The Chinese medicine - one of the most ancient medical systems

китайская медицина

The Chinese medicine - one of the most ancient medical systems with centuries-old experience of application of physical methods of treatment and medicines of natural origin. Also literature on the Chinese medicine is extensive. In it knowledge and experience of philosophers and doctors of last eras carefully remain.

The European science studied and continues to study heritage of the Chinese medicine, but results remain until recently more, than modest.

One of the essential reasons constraining acquaintance of the interested readers and specialists with phenomenon of the Chinese medicine is lack of close translations of its sources on other languages and the qualified comments to them. In particular, one of the most ancient and most valuable Chinese treatises on medicine - "Difficult questions", or Nanjing, - never was translated earlier into Russian.

Let's note how one of important features of the treatise, attention of his creators to the thinnest features of psychology of the patient; to his mood, health and complaints; to the reasons of external and internal display of illness. The appendix of classical and modern comments in many respects facilitate reading very difficult ancient text abounding allegorical and symbolical images, helping to approach understanding as bonds between the person and environment are numerous and multidimensional.

In wider plan we see now that the text of Nanjing should be qualified as the monument of ancient Chinese culture interesting not only for doctors, but also for historians, philologists, philosophers, ethnographers and everything, interested in literature of the East and interior.

The Chinese medicine exists several thousands of years. And in China and around the world it plays the very large role in preservation of human health.

But at the same time those who deeply study the Chinese medicine test big lack of knowledge of her theoretical questions. In general very few people read classical works on the Chinese medicine.

"Difficult questions" - Nanjing is one of four main classical treatises of the Chinese medicine: To it - jing, Nanjing, the pharmacological treatise Shennong and the book about treatment of sharp inflammatory diseases of Shanghanlun.