Grow thin with pleasure

худейте с удовольствием

And again we will talk about diets! As they say: "prepare sledge in the summer". Now it is a high time to think of the figure while time still is. That it was not necessary then in panic, with shouts and nervous wrest of hair to deliberate on subject: "What now to do? From tomorrow issue, and I am not located in favourite shorts. About bathing suit so in general the speech cannot be!". Also it is not necessary to arrange to the unfortunate organism shokoterapiya by full refusal of food, as from "addiction"!

I hope, you also understand that unique wonderful diets: "minus 5 kilograms in three hours" which all essence consists of the use of cucumbers with milk not especially will be able to rescue you. Besides you should not forget about the health which needs to be protected!

Such we, girls, girls, women: or we eat everything without discrimination or at all nothing. We are inclined to extremes and it is difficult to do something with it! Difficult, but it is not impossible!

The Internet fills with unique diets: diets on blood type, diets from show business stars, diets for fast weight loss, etc. Now let's understand to choose, at last, for themselves the most suitable diet.

Let's begin with show business stars: first, let's not forget that well-founded "people from covers" are able to afford to spend blood in rather large number for personal trainers, nutritionists and massage therapists. Secondly, at their way of life, they could adhere accurately to diets if today you in Moscow, tomorrow in Kiev, and the day after tomorrow do not understand what any more it is the country? Besides constant "parties" and receptions which will hardly allow to use for dinner half of apple and 115 grams of boiled, not salty meat. Truth?

Unique diets "for fast weight loss"? Been there, done that! p has tried the sea of diets which cornerstone is as accurate distribution on days, hours, products and grams, and diets at the heart of which, only one product, but any quantity. And everything that I can tell: does not work!!! More precisely, works, but at all not as we would like it. All diets have result with effect of boomerang: the dumped kilograms, all the same will return! And it is good if only to return those that were to diet, without new "friends". Such diets perfectly approach, only if ahead grandiose event, for example, wedding. Then it is possible to sit week on not salty rice, to subdue all the figure at wedding (the bride you or the guest, it is unimportant) and then to return to former form. Such diets do not work in the long term! Once, before trip at the sea, I kept two weeks to diet where for breakfast cottage cheese, for lunch one apple and for dinner the same cottage cheese. As a result, I have gone to the sea happy and without five kilograms of former weight! But, rest not rest if not to have supper at restaurants, not to indulge itself seafood, shish kebabs and other tasty, but harmful. As a result: I enjoyed results of diet day three. Home has brought the lost 5 kilograms and two in addition. Besides, I cannot look at cottage cheese to this day.

So in what essence of diets? Why itself so to torment and exhaust! Shortage of necessary microelements affects appearance. As example: I kept to the diet consisting of not salty buckwheat. Oh, I will tell you and muck! It in general without taste and almost flavourless! Not only that not to muffle hunger, and it seems on the contrary: the more eat, the more there is a wish. The head was turned, constantly there was a wish to sleep, and at the nights, on the contrary, the same hunger prevented to sleep. p reminded the addict: kept thinking of food, everyone one moment and it was extremely difficult to concentrate at work, household chores or in general on something. It is really better to be couple kilograms thinner, but to have grayish shade of skin, dim hair, dark circles under eyes and fragile nails?! And it is results of diet, here it cannot be helped!

The only diet which at last has helped me: compromise and any excesses! It is not difficult, the main thing to finish it to the status of habit and then can be forgotten about problems with figure! It is enough to limit quantity of food. Distribute meal so that the main part fell on lunch, but not for dinner as generally all of us have got used. In the morning, on hungry stomach it is necessary to drink glass of warm water, it is good if to add couple of drops of lemon juice to water. It will help "to wake" organism. It is necessary to have breakfast in hour after dream that the organism has managed to wake up completely. You are not capable, having only opened eyes, at once will plunge into work and to solve complex problems! Why you think that your stomach will be able?! The breakfast has to be not really heavy: it can be fruit, flakes with milk, porridge, cottage cheese, the same fried eggs, eventually!

And here it is worth having dinner already properly! Be not afraid, everything that you will eat at dinner, will turn into energy. You need to be vigorous, cheerful, to quietly solve complex problems, for this purpose you need energy. Have dinner on health!

Dinner. Many consider that you should not eat after six. And how to be if your working day to six? On workplace the lunch break is supposed, but without having rummaged for dinner in any way! And having got in the evening at last home, you feel hunger as all normal people, it is natural!

What to do?

худейте с удовольствием p I will answer simply: to have supper! But the dinner has to be very easy, for me, for example, it is salad. The main thing that the last meal had hour for two to dream and then everything is all right! "How to be with sweet and farinaceous food?", you ask. The answer is simple: there is a wish? Eat! Only we remember our rules: we make compromise, so, instead of the whole box of chocolates eat one-two features, and the figure will not suffer also boxes on long enough!

One more indispensable condition, for maintenance of figure is sport. But be not frightened at once! p you I do not force to be wrung out from floor on forty times a day, to do chin-ups and run in the mornings. It is enough to go weekly two-three to classes of fitness, for example. It is not terrible at all! It very much is even cheerful, the main thing, to get used besides! Therefore, having come to occupation for the first time, I advise at once to pay the subscription for month that back the road was not. In month you will already run on occupations! The main thing, choose fitness studio not far from work at once "to drop in" or better still, it is not far from the house. Even in question of sport at you the mass of options and compromise with itself it is quite possible: it can be fitness, shaping, step aerobics, dancing aerobics, bodifleks, fitball, Pilates, yoga, eventually! Everything that it is necessary for your soul! Main thing: movement!

You remember: your figure in your hands! Also grow thin with pleasure!!!