Useful properties of cranberry

полезные свойства клюквы
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Useful properties of cranberry are known long ago and everywhere. And all thanks to contents in it such substances as iron, phosphorus, iodine, potassium, manganese, calcium, magnesium, naphthoquinone (vitamin K), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Riboflavinum (B2 vitamin), thiamin (B1 vitamin), nicotinic acid (RR vitamin), tannins, glucose, fructose and many other things.

The advantage of cranberry will be estimated by the people wishing to remain as long as possible young and beautiful, so it interferes with presenilation of skin. Besides this berry kills microbes in the oral cavities promoting emergence of caries.

Juice from cranberry can be used at cold to bring down temperature. Also it positively influences work of brain, improving operation of the musculoskeletal device and your memory.

It is useful for the people who are often in the environment to use this berry with the increased maintenance of radiation as it clears organism of heavy metals.

The cranberry will help and at the problems connected with urinogenital system, well influences work of vessels and heart. Besides, it is useful to use this berry for acceleration of healing of wounds and prevention of cancer diseases, stomach ulcers of stomach and prostate.

The benzoic acid which is contained in cranberry allows without considerable losses in useful substances long enough to store it in the frozen and dried look.