Correct food at fitness classes

корректное питание при занятиях фитнесом

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Fitness classes can give you and surely will give, at the correct approach, beautiful and sound body.

But it is necessary to understand that it is not gratuitous. Trainings take away large amount of energy, and the more actively you are engaged, the you spend more forces. Right there is question and how to recover energy?

The answer is very simple – by means of healthy sleep and the balanced food. Sounds there is no place more simply, however admit to yourself that you hardly eat food, useful to fitness, or, at least, not always. Though, you can check yourself: if you eat according to below the written rules, then you on right way. If is not present, then be reconstructed rather if you want to achieve quicker worthy result in fitness!

So, we will begin analysis from the very beginning, namely – with purchase of products.

On store counters will watch colourful boxes with the image of juicy ready dish at you. It is as you had to guess, about semi-finished products. Yes, they have number of indisputable advantages in comparison with usual products. First, they prepare quicker, secondly, the sum which will leave on polofubrikat, there will be less cumulative cost of products necessary for preparation of the same dish most. However whether it is possible to trust the extensive list of vitamins on box from semi-finished products? It very hardly, but, preparing dish manually, you know as in what quantity you have put so if you want that food promoted, but did not interfere with you, then the choice is obvious.

Now we will pass to way of cooking. In principle, equally it is useful both to cook, and to soar products. The last preserves slightly more vitamins. Anyway, you should not fry food, in the course of frying a lot of fat, and also different kontseragena is emitted. You should not abuse different sauces, in particular, mayonnaise. First, they are too caloric, secondly, you should not forget that they kill the true taste of food.

You should not bring yourself to acute sense of hunger, otherwise it is possible to eat too much including products, harmful to you, when getting very hungry, it is possible to clear easily full frying pan of fried meat and potato. Therefore, eat less better, but is more often. So your organism will be always saturated necessary vitamins.

If to speak more specifically, then eat more proteinaceous food as chicken, fish and dairy products, she promotes growth of muscle fibers. Also you should not forget about the products containing fast carbohydrates: vegetables, products with rather small content of sugar, bread from coarse flour. Also take into consideration that after active training in your organism the so-called carbohydrate window which duration is equal to about an hour opens. During this period of time carbohydrates are acquired most fully so if you are going to eat densely, then it is better to do it after training.

Certainly, if you the big sweet tooth and fast food, then can not dream of beautiful and slim figure. But if you, for some reason, have decided to be engaged in fitness, then precisely have to know it.

Drink as much as possible water. Thanks to water, your muscles will be quicker recovered that is explained by the accelerated conclusion of lactic acid – by-product from physical activity. Besides, in water, unlike other liquids there are no concentrates, it possesses rather small diuretic properties, and also does not destroy our internals as some all the known drinks it is from America.

Remember that food as fuel. If to fuel low-quality, then it will not be possible to reach tops.