Medical foods at disease of diabetes

лечебное питание при заболевании сахарным диабетом

At disease of diabetes the healthy and healthy nutrition plays special role as the disease of diabetes is illness which is directly connected with metabolic disorder in organism. In other words at this disease after violation of functioning of pancreas, production of insulin which is responsible for digestion of sugar in organism considerably decreases. Therefore in blood the level of sugar increases and it can lead to the most serious consequences.

The healthy medical foods at this disease are important very much. Correctly picked up diet can minimize acceptance of medical preparations or in general do without it.

First of all, at disease of diabetes it is desirable to limit considerably the use of all carbohydrates which are easily acquired, such as: sugar, jam, jams, honey, fancy bread, candies and other sweets, sweet products and fruit and berries. Quite often many doctors recommend to the patients to exclude completely from diet all these products, but it is necessary at severe form of diabetes.

Recently after carrying out some researches by scientists it has been proved that progressing of disease is promoted by the increased level of fats in blood. Thus many doctors recommend to patients to refuse the use of greasy food, at diabetes it is very important, also and restriction of sweets. The amount of fats which are used in simple look and for preparation of different dishes should not exceed 45 grams a day. And also it is desirable to refuse or to limit the use of other fat products a little (sausages, fat meat, sausages, sausages, cheeses, mayonnaise, sour cream).

It is also necessary to refuse the use of hot, fried, smoked, spicy and salty dishes, mustard, seasonings, garlic, hot pepper, alcoholic beverages.

For those who have diabetes the products containing at the same time many carbohydrates and fats are not desirable.

At diabetes it is recommended to use such products:

  1. Bread – about 200 grams a day, are desirable black or diabetic.
  2. Mainly vegetable broths or soups which can be prepared on weak fish or meat broth, but only a few weekly is desirable to eat them.
  3. Low-fat fish, bird, meat in jellied, boiled look or it is possible to steam them.
  4. Garnishes and main courses from macaroni, grain and bean products it is possible to use very seldom, small portions. From grain it is desirable to use buckwheat and oat, it is also possible to eat pearl-barley, millet, rice grain. And semolina needs to be excluded.
  5. It is necessary to use beet, potatoes, carrots on 250 grams for day. And other vegetables (salad, vegetable marrows, garden radish, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes), and greens can be eaten without restrictions in boiled and in the raw, sometimes it is possible to eat in baked look.
  6. Eggs – approximately on several pieces a day: in the form of the fried omelet, soft-boiled, or using them for preparation of other dishes.
  7. Milk can be drunk only after permission of the doctor. It is possible to eat other fermented milk products in the form of curdled milk, kefir, unsweetened yogurt, on 2 glasses a day. It is also possible to use sour cream and cheese, sometimes it is possible cream.
  8. It is allowed to drink black or green tea, it is possible to add milk, rather weak coffee, juice from fruit and berries, tomato juice. It is necessary to eat food at diabetes not less than to four times a day, and it is the best of all in several hours. The eaten food has to be rich with the content of the vitamins and also useful micro and macrocells.