Kremlin diet

кремлевская диета
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The question of how to look harmonous, concerned women at all times. Not without reason the female knows about diets more than any nutritionist today. For this reason diets are so popular today. Still some time ago people did not know about all that product abundance which is available to us today. For this reason there were no questions of limiting themselves in food. Moreover, it was fashionable to be couples centuries ago full as it testified to the level of prosperity of the person. And while most of residents of the country were not able to afford magnificent meals, prosperous citizens ate everything that they had on table.

Today practically any person is able to afford to go to shop and to buy that he wants. In the choice we are not limited at all. However full not to be fashionable today. Moreover, stout persons are considered as the people not capable to control themselves and the desires. And against craze healthy lifestyle they look good not really. All know long ago what awful effects are concealed in itself by excess weight. In addition to visible manifestations, such as asthma, constant fatigue, difficulties when walking, such people often are exposed to diseases of internals.

Yes, it is indisputable, certain percent of fat has to be in organism of each person, however it does not mean that fat to us on advantage. Its contents has to be not big. Otherwise problems with cardiovascular system, kidneys, stomach, skin and hair begin. All this says that if you already plan excess weight, or you at last have decided to undertake yourself and the health, you should not postpone it for later as then can be already late. And for a start it is necessary to settle the diet.

Among all variety of diets it is difficult to choose that which would be approved by doctors. However such diet is Kremlin.

Leading Russian cardiosurgeon, director of NTsSSH it A. N. Bakuleva Leo Antonovich Bokeria.

Keeping to the Kremlin diet, you can grow thin in 8 days for 5-6 kg, and in one or one and a half months you can dump all the whole 8-15 kg.

So, than it is more at you excess weight, especially intensively it leaves. As you can see, this diet has not expected any unreal result following the results of which you will become harmonous as osinka. However this diet is the checked, approved doctors. And it means that finally you will be able to lose kilograms which soon not to return to you.

It is natural that it is also necessary to enter sport into the life, and the reason for this purpose such is. The matter is that at loss of weight the condition of skin of the person changes. As a result it can droop a little. If your plans do not include such scenario, then in parallel with diet it is necessary to begin to bring the body into tone that it was not only harmonous, but also tightened.

It is a little from history of the Kremlin diet

диета американских астронавтов "The diet of the American astronauts" which is also known under other pseudonym "Kremlin diet" is surrounded with aura of unprecedented mystery, and today it became already very popular among all fans of diets who also want to care for the health.

The Kremlin diet is called secret for that simple reason that during rather long time the main recipe of this diet was not disclosed to anybody. For this reason in the people various rumors about its results which were considered as miracle went.

Initially this diet was applied during development of diet of astronauts of the USA - therefore and "diet of the American astronauts". And as for the second name of diet which became known also as "the Kremlin diet", this name has appeared thanks to the fact that long time on this diet the highest party workers and officials lost weight. By the way, on this diet Yury Luzhkov managed to lose weight measure of Moscow. For this reason, thanks to availability of such eloquent examples, the Kremlin diet is extraordinary popular in Russia today.

Diet essence

суть диеты The Kremlin diet works by such principle:

In organism intake of carbohydrates thanks to the fact that in diet just the use of carbohydrates is limited is sharply limited. After that the organism begins to spend the internal stocks which are placed in fatty deposits.

Thanks to it there is also weight reduction. The more stocks is available for organism, the quicker it spends them. At the same time it should be taken into account that during diet the use of meat in large number is authorized, and at the same time it does not slow down weight loss process.

On the first week at food there have to be about 20 grams of carbohydrates, and after that it is possible to increase up to 40 grams.

There are exceptions - food which are not recommended to be used strictly. These are such products as potato dishes, flour and sweet products, bread, sugar and rice. The first two weeks the use of such products as fruit, juice, vegetables is also forbidden. The basic rule to which it is worth adhering and which is the key to success in weight loss – not to podslashchat anything. By the way, it is allowed to drink tomato juice.

The use of such products as fish, cheese, meat, vegetables with the low content of carbohydrates, and also other food, the content of carbohydrates in which low, is allowed. In order that it is correct to be guided in that how many carbohydrates contain in what product, there is table of the Kremlin diet. Each product has the cost. One point is equal to 1 gram of carbohydrates.

Table of the Kremlin diet


(conventional unit.)


(conventional unit.)



Wheat 50 Crackers are creamy 66
Rye 34 Flat cakes rye 43
Borodino 40 Wheat flour premium 68
Riga 51 Wheat flour first grade 67
The unleavened wheat cake is Armenian 56 Artificial rye flour 64
Diabetic 38 Cornmeal 70
Grain bread 43 Soy flour 16
Rich rolls 51 Potato starch 79
Bagels 58 Starch corn 85
Drying 68 Macaroni 69
The straws are sweet 69 Noodles egg 68


Buckwheat 62 Millet 66
Buckwheat (has passed) 65 pchnevy 66
Semolina 67 Rice 71
Oat 49 Split peas 50
"Oat-flakes" 50 Haricot 46
Pearl-barley 66

мясо, птица


Beef, veal 0 Sausages beef 1,5
Mutton, pork 0 Sausages pork 2
Geese, ducks 0 Sausages milk 1,5
Rabbit 0 Sausages 0
Chicken 0 Doctor's sausage 1,5
Meat in crackers 5 Brisket 0
Meat in flour sauce 6 Fat 0
Heart 0 pzyk pork, beef 0
Beef liver 0 Legs are pork 0
The liver is chicken 1,5 pyets in any kind (piece) 0,5
Beefsteak 0

рыба, морепродукты


Fish fresh, frozen (river, sea) 0 Oysters 7
Fish boiled 0 Squids 4
Fish in crackers 12 Lobsters 1
Fish smoked 0 Shrimps 0
Crabs 2 Caviar black 0
Fish in tomato 6 Caviar red 0
Mussels 5 Sea cabbage 1


The milk pasteurized 4,7 Kefir, curdled milk 3,2
Baked milk 4,7 Yogurt without sugar 3,5
Cream 4 Yogurt sweet 8,5
Sour cream 3 Cheese of different grades 0,5 - 2
Fat cottage cheese 2,8 Butter 1,3
Low-fat cottage cheese 1,8 Margarine 1
Cottage cheese dietary 1 Mayonnaise table 2,6
Curds sweet 15 Vegetable oil 0
The curd cakes glazed 32



Water-melon 9 Leek 6,5
Eggplants 5 Onion 9
Beans 8 Green onions 3,5
Swede 7 Parsley (greens) 8
Green peas 12 Parsley (root) 10,5
Melon 9 Garden radish 4
Cauliflower 5 Radish 6,5
White cabbage 5 Turnip 5
Cabbage of kohlrabi 8 Salad sheet 2
Red cabbage 5 Beet 9
Haricot siliculose 3 Celery (root) 6
Carrots 7 Celery (greens) 2
Pumpkin 4 Asparagus 3
Vegetable marrow 4 Horse-radish 7,5
Daikon (Chinese garden radish) 1 Ramson 6
Tomatoes 4 Garlic 5
Pepper green sweet 5 Potatoes 16
Pepper red sweet 5 Spinach 2
Cucumber fresh 3 Sorrel 3


White 1 Birch mushrooms are dried 14
White dried 7,5 Aspen mushrooms are fresh 1
Milk mushrooms are fresh 1 Aspen mushrooms are dried 13
Fresh chanterelle mushrooms 1,5 Saffron milk caps 0,5
Butter mushrooms are fresh 0,5 Morels 0,2
Honey agarics are fresh 0,5 Russulas 1,5
Birch mushrooms 1,5 Champignons 0,1

SOUPS (on 500 g)

Broth chicken, meat 0 Soup goulash 12
Soup tomato 17 Soup mushroom 15
Soup vegetable 16 Russian cabbage soup green 12
Soup pea 20



Fish 0 Caviar marrow 8,5
Green peas 6,5 Eggplant caviar 5
Haricot 2,5 Caviar from beet 2
Corn 14,5 Salad with sea cabbage 4
Olives 5 The pepper stuffed with vegetables 11
Tomatoes 4 Tomato paste 19
Cucumbers 3



Granulated sugar, lump sugar 99 Milk chocolate 54
Honey 75 Chocolate bitter 50
Fruit candy 80 Nut chocolate 48
Halvah 55 Chocolates 51
Cake biscuit 50 Candies fondants 83
Cake almond 45 Fruit jelly 76
Cream cake 62 Filled hard boiled candies 92
Butter biscuits 75 The milk condensed 56
Gingerbreads scalded 77 Jam apple 66
Wafers are fruit 80 Jam strawberry 71
Wafers are usual 65 Raspberry jam 71
Ice cream fruit 25 Jam 68
Frozen eskimo 20 Jam diabetic 3
Ice cream creamy 22 Jam apple 65
Lollipops 70 Jam diabetic 9


Apricot 9 Peach 9,5
Quince 8 Nectarine 13
Cherry plum 6,5 Mountain ash 8,5
Pineapple 11,5 Mountain ash black-fruited 11
Orange 8 Plum 9,5
Banana 21 Dates 68
Cherry 10 Persimmon 13
Pomegranate 11 Sweet cherry 10,5
Grapefruit 6,5 pblok 9,5
Pear 9,5 Raisin 66
Fig 11 Dried apricots 55
Kiwi 10 Prunes 58
Cornel 9 The pear is dried 49
Lemon 3 pblok are dried 45
Tangerine 8 Dried apricots 53


Cowberry 8 Cloudberries 6
Grapes 15 Sea-buckthorn 5
Blueberry 7 Currant white 8
Blackberry 4,5 Currant red 7,5
Strawberry 6,5 Blackcurrant 7,5
Cranberry 4 Bilberry 8
Gooseberry 9 The dogrose is fresh 10
Raspberry 8 The dogrose is dried 21,5


Walnut 12 Cashew 25
Cedar 10 Coco 20
Peanut 15 Sesame seeds 20
Filbert 15 Pumpkin sunflower seeds 12
Almonds 11 Sunflower sunflower seeds 18
Pistachios 15



Mineral water 0 Juice plum with pulp 11
Tea, coffee without sugar 0 Juice cherry 11,5
Apple juice 7,5 Juice apricot 14
Orange juice 12 Juice carrot 6
Juice grape 14 Compote apricot 21
Tomato juice 3,5 Grapes compote 19
Grapefruit juice 8 Compote cherry 24
Juice mandarine 9 Compote pear 18
Juice garnet 14 Compote apple 19
Juice plum 16 Compote on xylitol 6


Dry red wine 1 Vodka 0
Dry white wine 1 Cognac, brandy 0
Beer of 250 g 12 Rum 0
Liqueur of 60 g 18 Tequila 0
Whisky 0

пряности, приправы


Cinnamon (1 h spoon) 0,5 Horse-radish (1 tablespoon) 0,4
Chili pepper ground (1 h spoon) 0,5 Ketchup (1 tablespoon) 4
Vinegar (1 tablespoon) 2,3 Soy sauce (1 tablespoon) 1
Apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon) 1 Barbecue sauce (1 tablespoon) 1,8
Vinegar wine white (1 tablespoon) 1,5 Sauce sweet-sour  
Vinegar wine red (1 tablespoon) 0 (1/4 glasses) 15
Mustard (1 tablespoon) 0,5 Tomato sauce (1/4 glasses) 3,5
Cranberry sauce (1 tablespoon) 6,5 Tartare sauce (1 tablespoon) 0,5
Capers (1 tablespoon) 0,4 Gravy meat (on the basis of broth, 1/4 glasses) 3
Ginger root (1 tablespoon) 0,8 Spicy herbs (1 tablespoon) 0,1

As for such products as sausage, sausages, sausages, they need to be used carefully. The matter is that in modern production these products very often do not correspond to the maintenance of meat and meat products declared in them. Even more often these products are replaced soy that is inadmissible during maintaining the Kremlin diet. Starch is also very often added. Thus, as in these additives the huge content of carbohydrates, it is necessary to refuse their use. Of course, if you really want to benefit from diet.

In spite of the fact that the diet does not limit the use of such products as meat and cheese, it does not mean that it is possible to eat them with kilograms, and at the same time to grow thin. To increase efficiency of the Kremlin diet, it is necessary not only to consider points, but also to adhere to day regimen and the mode of dream. So, if you will not eat in 3-4 hours prior to dream, efficiency of diet will only increase.

When people address the nutritionist, him, as a rule, make approximate diet of diet. However you can manage and by own efforts. The main thing – to observe the principle of diet. In the first two weeks it is necessary to gain 20 points, and further – it is less than 40 points. As on this diet you can use a lot of meat and fishes, it is necessary to make so that they were well acquired. And for this purpose it is the best of all to use them with vegetables.

Example of the menu for week:


fried eggs from 2 eggs with ham - 1 u.a
cheese, 100 g - 1 conventional unit.
coffee or tea without sugar - 0 conventional units.

salad vegetable with champignons of 150 g - 6 conventional units.
celery soup, 250 g - 8 conventional units.
beefsteak - 0 conventional units.
tea without sugar - 0 conventional units.

Afternoon snack:
walnut nut, 50 g - 6 conventional units.

chicken of boiled, 200 g - 0 conventional units.
tomato average - 6 conventional units.

Total: 28 conventional units.


cottage cheese, 150 g - 5 conventional units.
2 boiled eggs stuffed with mushrooms - 1 conventional unit.
tea without sugar - 0 conventional units.

salad vegetable with oil, 100 g - 4 conventional units.
Russian cabbage soup with meat and sour cream, 250 g - 6 conventional units.
shish kebab, 100 g - 0 conventional units.
tea, coffee without sugar - 0 conventional units.

Afternoon snack:
cheese, 200 g - 2 conventional units.

boiled cauliflower, 100 g - 5 conventional units.
chicken breast fried - 0 conventional units.
tea without sugar - 0 conventional units.

Total: 23 conventional units.


3 sausages boiled - 0 conventional units.
eggplants fried, 100 g-5 conventional units.
tea without sugar - 0 conventional units.

salad from cabbage with oil, 100 g - 5 conventional units.
processed cheese vegetables soup, 250 g - 6 conventional units.
chop from low-fat pork, 100 g - 0 conventional units.
coffee without sugar - 0 conventional units.

Afternoon snack:
10 olives black - 2 conventional units.

tomato average - 6 conventional units.
fish of boiled, 200 g - 0 conventional units.
glass of kefir - 6 conventional units.

Total: 36 conventional units.


cauliflower salad, 100 g - 5 conventional units.
4 sausages boiled - 3 conventional units.
tea without sugar - 0 conventional units.

salad vegetable with champignons, 150 g - 6 conventional units.
chicken broth, 250 g (chicken meat piece, greens, onion) - 5 conventional units.
kebab from mutton, 100 g - 0 conventional units.
coffee without sugar - 0 conventional units.

Afternoon snack:
cheese, 200 g - 2 conventional units.

salad of sheet, 200 g - 4 conventional units.
fish of fried, 200 g - 0 conventional units.
tea without sugar - 0 conventional units.

Total: 25 conventional units.


omelet from 4 eggs with grated cheese - 3 conventional units.
tea without sugar - 0 conventional units.

grated carrots salad, 100 g - 7 conventional units.
celery soup, 250 g - 8 conventional units.
cutlet - 0 conventional units.

Afternoon snack:
peanut of 30 g - 5 conventional units.

wine dry red, 200 g - 2 conventional units.
cheese, 100 g - 1 conventional unit.
fish of boiled, 200 g - 0 conventional units.
salad of sheet, 200 g - 4 conventional units.

Total: 30 conventional units.


cheese, 100 g - 1 conventional unit.
fried eggs from 2 eggs with ham - 1 conventional unit.
green tea without sugar - 0 conventional units.

salad from cabbage and beet with sunflower oil of 100 g - 6 conventional units.
fish soup, 250 g - 5 conventional units.
roast chicken, 250 g - 5 conventional units.

Afternoon snack:
sunflower seeds are pumpkin, 50 g - 6 conventional units.

salad of sheet, 100 g - 2 conventional units.
fish of boiled, 200 g - 0 conventional units.
glass of unsweetened kefir - 10 conventional units.

Total: 31 conventional units.


4 sausages boiled - 3 conventional units.
caviar of marrow, 100 g - 8 conventional units.

cucumbers salad, 100 g - 3 conventional units.
solyanka of meat, 250 g - 5 conventional units.
chicken grill, 200 g - 0 conventional units.
tea without sugar - 0 conventional units.

Afternoon snack:
walnuts, 30 g - 4 conventional units.

tomato average - 6 conventional units.
meat boiled, 200 g - 0 conventional units.
glass of unsweetened kefir - 10 conventional units.

Total: 31 conventional units.

Indications and contraindications

показания и противопоказания

As well as any other diet, the Kremlin diet has the indications and contraindications. As we have already found out, indications to application of diet is the excess weight, and also diseases caused by it which range is extraordinary wide. Respectively, the patient is recommended to reduce the use of carbohydrates.

And as for contraindications, them are chronic diseases of heart, kidneys and vessels. The diet is also contraindicated to pregnant women who have decided to observe it without testimonies of the doctor.

Today every third has urolithic illness in a varying degree. And so, at this illness the use of fats in such quantity which is offered the Kremlin diet is forbidden. The same concerns also influence of proteins on sore kidneys.

Therefore if your health (and this diet is expected long term) to you is expensive to you it is necessary to pass initially inspection that then with clear conscience to go on diet. However if this diet suits you in all respects, you can add the cut-down amount of the consumed proteins, having filled them with vegetables which are allowed to be used according to the table of the Kremlin diet.

Features of observance of the Kremlin diet

As well as during maintaining any diet, during the Kremlin diet it is necessary to consider some of its specific features.

So, close attention as it was already told earlier, it is necessary to give to the sugar use. It is especially difficult to limit the use sugar that who on life is sweet tooth. Nutritionists call sugar long ago white death as its use does not conceal in itself anything useful to the person. Thus, and the Kremlin diet is not compatible to the sugar use.

If to pay attention to the carbohydrate table, then it is possible to see that in sugar there are 99 c.u. on hundred grams of product. And the daily carbohydrate diet has to make no more than 40 c.u. Thus, if you use only 40 grams of sugar, then you will spend all the day diet. At the same time if you eat entirely the whole chicken, then it will not do harm to diet.

особенности соблюдения кремлевской диеты

For this reason if you cannot provide the life without sweet, this diet will be given you very difficult, so, you should look for more suitable diet. But, if fruit are capable to compensate you consumption of sweet in small amount then it is worth trying as diet very productive.

In the Kremlin diet also special attention is paid to the water use. As water supports the correct water-salt balance, it also reduces load of human body. Besides, water brings slags out of organism. It is daily necessary to use not less than 1,5-2 liters of water.

One more feature which often accompanies the Kremlin diet is locks. This unpleasant phenomenon can easily be nullified if to use bran during diet. Only one tablespoon of bran is capable to return digestion to its normal state.

The main mistakes at observance of the Kremlin diet

People who have got used to eat a little and not often make the same mistake during the Kremlin diet. And meanwhile, during this diet it is necessary to eat fully and big portions. It is necessary to eat twice a day fully, and also it is necessary to have a bite twice a day. Regular consumption of food promotes normal digestion, and also saturation of organism energy. It is impossible to miss breakfast at all, otherwise all mode of diet will be spoiled. As fruit need to be excluded from diet as much as possible, those which you will use have to be rich with cellulose.

кремлевская диета During the Kremlin diet it is impossible to exclude fats from food allowance. For example, if you enter olive oil into diet, then it will do only good to your weight loss. If you were invited in restaurant or in cafe, you should not concede to diet. The Kremlin diet is way of life, but not makeshift.

By the way, huge plus of the Kremlin diet is lack of need to consider calories. The main thing is drawing up the balanced menu.

Going on diet, many women begin to exhaust themselves with sport as consider that the more loadings, the better at them it will turn out to grow thin. However it does not work in relation to the Kremlin diet. This diet is not expected intensive sports activities. All you need is to grow thin, it or to play sports in that mode which you supported before, or to enter small physical activities. Sport is benign capable to improve metabolism, and also to help to cope with problems in digestion. Perhaps, you even should not use bran.

Very important point during maintaining the Kremlin diet is exit from it. It is necessary to do it gradually as extra kilos can back return with ease. However many people accept the Kremlin diet as new way of life because it is possible to get used to it easily. Thanks to balance of diet, and also the fact that it is rather long accustoming happens very easily. Therefore after the termination of diet many continue to adhere to it all life. And it is the optimal solution because will help to consolidate the achieved results.

Gradually your weight will completely be fixed on the necessary indicator, and will not increase any more, pleasing you with good figure and excellent health.

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