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When business reaches talk on kitchen, there are two main questions: "what to prepare" and "how to prepare". That is, tasty variety is necessary. And where to gather it? Naturally, on the Internet. There the mass of recipes and councils concerning observance of culinary technologies.

The few think of the fact of cook readiness to process. At someone – gift from god, at someone – its total absence. Sometimes there is enough grandmother's or mother's school, sometimes it makes sense to visit couple of culinary seminars. On them can prepare truffle and learn to boil potatoes equally masterly and it is fascinating.

When you come on own kitchen, difficult happens to reproduce actions of hands of the chef or even the mother's hands which have got used to zakrutka, pickles and cookings. It is necessary to return to the irreplaceable computer and to re-read the recipe of the necessary dish to holes.

It is possible to burn, of course, indefinitely the next culinary delicacy, and it is possible to conform to the simple rules in preparation of any dish.

1. Look for

First of all, it is necessary to know that you prepare. Therefore, do not deprive of attention both culinary transfers, and councils of acquaintances. Those megabytes of recipes which are on the Internet sometimes absolutely in vain tempt us with appetizing photos. Nobody checked quality of the offered dishes, many of them can simply be advertizing stuff. Therefore, it is better to use the checked information sources.

2. Do not go in cycles

It is good when the hostess has several house specialties. It is bad when she has nothing them to alternate, and the Uzbek pilaf, the Bulgarian soup, Ukrainian "lazy" etc. weekly repeats. Not always there is time for culinary experiments. But once a month you are simply obliged to approve dish, new to you, in preparation. First, you will not stagnate in the course of self-improvement. And secondly, perhaps, this dish will be included in the list of darlings your family.

3. Measure

Always there is temptation to follow council of skilled grandmothers and aunts which all put "by eye". It is so simple: to nakidat testicles, flour, oil spoon yes sour cream flat dish and to bake pie. At the exit the silent horror turns out, as a rule. Therefore, you are not lazy and measure each ingredient.

4. Remember

Perhaps, for someone learning of recipes by heart will seem absurd, but, believe, it is not excess waste of time. Having prepared the same dish several times, you remember it already at the level of hands therefore, all equipment will be brought to automatism, and the necessary proportions will remain in the same hands. Therefore mistakes with ratios of ingredients will not be any more.

5. Zrite in root

If you have decided to cook soup according to the ready recipe, it is not always necessary to repeat these recommendations blindly. Perhaps, cooking is timed on pan of other volume? Perhaps, the author of the recipe has other plate, with other modes? Consider everything. As a rule, there is a lot of these subtleties. And here you should not replace randomly product (for example, instead of cherry to put tomatoes, and instead of capers – olives). The fact that sometimes it seems identical to required product can completely change taste of dish as a result.

6. You are not lazy

If you see that something has gone not and the frank muck turns out, everything is better to try to correct or even to begin again, than with humble look there is what will turn out. Such tactics can discourage to prepare at all.

7. You share

Even if you not the genius of cookery, invite sometimes guests and treat them successful as you consider, dishes. So you will be able to develop look from outside as the fact that personally it seems to you pleasure top, for someone can seem too specific. Rather tasty food seldom meets conformists, as a rule, it is pleasant to the majority.

8. You study

Perhaps, it will be the last council. Each step is not always stated in recipes according to which we prepare. Some steps are made by default, it is connected with the fact that they are positioned as something, self-evident. Therefore, the good hostess has to know elements of cook business which will help it not to lose face further.

For example, on butter the food burns, on margarine – burns, on vegetable oil - is fried. The microwave oven bakes in the mode of convection more slowly, than usual oven. In pancakes, fritters, cheesecakes and other similar food it is impossible to put a lot of sugar as it will burn down on frying pan. Milk does pastries dry, and sour cream – magnificent. Opara has to approach in the place isolated from any whiffs of wind, etc. These elements weight, but it is necessary to acquire them.

Then you will become the full empress of the kitchen to whom will be subject not only frying pans and tacks, but also hearts of the hungry men gathering beside the dining room.