There was a wish for beauty? Go to bath!

иди в баню
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Any person knows that the bath is useful to health. In bath it is possible to cure some diseases, it is possible to improve work practically of each system of organism and even psychological state! However from deep old times the people practicing bathing procedures knew that the bath adds not only health, but also beauty! Let's talk about what bathing procedures we can carry out to become more harmonous, younger or just more beautiful!

What baths happen?

The most known at us in Russia is, of course, the Russian bath, with steam room and brooms! The Russian bath is good the fact that in it work of sebaceous glands is normalized, there is excess of water organism (together with excess weight!), elasticity of skin increases.

The whole bouquet of various brooms serves business of beauty: birch clears skin; fir raises its tone; currant removes harmful substances and pollution; urticaceous normalizes work of sebaceous glands; oak warms up, removing excesses of water and increasing elasticity of muscles and skin; and many other different brooms guard beauty!

The Finnish sauna with its dry and very hot air is not less popular! The wonderful sauna allows to weaken mimic wrinkles on the face and neck; activates sweating which clears skin and at the same time deletes excess of liquid from body.

Turkish to boors it is very useful to those who are anxious with symmetry problem – and here not only there is removal of liquids from body! Special soap massage which is done only in the Turkish bath increases efficiency of anti-cellulite means. Well, and the pleasant bonus – dry skin is in addition humidified.

the pponsky bath for the present rarity, though becomes already quite famous. This bath is very useful too to those who wish to lose weight and to find symmetry. Removal of excessive liquid is followed by food of skin – together with hot water add sea salt, essential oils, and also flowers and herbs to cedar barrel!

Rituals of beauty for bath

In the Russian bath all rituals of beauty are given up visit of steam room. Before visit of steam room carry out easy peeling of face or all body to remove devitalized parts of skin and part of pollution, and then already go strenuously to sweat that pollution and harmful substances came out also time too. You can just sit (but it is short!), and you can take a steam bath venichok with all the heart – pat by fragrant broom from medical branches or herbs not only fine alternative to massage, but also pleasant cosmetic procedure of skin of all body! After have well taken a steam bath, pour over body several times water, and after completion of bathing procedures you umastit the steamed-out skin your favourite means – house or purchased. Make face packs, necks, decollete zones, use the tightening or anti-cellulite creams. You should not use masks and creams directly in steam room – they will just begin to flow, it will be unpleasant to you, and the advantage of them will not be any.

In sauna air dry therefore there are no brooms there. But in sauna it is possible to do masks! Dry and hot air has no to the movement therefore put on face, neck, decollete mask and just sit. It is possible to make the softening masks for elbows, knees, feet, even for hands and nails! You can use ready purchased means, and can prepare them independently. The simplest masks are olive oil and honey. Mix them with salt and apply on skin, and high temperature of sauna will repeatedly accelerate and will increase action of these means!

In hammama in addition to traditional soap massage you can make also the most unpretentious massage glove of loofah. Having properly warmed, start massage – walk glove on all body, including also face. If the glove seems to you too rigid for the person, then take soft srub. Such massage at very fat skin inclined to spots and acne rash is especially useful – temperature condition of the Turkish bath allows to clear skin very well! After completion of bathing procedures you can take cool shower, and then carry out the same rituals of beauty that rely also after the Russian bath – masks, creams, anti-cellulite means work after hammam very effectively!

pponsky bath – in itself ritual of beauty (plus spiritual philosophy though we speak not about it now). Wonderful essential oils, medicative herbs and special traditional additives will make anyone beautiful and healthy! The only thing, than can differ visit of the Japanese bath is special massage by hot stones. If you want symmetry and beauty of skin, agree to this addition – at the same time you will restore health!

Any bath is not just set of the clearing, revitalizing and rejuvenating rituals. It also big load of organism. Therefore after any bath it is good to be wrapped in warm terry dressing gown or at least in big bathing towel and to take a nap or to lie down just quietly hour - one and a half! The organism needs time to get used to the new, cleared state and to normalize work of all systems! Have a rest and become more beautiful and healthier!

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