight loss, it is health issue. In the mayonnaise, sausages fried and flour there is nothing useful. You earn to yourself cholesterol and heap of any other mucks. Apathy and bad mood directly depends on your food.

The main thing-begin and when you see the first results, you will feel ease and there will be forces - you do not want to leave for anything these feelings.

Can to someone my comment will help. Progress all) you have already taken the first step - have opened this website, so want to change something in the life, then-only forward)

Madina Chesnova

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