Culture of body

культура тела
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Presently people think not only of the health, but also of how they look. Women want to be harmonous, thin. Men want to be strong and beefy. For this purpose they begin to keep to different diets and to be engaged in different physical exercises. But in pursuit of beauty they often begin to forget about the most important - about health!

Each person is capable to be in good shape and at the same time to be healthy.

For this purpose it is necessary to observe correctly the schedule of food and sports occupations.

First of all the person needs to be defined what he wants to achieve: whether he wants to grow thin, simply to support itself(himself) in shape or to gain muscle bulk.

культура тела If you want to lose excess weight, you need to exclude first of all from the diet greasy food and to consume more proteinaceous food (buckwheat, haricot, chicken meat).

Besides it is necessary to carry out complex of sports exercises, first of all run. Exercises on press are also important. For strengthening of foot muscles it is necessary to carry out squats and attacks on site.

культура тела For people of persons interested to behave in good form or persons interested to gain muscle bulk first of all it is necessary to change food allowance.

It is necessary to eat more. And this food has to be proteinaceous as protein is basis for growth of muscle bulk. For the plentiful growth of muscles you need to consume a day the number of grams of protein twice exceeding your weight.

Let's say your weight of 70 kg, so you need to use 140 grams of protein a day. It is very important to consider that it is impossible to eat such quantity of food at once. The organism is at one time capable to acquire only 30-40 grams of protein.

It is also important to remember carbohydrates. They are capable to give necessary energy to the person who is engaged in vigorous physical activity. But it is necessary to remember that carbohydrates happen quickly burned (the carbohydrates containing sugar) and slowly burned (potatoes, macaroni). Those that are burned need slowly to be consumed before training, and the trainings which are quickly burned later. If to do on the contrary, you will spend huge number of energy and after trainings will begin to feel weakness.

As for physical exercises if your body is not ready to plentiful loadings, he needs to be accustomed to them.

There are two options:

культура тела 1) to arrange plentiful training for all groups of muscles, but this method is unpleasant that all body after such occupation will be awfully hurt. But it is not terrible after everything ceases to hurt, it will be possible to renew training and such pain will not be any more.

2) it is possible to accustom the body to loadings gradually, not to do excessive efforts.

When you feel that your body is ready, you need to make for yourself the program in which your schedule of occupations will be painted. About three once a week are desirable to be engaged. On each of these days you need to paint exercises on different groups of muscles. But it is necessary to remember that it is impossible to overstrain itself, after training only the easy fatigue has to be felt. Therefore training has to last no more than 1-1.5 hours.

Summing up the result, one may say, that the person who eats properly and is regularly engaged in physical exercises, it is capable to achieve in 1-2 months from the body desirable results.