Correction of figure by means of the use in food of brown rice

диета с коричневым рисом

Slim beautiful figure – dream of each woman. However often happens not easy to support itself in shape. For example, plentiful festive feasts immediately affect figure. The fatal role in addition of extra kilos can be played and any stress "to jam" such factors as sedentary work, or habit sweets, or addiction to high-calorific kitchen, and also banal laziness …

In recent years fight for beautiful figure is entered by more and more diets. Their huge number, but what to do if on search of the program which is optimum suitable for itself just there is no time. You never know, very important action on which you are simply obliged to flash the beauty and symmetry can in three days at you. Or perhaps goes your favourite dress to pieces, or at favourite skirt are not buttoned. Exit is - it is fast diet what the system of correction of figure by means of the use in food of brown rice is.

The clearing diet with brown rice lasts only 3 days. But at its correct observance and for such small interval of time it is possible to achieve prompt weight reduction. The balanced low-calorie food leads to fast weight loss. Of course, such extreme conditions can render on you some psychological loading. However then you will be proud of the will power and symmetry of figure.

Essence of this diet in the following: for three days during the day it is necessary to eat three portions of brown not polished rice, at the same time 1 portion makes 60 g. Besides it is necessary to include in day diet about 100 g of fruit (they at desire can be replaced with dried fruits) and 300-400 g of different vegetables from which it is possible to make broths or salads. Vegetable salads can be filled with tablespoon of not refined olive oil (for the same purpose also vinegar, only natural and can serve in small amount). In the morning on hungry stomach surely drink glass of mineral or table water, herbal tea (well will approach camomile, lime, from coltsfoot), fruit or vegetable juice. In general, the use of liquid in large number – one of important conditions of this diet.

We will study the approximate menu below for every day of diet.

So, in the first day for breakfast it is possible to eat portion of rice, with the lemon dried peel added to it, plus one apple. The lunch can consist of 200 ml of vegetable broth, about 50 g of green salad, the rice filled with olive oil and with addition of greens (fennel perfectly will approach). In the first day and for dinner it is necessary to eat vegetable broth, portion of the rice prepared together with carrots and vegetable marrow. Here vegetables about 100 g will be required.

Next day to have breakfast rice, having added to it dried peel of lemon and having filled with 30 grams of 10% sour cream. To have a dinner with vegetable broth, and portion of rice with vegetables. It is necessary to have supper the same dishes, as for lunch, only not to forget to accept the sufficient volume of liquid.

In the third day during morning meal it is possible to add 50 ml of skim milk to rice. Also to eat fruit salad with addition of oat flakes (about 30 g). For lunch the portion of vegetable broth, the salad cut from 60 g of garden radish and 40 g of greens, and prepared on couple 60 g of brown rice and 40 g of carrots is required. For dinner – also vegetables broth, portion of rice with addition of seeds of sunflower (20 g) and fresh parsley (30 g). Between meals we do not forget to drink large amount of liquid!

It is necessary to pass to normal food gradually. After its termination within three days it is not desirable to eat meat products and milk dishes in large numbers. In this period it is good to eat macaroni, rice, dishes with addition of bran.

Progress! Good luck are also beautiful!