We nurse and grow thin

кормим грудью и худеем
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Practically each woman after the delivery faces problem of the excess weight gained during pregnancy.

In fight against hated kilograms of the woman use various means: keep to diets, limit themselves in food, absorb different wonderful powders and pills. Unfortunately, all these receptions not always lead to the necessary result, often negatively affect possibility of breastfeeding and sometimes become the reason of lack of breast milk.

Naturally, any loving and sane mother will not begin to risk health and wellbeing of the child for the sake of slim figure. It does not mean that it is necessary to lower hands and to daily observe in mirror as ill-fated kilograms do figure more magnificent and roundish. It is possible to grow thin softly and to return the former form without harm to health of the kid.

Step 1. The most important to believe in opportunity to grow thin and find slim figure.

At the same time is not necessary aims at instant results, sharp weight loss will only put stress to organism that can negatively will be reflected in feeding of the child by breast. Now every day spent with small "Happiness" can rejoice, and the good positive spirit will help with fight against extra kilos and centimeters.

Step 2. Food of the woman during feeding by breast becomes more correct, caring about health of the child, mother excludes set of harmful products from food: fat meat, hot spices and seasonings, garlic, horse-radish, smoked products and sweets.

All this will be only plus in achievement of goal. But it is necessary to remember that the food has to be nutritious, contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates for the full-fledged growth and development of your kid. At diet there shall be porridges, fermented milk products, vegetables, fruit, low-fat meat, fish. The best option of cooking is suppression or steam boiling. The crock-pot can become the excellent assistant in it. This multifunction device cooks food independently, keeping in it maximum of advantage and minimum of calories, thereby saving your precious time.

Step 3. Obligatory step in fight against excess weight after the delivery is removal of slags and toxins from organism.

After the child's birth quite often the woman has such problems as abdominal distension, painful spasms, spots, discomfort and even metabolic disorder. All this is consequence of accumulation in organism of harmful substances and can lead to emergence of more serious problems. It is necessary to fight against such symptoms surely, the best means for this purpose is Fitomutsil — the natural complex recovering normal work of intestines. This absolutely safe and very effective remedy, it does not contain gluten, sugar, food dyes and flavoring additives. Fitomutsil it is authorized to apply even on small terms of pregnancy and during breastfeeding as it consists for 100% from natural components. Its quality is confirmed with the Russian society of obstetricians-gynecologists and the Russian gastroenterologichesky association. It possesses pleasant tastes, is ideally combined with kefir, juice or yogurt. In addition to the main objectives, Fitomutsil perfectly copes with hunger therefore he perfectly will be suitable for the use in evening or night time.

Step 4. Naturally, the chief assistant in fight against excess weight is sport, but, holding the small child, it is not so simple to find free time for visit of gym, the pool or morning jog.

Newly made mother during the day needs to wash, stroke, make lunch, to do the cleaning and, naturally, the main part of time to give to care of the child. At such day regimen there will hardly be forces on physical exercises. But you should not despair. It is possible to look at household chores on the other hand, it is necessary to turn only all the cares on the house into some kind of exercises by means of which it is possible to take desirable shape gradually: on walk with the child to go fast pace and to sufficient distance, to wash the floors hands, but not mop, to lift objects from floor without squatting, to dance, holding the child on hands, for 15-20 minutes a day. The main thing, not types of exercises and time spent for them, and regularity of their performance. Your activity during the day - the best way to symmetry.

Step 5. In aspiration to grow thin do not forget to care also for the skin, use the special moistening and tightening cosmetics, take contrast shower.

Following only several these rules, it is possible will get rid of hated kilograms, to return former forms without drastic measures, stresses and harm for health of your child.

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