Summer diet with advantage for health

летний рацион с пользой для здоровья

With approach of flying all aim to pass to diet containing fresh fruit and vegetables to the maximum. The axiom "it is tasty and it is useful" is acquired by us since the childhood, and all of us know that in them "There are a lot of vitamins and minerals". But here if the first to the inhabitant, are well familiar: what vitamins in what vegetables contain and what they exert the greatest impact on, minerals remain as if logical addition in the phrase "vitamins and …". Has come it is time to learn, than our health can be helped by minerals with what of them it is worth stocking up during rich summer season.


The microelement supporting effective work of nervous cages, secretory system and muscles. Daily need for potassium – 2-3gr. At shortcoming it in organism the increased uneasiness, irritability, disorder of concentration and attention begins, emergence of problems with cardiovascular system is possible. Champions on the content of potassium in flora are broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes and apricots. These products should be used more often together with diuretic preparations which use leads to washing away of potassium from organism. At the poisonings accompanied with vomiting it is necessary to accept kaliysoderzhashchy preparations for the fastest recovery of organism. The K-diet is recommended to people with diseases of cardiovascular system and is contraindicated to those who have problems with kidneys.


The element which is unfairly forgotten by the majority of dietary instructions. And it is necessary in organism for each cage – to its participation there is formation of energy. The lack of magnesium is connected with predisposition to oncological diseases, and by less frightening, but no more pleasant effects of such shortcoming is sleeplessness, fast fatigue, irritability, heartaches, tendency to migraines and sensitivity to differences of weather. Also completion of reserves of magnesium in organism helps to put hair, nails and teeth in order. And though for shock therapy doctors recommend introduction to diet of special additives or products of animal origin (meat and milk), but for the supporting diet it is enough to eat whole grains of wheat, leaves of nettle and dandelion, salad and parsley.


This element, one of the diets, few, "very famous" for the admirers, and people watching over the health. It is the main element of bone tissue, its active completion is required to organism during recovery after injuries and fractures or during pregnancy and lactation. Milk, cottage cheese and cheese are considered as traditional sources of calcium. But the vegetable food can also offer the menu: sheet cabbage, broccoli, swede and nuts. However you should not forget that the surplus of calcium conducts to unpleasant effects: it prevents assimilation of other microelements therefore food rich with calcium has to be eaten reasonably.


One more rather known microelement. The rumor attributes to phosphorus care of brain. Actually it is necessary for functioning of nervous cages and creation of bone tissue. The first signs of lack of phosphorus of organism becomes worsened type of teeth and the wrong forming of bones. Though phosphorus, also as well as calcium contains in products of animal origin more, but it is possible to support balance in organism also by summer harvest: sorrel, spinach, garden radish, green peas, mushrooms, grapes, peaches and apricots, wholegrain rice and wheat.


Small daily amounts of this microelement are necessary for organism for normal functioning of enzymes with antioxidant activity. Though the daily need for it is not big, most of residents of the country do not receive with daily food and it. Therefore that with grief not to find the dim, early grown old skin, it is worth including in diet more onions, tomatoes, broccoli and wheat bran in the flying.


Basis of work of thyroid gland. As in many regions of the country water and the soil are not saturated with iodine, recommend to accept it in the form of food additive, or more often to see seafood on the table. Are especially rich with alga iodine, for example, sea cabbage – laminaria. Often for prevention of lack of iodine organism people use iodized salt in food. But, it is necessary to remember that it keeps the properties certain term: in the closed packaging – six months, and from opened iodine evaporate in only 90 days.