Beautiful figure in hands of parents

красивая фигура в руках родителей

Alas, but very often we adults become responsible, the fact that our children begin to suffer from excess weight. Not for nothing British violently discussed in due time question of protection of the rights of the juveniles having obesity. The government, according to the British physicians, should have treated parents of kids who have obesity less loyally. And to consider excess body weight at children as neglect the duties from their parents.

Overfeeding children, we as a result strongly complicate to them life. And matter not only in diseases which accompany obesity, but it also difficulties in children's collective. Children constantly remind it that it fuller is more sluggish, more slowly, than they. Without speaking already about offensive nicknames from which children even more suffer. Very few people reflect that the figure of the person begins to form from the first days of life, and it is especially important to support the weight of little children as fatty cages are inclined to division only till five years within norm, to t.a their quantity will increase to this time, and after five years fatty cages begin to grow in the sizes, to increase and be poured by fat. And if here the excess ballast "inflating" fatty cages it is possible to get rid of it, controlling the food, then the quantity of fatty cages will remain with the child for the rest of life.

If the child eats and moves as everything, but all the same gains excess weight, then it is necessary to see doctor. First of all to the pediatrician, and then neurologist. The center of fatty exchange is in brain, and different neuroinfections, injuries and the increased intracranial pressure can cause irritation in the center of digestion and thirst, as a result the child constantly wants to eat and suffers from strong desire to drink. It will be necessary to visit also office of the endocrinologist.

If the child was overcome only by kilograms, it is possible to correct situation, having slightly limited the kid in food, having appointed suitable physical activity, massage and other procedures. But reality such is that most often not hormonal activity, not diseases, but that unhealthy way of life is guilty of completeness of our children. And already it also leads then to violations of exchange processes, loosens activity of hormones, leading to development of diabetes, hypertension and other pleasant additions "to sweets".

Not strongly be zealous in forcing the child is. One of the main reasons of set of weight - constant having a snack, it it is necessary to stop. You should not eat more than five times a day is optimal variant both for children and for adults. Portions of food have to be small even if you eat one vegetables. The matter is that the plentiful food stretches stomach. And to owners of the stretched stomachs not to overeat, it is necessary to eat low-calorie products constantly. To you it is not necessary and feed the child before going to bed. But here the child has to have breakfast surely. It is not necessary to leave the house hungry. First, in empty stomach acidic environment forms that leads to decrease in immunity. Secondly, left without breakfast, the organism develops the protective mechanism against similar injustice: time have not fed once, it can repeat. Therefore during the lunchtime, the organism will absorb in itself everything that in its forces that "to stock up for the future".

Often excess weight appears at the children overfed at chest age. As always, the kids who are on natural feeding fall into much more advantageous position, than children bottle-fed babies who in further suffer from excessive weight more often. The matter is that from small bottle it is simpler to child to suck therefore he eats mix quicker and can eat more put before feels saturation. Gradually bigger volume of food becomes usual for the child, and if to limit it in food, the kid will hunger. There is nothing good in it as fat children get up on legs later, start walking later. If you are forced to feed the kid from small bottle, pick up elastic pacifier with small opening that the child made efforts at suction.

Well and of course you remember that though physical activities are very important and necessary, but without correction of food of due effect will not give.