Artful chocolate

коварный шоколад

''Sweet feeds brain therefore it is useful''.

The outdated and irrelevant phrase though not all people know that actually sugar it has no nutrition value and for our organism not only it is not useful, and it is even harmful.

On the TV there is advertizing and who - that languid and steady voice assures us that THIS chocolate bar contains set of vitamins and therefore having had a bite it, you will at once feel inflow of forces.

The most interesting that there will always be people who, unfortunately, will believe in it. Having a snack sweet is really hazardous to health.

First, sugar is very caloric, on 100 grams contains 392 calories. As it has been already told, in sugar there are neither vitamins, nor minerals, nor proteins and fats. Eating sweet, especially on hungry stomach, your pancreas instantly throws out insulin in blood.

As sugar is simple carbohydrate with high glycemic index, it is at once acquired and right there is feeling of hunger, by the way there is a wish sweet again, all know that sweet causes dependence as, for example, alcohol or drugs.

Sharp emission, and then fast falling of insulin causes headache, irritability, fatigue and even aggression. Having a bite every day sweet, you overload your pancreas that as a result can lead to diabetes, and also deprive your organism of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for it for normal functioning.

Insulin - pancreas secret, thus has continuous jumps up - down. The human cage has certain number of insulin receptors, from 5000 to 20000, for comparison: the person who is engaged in bodybuilding has 20000, and office unsportsmanlike worker - 5000. Therefore it is important to play sports!

At large amount of the consumed cage sugar against the stop are filled with glucose and block entrance of new portion of sugar, for the purpose of self-defense. The crowded cages cease ''to let in'' insulin. Thus, insulin receptors gradually lose the function, and free insulin remains in blood unoccupied. So there is resistance to insulin.

Besides, free insulin provokes constant inflammation in organism, causing thus different diseases. Sugar lowers immunity, causes caries, deficit of B1 vitamin, blocks metabolism of magnesium and provokes oxidation of organism. Besides, fungi and cancer cells eat sugar, demanding more and more sweet from organism.

To avoid all these dangerous troubles, it is necessary to exclude white sugar, and also white flour, white loaf, white rice from food and to eat integral products.

Instead of sweet eat fruit, occasionally affording piece of dark chocolate. Some sweet fruit have high glycemic index therefore do not eat them on hungry stomach.

Carbohydrates contains in many products: vegetables, fruit, bean grain, etc. so be not afraid to leave your brain without food.

You remember - sugar is dead food. On the experience I know how it is difficult to refuse it. The main thing - will hold on without sugar at least week then your organism will be cleared and will not pull you so strongly on sweet any more!

So, any bars and tea with sugar. Soon enough will seem to you strange as you drank tea with sugar earlier.

Having refused sweet, you improve condition of skin, sugar causes premature wrinkles, and also will get rid of excess weight, naturally, following other rules of healthy lifestyle. Generally is or is not, the choice for you now!