Medicinal properties of cinnamon

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Medicinal properties of cinnamon, this tasty and useful seasoning, are known long ago. References of it occur in ancient books of China and in the bible. Now most often it is possible to get cinnamon, it is from China or the Ceylon island. Cinnamon contains huge amount of the substances bringing benefit to our organism. This iron, calcium, cinnamyl acetate, magnesium, essential oils, cinnamic alcohol, aldehyde and many other things.

The advantage of cinnamon is used for fight against diabetes. This seasoning possesses the disinfecting properties, in particular, the cinnamon added to dish destroys colibacillus. Quite often it is used as means of clarification of organism from slags.

Cinnamon shows positive properties also in relation to brain of the person, improving your visual memory and attentiveness. Also this seasoning is applied to the prevention of cancer diseases (for example, colon cancer), clearing organism of salts of bile acids. Apply it and to reduce probability of emergence of diarrheas and locks.

Besides cinnamon lowers gas generation in organism, struggles with the diseases connected with loss of interest to surrounding (apathy, depression). Useful properties of cinnamon are shown at fight against catarrhal diseases as it possesses the good warming-up properties.

In addition to application of cinnamon in cookery and for treatment of organism, it is also actively applied in cosmetology and perfumery.