Colourful diets

красочные диеты

The red diet - red color carries out the stimulating function. Red products contain natural antioxidant known as lycopene. It is enough this connection in tomatoes and other fruit (water-melons, red grapefruits and dogrose). They are easily dissolved in fats, eating them with olive oil, in the form of ketchup, tomato sauce.

Red products which, certainly, should be noted:

- Tomatoes - the real bomb of vitamins and microelements. Contain high doses of vitamin A, In and With, rich with iron and potassium, and also have numerous anticarcinogenic and anti-virus connections.

- Beet is powerful gemopoyetin

- Cranberry - rich with flavonoids and vitamins. The regular use of three glasses of cranberry juice in day increases the level of "good" cholesterol in blood for 10% that, in turn, reduces risk of heart diseases by 40%. At the same time the level of antioxidants for prevention of cancer increases by 121%.

The yellow diet - is stimulator, purifies blood and helps digestion. Products of this color need to be eaten in the spring because they stimulate glands participating in production of gastric juice to work. Lyutein - the yellow dye relating to carotinoids possesses the strengthening action on eyes (in particular, condition of retina) and provides good sight.

- The lemon - is known first of all as the vitamin C source, effectively affects lowering of arterial pressure, promotes removal of toxins from liver, kills pain, inflammation of veins.

- Onions - contain large amount of biologically active agents, such as essential oils, vitamins, pectins, proteins, minerals, etc. Green leaves of onions contains vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, carotene, mineral substances, including significant amount of calcium and potassium.

- Bananas - contain all vitamins. Reduce stress, stimulate gastrointestinal tract and prevent hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Very high content of potassium in bananas reduces risk of heart attacks and prevents developing of stomach ulcer, helps with fight against diarrhea.

The orange diet - orange color, is result of presence of carotinoids - also known as beta carotene. It reduces the level of cholesterol and participates in vitamin A creation. Orange color also protects skin from free radicals and repairs the damaged structure of DNA, preventing aging process.

Carrots - except for one small side effect in the form of orange skin color in case of its excess consumption, are real hero of natural medicine. Prevents cancer, improves sight and condition of skin, maintains immunity, accelerates healing of wounds, and also it is useful in treatment of many chronic viral infections.

The green diet is a clearing diet, influences digestion and regulates blood pressure. Green vegetables are source of microelements and vitamins. Green color is too sign of folic acid and sulforafan who prevents inborn defects of the child.

Avocado - helps to stabilize blood pressure. Thanks to the high nutritional value avocado is used in fight against barmy infections.

Spinach - the operating antimicrobic means, contains large amount of acids which promote formation of stones in kidneys, it should be used in moderate quantities to people with tendency to formation of stones, and rheumatism. Treat advantages of spinach: assistance to immune system, especially at cancer diseases, stimulation of liver, maintenance of appropriate condition of skin and muscles.

The violet diet - helps to get rid of fatigue and has the clearing effect. Favorably influences bones. Violet products it is obliged in the color to anti-cyanine which has outstanding anti-oxidizing properties and is useful in fight against infections in urinary tract. The violet-blue menu also protects cells of brain and prevents aging.

- Bilberry - contains more antioxidants, than any other fruit and vegetables, it our the best the ally in fight against the nervous cages dying in brain.

- Blackcurrant, black-fruited mountain ash - will protect our organism from tumors and will promote dissolution of slime in airways for the prevention of diseases of trachea and bronchial tubes.