Medical starvation for weight loss

голодание для похудения
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Starvation for weight loss is one of effective methods of clarification of organism. The person as a result of refusal of food not only loses weight, but also exempts himself from the mass of toxins and slags, products of disintegration and other mucks. Undoubtedly, remarkably, but starvation has it not only adherents, but also ardent opponents. What is it caused by, starvation is exclusive advantage?

The first reason which frightens people is repeated death because of starvation. "Yesterday, owing to long stay in the abandoned house, the young girl has died. Lack of food became cause of death …" or "Children of the African countries die of hunger, there is no rescue …" - approximately such phrases broadcast news about starvation. But starvation for weight loss, it, medical starvation, cardinally differs from described in news roller.

At the correct starvation of people it is fully cleared, energy, completeness of forces is felt in full and it on truth inspires. The desire to lead active lifestyle and to self-improve arises in itself that cannot but please. Let's understand from where forces undertake if power source – there is no food, simply.

The average person who suffers from excess weight is not simply surrounded with dense bed of fatty tissue, but also is sick. Yes, yes, all its bodies are also covered with layer of internal fat which adsorbs products of disintegration and slags on the surface. It fine spoils health, fast fatigue, asthma, the state which is brought closer to depressive begins to appear.

All this causes apathy in the person, there is a wish to do, respectively, nothing, and there is desire only to reach the refrigerator, to get from it decent portion of ice cream or fat chicken, and to heal grief. It will seem much to 100% the acquaintance, and someone learns the gluttony.

And now situation No. 2: starvation

When the person does not receive food, the organism directs energy to its digestion absolutely to other current. It can be sport or other hobby. Of course, cheerfulness and the uplifted state is shown not in the first day of starvation, first the organism is in stressful state. But if it is correct to begin and carry out medical starvation, then the effect will be that.

Clarification at starvation involves only one positive:

- the starving person will feel flying well 10 more young over time. And what is told by popular wisdom? Correctly, "to the person it is so much years, on how many he feels"!

- the face will be left by signs of daily fatigue, and eyes at last will be exempted from vascular reticulum which reflects all weariness, and will begin to sparkle healthy gloss;

- skin will become pure and velvet, spots and pigmental spots will begin to disappear gradually, reserving plain surface of face;

- the problem nails and the thin, splitting hair breaking in improper time will cease to bother. Starvation for weight loss will solve problems even with these unpleasant moments, having returned you natural beauty;

- the liver and kidneys will begin to work as the perfected mechanism – hours, or it is better, energies will be emitted more than enough, and it is directed only to improvement of health;

- sense of smell to become aggravated: it is possible to hear, see, feel everything more brightly and nasyshchenny now. So – the food is more tasty, the world – is brighter, talk – is more accurate.

голодание для похудения

лечебное голодание

All above-mentioned can become reality, the main thing only to begin medical starvation and result will come immediately. You should not be afraid of headaches which can disturb at first, it is certain protective reaction of organism which will cease over time. The correct approach to starvation and moderation in actions will bring fine health and considerable loss of weight.

By the way, loss of weight at medical starvation not just will be considerable, but also effective. All lost kilograms will leave forever, naturally, if not to lean on food and to eat moderately. After starvation it is possible to indulge himself favourite dishes and sweets, but in the small portions and the set of weight will not follow.

Medical starvation is in most cases easier to be transferred, than modern diets with not the balanced food. As a result the effect is consolidated for a short time, and the health is little by little affected. And on one diet still nobody stopped. …

Will power perfectly trains if starvation for weight loss is used - it is the fact! Therefore it is necessary to study carefully the scheme for starvation which is always standard and to start self-improvement by methods of traditional medicine. Medical starvation can last from 24 hours to three-five weeks.


1. Before starvation it is necessary to give to organism rest. It has to be expressed in easy food. It is necessary to exclude animal protein, dairy products and various sweet and flour products from diet. The bias should be made on vegetables and fruit, but also you should not eat too much them. Food has to be moderate and balanced, drink the purified water and, whenever possible, make cleaning enema.

Couple of words about cleaning enema:

Water temperature for cleaning of intestines should not exceed optimum body temperature, but also cold it should not be. The most suitable range of 33-36 degrees. If water has more high temperature, there can be absorption of klizmenny structure intestines walls. Enema volume – lirt-one and a half to which it should be added 1 tsp of table salt.

Wishing to clear promptly intestines repeated enemas can achieve negative effect, owing to these actions intestines will be unfairly irritated, and it is dangerous.

Before going to bed it is worth drinking glass of kefir or to eat green apple. It will provoke more active and soft clarification of organism.

2. For a start it is necessary to practice 24-hour starvation which should be carried out not more often than once a week. Systematic approach will allow to increase starvation terms about 3 days a week, for example, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Weight will leave at first rather intensively, time of loss of weight will reach up to 2 kilograms a day. Over time the mark will fall to 300 grams a day, but it will be stable figures and long-term weight loss.

The most widespread is starvation on the purified water. In day it is necessary to drink it not less than 2 liters, is possible more, the main thing is to wash down feeling of hunger which at first will be too active. At desire it is possible to do enemas, but it is not too frequent, once again you should not injure organism.

In case of strong breakdown and dizziness it is worth drinking glass of warm water with half of tea spoon of honey. You should not drink headache pills at all or to accept other medical preparations. Starvation completely excludes it. The matter is that medical starvation brings disintegration products out of organism as the eaten products, and pill which are taken during life.

3. Any starvation has to be correctly complete. Exit from starvation on has to be similar on duration to the starvation, or, at least a half of its term. At daily starvation processes in organism are not too broken, there are minor changes which do not bear big danger. As a result of it exit can consist only in reception of cleaning salad under the name "brush".
It is very simple to prepare it: the cabbage, carrots are small cut, at desire small apple and turnip, raisin pinch is added. All this is flavored with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
Such salad has cleaning function, intestines after starvation easily remove all products of disintegration and slags, excess water and slime.

For fuller exit it is recommended to drink liter of the natural and diluted with water juice in the first half of day. It can be both from vegetables, and from tasty fruit, but it is worth avoiding for extraction of various citrus and carrot. During the lunchtime it is possible to have a bite the vegetables steamed (it is possible in the raw). Their quantity within half a kilogram. The dinner has to consist of small portion of any porridge without addition of salt or sugar. Brush salad also should be used in intervals, as having a snack.

Next day after exit it is worth refusing greasy, salty and spicy food. Too lay animal protein for these days.

If starvation lasted 3 days, then and exit from it respectively has to be 3 days and so on by analogy.

But starvation for weight loss is rather various system which can be the most different in temporary interval, and on basis for starvation. It is possible to get acquainted with types of starvation below.

Types of starvation

Dry starvation

сухое голодание This type of starvation is considered the most rigid, and it is not surprising, at it it is impossible not that to drink water, but also even to contact to it hands. Certainly that because of such rigid framework starvation cannot last long, usually it is carried out from 1st to 3 days. To this short period there is intensive clarification of organism and reduction of fatty tissues.

Efficiency of dry starvation can be maximum only at its accurate observance. Any, even minimum deviation from rules can break process. All the time the person needs not to drink, nothing is and even not to wash hand. Many can think that it is full absurdity, will be partly right.

That dry starvation for weight loss and improvement of organism has not caused deterioration in the general state of health, it should be seen off under supervision of the specialist. For this purpose there are special clinics in which starving examine, recommend special system of starvation and observe within 24 hours a day. The most important is not to break the mechanism of work of organism and not to do much harm to itself.

Starvation on the purified water

голодание на очищенной воде

Is already told about this starvation much. Specialists in the field of starvation unanimously repeat that it is worth drinking the distilled water. But it is possible also simple, cleared (boiled), but, not flowing.

It is worth drinking water in unlimited number, and at exit to drink freshly squeezed juice of carrots to 12 o'clock in the afternoon, it is possible to dilute with water.

Periodic (cyclic) starvation

периодическое (циклическое) голодание Its essence consists that through certain amount of time to starve, and then to eat properly. For example, days/days, 3/3, 7/7 and so on.

In day of starvation it is impossible to eat and drink anything. This same dry starvation which repeats from time to time.

Transitions from starvation by days of normal food have to be smooth: it is worth drinking kefir and norm of water before day of hunger.

Starvation on tea

голодание на чае

In this case it is worth drinking only teas from grass collecting.

To solve what tea it is worth drinking independently whether to understand the main thing from what that other grass is applied.

the melissa and mint – will calm
mother and the stepmother, glycyrrhiza root - will help to cope with catarrhal syndrome
the immortelle - will adjust diuretic function

Starvation on juice

голодание на соках

The most pleasant starvation, in its process organism is not just cleared, but also in parallel receives all necessary vitamins from vegetables and fruit. It is the simplest and most effective way of medical starvation which practices already for many years and gains popularity.

It is worth understanding that it is impossible to mix vegetable and fruit juice, but combinations vegetables vegetables, fruit fruit are admissible. The packaged juice from shop will not give any positive effect, there is too much sugar and the most different dyes, additives and E-shek.

Are the most popular among vegetable juice beet and carrot, and from fruit – apple and orange. They can be mixed in different ratios, it is possible to dilute with small amount of water.

Thanks to juice the organism leaves hundreds of harmful elements, slags and toxins which contaminate flora of organism.

What positive sides starvation for weight loss has?

In addition to the main cleaning the organism begins to produce growth hormone, after achievement of 21 years activity of its allocation dies away.

In old age this hormone is not produced absolutely, and it involves instant fatigue, aging of muscles, ache in body, the potentiality decreases, and paints of life grow dull.

Medical starvation: negative sides

лечебное голодание: отрицательные стороны The organism at starvation receives quite strong shake-up therefore headaches and dizziness begin to develop. Hunger kills not only the fatty mass, but also decent share of the protein necessary for organism. It is necessary to be careful, otherwise immunity will weaken, pressure will "jump", and the heart "to play pranks". Insignificant defects on skin in the form of wrinkles are not excluded. At treatment by hunger the main thing measure, you should not torture yourself three-week starvation if are not ready to this responsible step (both morally, and physically). Starvation is before advantage and that and was it is worth listening to itself.

Say that the person can quietly live till 120 flyings, but practically nobody trusts in it, speaking supposedly ecology not that, the moon in goat and other. But if properly to eat and carry out medical starvation it is possible to prove longevity in no time. The eaten food is the peculiar fuel necessary for normal life activity. So let's treat food quietly and intelligently, then health will be fine, and we will long live and … long!

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