Kiwi for health and weight loss

киви для здоровья
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Kiwi - fruit extremely useful, tasty and favourite practically all. Appreciate this "the Chinese gooseberry" not only unusual taste, but also esthetic look, bright color, advantage for health and figure.

It appears, the advantage of kiwi for weight loss is huge - these fruits contain very few calories (only 50 calories on hundred grams of berries) and a lot of the most different useful substances and vitamins.

What vitamins to contain in kiwi

Kiwi - the real storeroom of the nature, contains in it the mass of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, microelements, cellulose. On many indicators of kiwi - the champion among other berries and fruit.

The vitamin row which is contained in kiwi is very wide. Large number in fruits contains vitamin C - about 92 mg on 100 g of berry, it is more than in citrus, currant and paprika.

Also B2, B3, B9 vitamins (folic acid) and B6 (in 100 g of berry 4% of day norm of this vitamin contain) are part of kiwi.

Except this kiwi contains vitamins A, E, D, nicotinic acid.

Micro and the macrocells which are part of kiwi:

  • magnesium (30 mg on 100 g)
  • potassium (300 mg on 100 g)
  • sodium (3 mg on 100 g)
  • calcium (40 mg on 100 g)
  • iron (0,41 mg on 100 g)
  • phosphorus (34 mg on 100 g)
  • zinc
  • manganese

About 10% in kiwi are made by monosaccharides, disaccharides and cellulose. Also the fact that in this berry at least of calories - only 50 on 100 g of product, it does kiwi by irreplaceable food product for "dieters" and the people aiming at weight loss is remarkable.

List of useful properties of kiwi

☀ In organism the metabolism and hormonal background is normalized;

☀ Are useful to immunity strengthening;

☀ Favorably affect bone and muscular fabrics, and also strengthen vessels;

☀ Kiwis neutralize effect of toxins and nitrates;

☀ Improve digestion after plentiful feast and split fats;

☀ Kiwis help to bring excess cholesterol out of human body;

☀ Strengthen nervous system and help from stress;

☀ Kiwis are useful and are even necessary at pregnancy;

In what advantage of kiwi for women

Our exotic fruit exerts very beneficial influence female organism

the B6 Vitamin which is part of kiwi supports female health when using of oral contraceptives by it.

☀ Useful properties of kiwi at pregnancy are also proved not once. Shortage of the folic acid necessary for full development of pre-natal fruit, this fruit will fill.

☀ the Use of kiwi will be able to prevent premature canities of hair at women, on having longer kept their healthy gloss and natural color.

Than it is useful to kiwi to men

Will be not less useful to strong half of mankind of kiwi, than beautiful women and future mothers.

☀ The matter is that the structure of this Chinese gooseberry - better than any dope lifts organism, puts it on legs and helps the man to find with itself forces in order that again and again to prove that he is man. Not accidentally, in food allowance of athletes it is very often possible to meet this fruit.

Recommendations about the use of kiwi

If you have bought immature kiwis, put them in paper or cellophane package and add one banana there. Being near banana in package, kiwis will very quickly ripen. As soon as kiwis ripen, clean banana.

The kiwi can store in the refrigerator from 2 weeks to one month, and sometimes more. Kiwis are not accustomed to decay or dry. Very convenient fruit.

The "shaggy" thin skin of kiwi is quite edible. It is known that under thin skin fruit and berries contain the most large amount of vitamins therefore ideally it is not necessary to husk. If decide to eat fruit with thin skin to benefit at most from kiwi, carefully wash up fruit, having rubbed thin skin brush. After that cut fruit in rings or cubes. The thin skin of kiwi is cellulose, so necessary for our intestines!

The kiwi can be used not only for preparation of fruit salads, cocktails and decoration of cakes. To taste and aroma sweet-sour kiwis perfectly are in harmony with meat and red fish. In it there is also advantage: kiwis contain the substances promoting the best digestion of protein.

The kiwi is perfectly combined with seafood: for example, it is possible to connect in salad bowl of shrimp, the torn lettuce leaves and cubes of kiwi, - the refreshing, easy and very useful salad is ready to mix and fill with olive oil! The kiwi can be used and as one of stuffing components for sushi of beaters.

Kiwi - diets for weight loss

Approximate menu of kiwi diet per day

For the first breakfast we eat porridge and piece of low-fat cheese. For the second breakfast - the fruit salad from one kiwi and apple seasoned with yogurt spoon.

The lunch can consist of meatless soup on mushroom or chicken broth, piece of boiled chicken, vegetable salad.

During afternoon snack it is necessary to eat two fruits of kiwi.

For dinner we will make low-fat cottage cheese with pieces of kiwi and other berries, from drinks herbal tea is recommended.

Before going to bed it is necessary to drink cocktail from the low-fat yogurt and kiwi which is shaken up by the blender.

The diet option calculated on 4 days


fruit salad from kiwi, green apples, grapefruit, five spoons of oat flakes and couple of spoons

germinated wheat which are filled in with natural yogurt or the fat-free serum.

Second breakfast:

cocktail from kiwi for weight loss - very easy, tasty and nutritious. For its preparation it is required to you: one cleared kiwi, lemon juice, one spoon of germinated wheat, branch of mint and the fat-free kefir. All this is mixed and shaken up the mixer or the blender, and then decorated with the crushed pistachios.


cream of wheat with honey spoon. It is very easy to prepare it: dilute the necessary quantity of semolina on half with water and skim milk. Only do not take in head saccharite, instead put a little honey in the cooled-down porridge. From above cut kiwi small pieces and strawberry, add yogurt tablespoon. Porridge is ready!


from skim cheese, glass of kefir and kiwi make cocktail by means of the mixer.

All four days of the menu it is invariable. During diet it is necessary to drink not less than 1,5 pure liters a day!

Diet for 2 weeks

The approximate menu for the first day


boiled egg, cheese sandwich, cup of coffee or tea without sugar, 3 kiwis.


250 g of chicken boiled breast, vegetable salad, 5 pieces of kiwi.


250 g of low-fat cottage cheese, juice or tea without sugar, 3 kiwis. Before going to bed to drink glass of one-percentage kefir.

For the second day


fried eggs, piece of rye bread or small loaf, glass of any fruit juice, 2 features of kiwi.


250 g of boiled chicken breast, vegetables salad, 5 kiwis.


low-fat cottage cheese of 250 g, glass of juice, 3 pieces of kiwi. Before going to bed to eat no more than 30 g of cheese.

Within two weeks it is necessary to alternate days.

The diet is carried out not more often than once in 2-3 months. It is necessary to leave it smoothly, gradually adding products from the usual menu. Especially it concerns spices. Average loss of weight makes 5 kg.

Medicinal properties of kiwi

The kiwi strengthens immune system and stimulates development of kallogen. In order that after lunch you were not tormented by heartburn and weight in stomach, it is necessary to eat one kiwi.

The kiwi has also other medicinal properties, it is capable to burn bad fats which block arteries, and it leads to decrease in risk of formation of blood clots and emergence warmly of insufficiency.

Also the kiwi helps at the raised blood pressure, it promotes pressure decrease.

Availability of potassium in kiwi lowers symptoms of yododefitsit.

Vitamin C reduces risk of developing of disease of infections of airways at adults and children.

Also vitamin C is irreplaceable during catarrhal diseases and for prevention of flu. Regular consumption of kiwi reduces symptoms of bronchial asthma at children of early age.

The kiwi possesses antineoplastic properties. Also it is applied at oncological diseases (colon cancer).

Kiwi it is capable to bring out of organism excesses of sodium.

Also kiwis use for disposal of stones in kidneys.

Who cannot eat kiwi

Of course, it is impossible to go to far in kiwi, and the fasting day on kiwi can be arranged only if there are no contraindications and allergy. This fruit can be harmful to organism for three reasons:

You have allergy to citrus. Because of large amount of vitamin C of kiwi it is considered allergenic fruit.

You have gastritis, stomach ulcer, or you observe problems with acidity of gastric juice.

Perhaps, you can eat in small amounts less widespread yellow kiwi, it is sweet and contains few acids.

The laxative effect of kiwi does not allow to use this fruit in large numbers to the people inclined to diarrhea.

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