Control of weight

контроль за весом
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Why it is bad to have both excess, and insufficient weight?

Though the deviation in weight in this or that party is not symptom of serious disease at all, strong withdrawal from norm can lead to deterioration in health.

Easy weight "shortage" does not constitute danger. At the same time, the obesity (defined usually as exceeding of the norm of weight depending on growth and age for 20% and more) involves risk of heart diseases, increases of pressure, formation of gallstones and diabetes. As a result of pressure of excessive weight upon bones and joints osteochondrosis of knee, pelvic and lumbar areas develops. The fat collecting in breast and under diaphragm causes predisposition to bronchitis.

But if it is difficult for you to lose weight and not to gain it again, do not despair. It is better even to have constant weight slightly above norm, than to dump kilograms and to gain them again in infinite - and stressful — attempts to grow thin.

Diets conduct to obesity - the truth or delusion

Diets are usually not directed to change of style of food and occupation by physical exercises.

Other nasty party of low-calorie diets on which it is necessary to consume no more than 800 calories a day, - that that the organism compensates shortage of usual calories by delay of metabolism.

When you return to usual style of food, the organism does not need so many calories, as to diet any more. And it just accumulates their surplus in the form of fat.

Hormonal imbalance

My brother is convinced that he is obliged by the excess weight to hormonal imbalance. Whether so it?

гормональный дисбаланс Hormonal violations can cause obesity, but only if they — I diagnostiruyemoit part medical syndrome, say, of syndrome of Kashinga with dysfunction of hypophysis and adrenal glands. Passivity of thyroid gland also leads to delay of metabolism. And though many believe the return, obesity is extremely seldom caused by hormonal imbalance. Most likely your brother just eats too much greasy and sweet food and does not play sports.

Often weight - business hereditary. As a rule, family members lead similar life and equally eat, and even equally dislike physical activity. The healthy food and regular physical activity will help it to achieve healthy weight.

How not to gain weight

After months-long "sitting" on diet, I at last have reached ideal weight. How to me to fix it, adhering to usual food?

как не набрать вес Now you need to continue to adhere to the healthy, balanced diet for the rest of the life and to keep the physical activity.

Do not refuse forever cakes, puddings, creams, chips, pies, mayonnaise and oil, but do not include them in daily diet.

You watch to consuming high-calorific food.

Instead eat more vegetables, fruit, pastries from unscreened flour, bean - they are nutritious also sytna, and to you will not add weight.

Movement or diet

As it is better to lose weight: is less or to move more?

движение или диета Both. Physical exercises help to lose weight, but in itself are inefficient. To burn only 400 g of subcutaneous fat, it is necessary to walk about 80 km. Reduction of diet will help to lose weight, but without physical exercises metabolism will be slow not to achieve also the maximum result to you.

For most of people the easiest way to reduce number of calories — 01 to ranichit consumption of the food rich with fats and sugar.

Be adjusted on the fact that weight loss — process long. Set to yourself the object to dump 0,5 — 1 kg in week. There are no such magic diets which would relieve you of unnecessary kilograms for several days. Even if for week completely to refuse food - that is extremely dangerous, then loss of weight will make only 2,3 kg.

Councils how to reduce consumption of calories

My doctor says that I need to dump at least kilograms 20. How to make it?

снизить потребление калорий The most probable cause of your excess weight is that you ate long time more, than it is required to your organism.

The best way safely and for a long time to lose weight — to change lifestyle, including to adhere to the balanced diet with the low content of fats and to be engaged regularly in physical exercises.

In the theory it sounds simply, but to get rid in practice of habit hardly to overeat. It is difficult for very corpulent people to be engaged in exercises because of their completeness. However, you can increase the activity set of ways - we will tell, coming for long walks or more often using ladders, but not the elevator.

You will be helped by the following councils:

  • Eat only when you are really hungry.
  • At first swallow everything that at you in mouth, and only then gather new portion of food on fork.
  • Do not eat behind reading or viewing of TV programs.
  • You do not keep greasy food in the house.
  • Go to shop right after food when the type of products does not tempt your stomach.
  • Communicate with those who, as well as you, want to grow thin.

Before passing to diet with the lowered calorie content, buy the reference book with the indication of caloric content of products and exact kitchen scales and write down everything that you eat.

Safe weight loss

p I am not able to count calories and to measure portions, and I should grow thin. Whether there are no councils more simply?

благополучное похудение The food is pleasure, and it is the best of all to lose weight, adhering to diet which to you is pleasant and fits into your way of life. All other ways are inefficient.

Though some people are also ready to consider calories, it is almost impossible to do it so you are right in the searches of easier way to lose weight.

Choose nourishing products with the low content of fat, such as macaroni, rice, potatoes with big portion of salad, seasoning to it should not contain a lot of fat, vegetables with small piece of fast meat, fish, boiled egg, seafood or bean too. The sandwich from roll of rough grinding with shrimps, fast ham, cottage cheese and leaf of salad will satisfy your appetite, and will add calories a little. More carefully with ready sandwiches: they occasionally contain a lot of oil, margarine or mayonnaise. Refuse alcohol and sweet food which add to organism excess calories.

Whether tablets are useful to weight loss and dietary products?

таблетки для похудания и диетические продукты Reception of tablets for weight loss helps quickly enough, but temporarily to lose weight, also quite often they have serious side effects.

The majority of nonprescription tablets for weight loss contains diuretics (teas for weight loss contain also light laxatives). Such tablets expel liquid from organism and dehydrate organism. Because of it the organism can lose necessary minerals and vitamins. What these tablets do not do, so it do not burn fat.

Tablets on the basis of bran and other types of cellulose inflating in stomach and the satiety giving feeling, do not burn fat too. At the wrong application such slimming aids can sometimes block stomach that can have serious effects.

The means which are chemically dulling appetite do not solve weight loss problem too. They cause accustoming, have the mass of side effects. Working as amphetamines, tablets for weight loss interrupt sleep and cause depression.

The optimum way to grow thin quickly and for a long time to keep the achieved result is regular physical exercises and diet with the low content of fats and sugar.

Your weight - is excessive, insufficient or normal

Normal weight depends on your addition. That to define it, measure the to zaplechya in the bottleneck, at joint. At women volume less than 14 cm speaks about brittle addition, 14 – 16,5 cm – about average and over 16,5 about dense.

At men volume less than 16,5 cm means brittle addition, 16,5 – 18 cm – average, and over 18 cm – dense.

Having found out the addition on measurement of wrist, it is possible to define norm of weight by the body weight index (BWI). It is calculated division of weight in kilograms on growth in meters squared. So the woman with growth of 163 cm and weighing 64 kg needs to increase 1,63 on 1,63, and then to divide 64 into the received work (2,66) – IMT will be equal to 24.

контроль за весом